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Here's the Problem

Throughout the past several years as an internet marketing consultant, I've found thousands of chiropractors and business owners that wanted to hire someone else to do build their website backlinks for them. This is due in large-part to the leverage and outsourcing strategies I've revealed in my Social Media Elite online marketing system and in the DCincome Club.

The problem with getting backlinks on your own has ALWAYS been the hard work of spending hours signing-up for forums, placing signature links, and staying active...  Most marketers just don't have the time.

Why Do You Need Backlinks for your Website?

Backlinks are like votes on Google or any other search engine. The more "anchor text" and "natural" backlinks a website has for a particular keyword (ex... New York chiropractor), the higher that website gets ranked on page 1 of Google. There are other factors, however, experts agree that backlinks are still the decisive and MOST IMPORTANT factor in a websites overall rank online.

Not all backlinks are created equal, though.

Through my research, I've found that some of the BEST types of backlinks one can acquire are through online forums. Why? Forums are highly trusted authority web-based properties that center around community, which Google loves! In many cases, strategic link-building from online forums is much better than any other medium.

Well, now you DON'T have to get you own backlinks that get you to the top of Google.

What is the Premium DCincome.com Backlink Building Service?

Until now, this had only been available to top-paying platinum mastermind and personal coaching clients. In fact, you cannot find a service like this anywhere in the profession. With our forum-based backlink building service, you simply tell us the keyword(s) or key-phrase(s) you want to rank higher on Google for. Then, simply provide your website address (ex... http://yoursite.com) when you checkout.

The forum backlinks available come in packages of 100 links. See below. I don't recommend going with anything less than 50 links per keyword. So, when you order 100 backlinks for a keyword phrase, you can either keep all 100 links for the same word / phrase or do 50 with one keyword and 50 with another.

Here's What this Backlink Building Service Will do for You:

How Does the Process Work:

** STOP **

Read the reasons below immediately and learn what NOT to expect!
1. DON'T Expect Page 1 Google Results Overnight

This is a long-term proposal.

Even though local markets are much easier to rank faster for top listings, it doesn't always happen immediately. There are several things this depends upon like local competition, how long your website has been online, and if you're in a major city or rural area. Big cities will obviously have more competition as more people are doing SEO.

Strategic backlink building something that people do for years to get themselves ranked #1 for many search terms. Most of my clients see higher rankings within seven days after the links have been created but DON'T expect it as the above factors do play a role. If you're not in the 95% that see an immediate increase in rankings, chances are your area is very competitive and requires more links.

2. DON'T Expect a One-Time Campaign to Keep you at #1 Forever

Link-building is something that every online marketer knows is an ongoing process. Why? Simply because there's competition in every market and your competitors (if they're internet savvy) will also be building links regularly. He who has the most quality links wins every time, though.

It's completely unrealistic to expect that a one-time link building campaign will keep you ranked at the top of Google forever. Have I had many reach the top spot on Google after only 100 forum links? Yes, and it's a common occurrence in low competition markets (AKA most local markets).

You should expect to see an increase in your Google ranking after the links are created, especially if you're not in the top 2-3 slots presently.

How Much Does this Service Cost?

The price per 100 forum backlinks is a low $175. These links are built manually and NOT through the use of automated software. The fee is really a drop-in-the-bucket do to the time, energy, and effort these links take to build. If you've already done it yourself, you know exactly what I'm referring to. 

If you at all value your time, it's easy to understand the value of this in demand link-building service.
Here's How to Get Hundreds of Top-Quality Backlinks  to Your Chiropractic Website That Rank you
on Page 1 of Google Every Time

Option 2

200 Backlinks = $300.00

Option 1

100 Backlinks = $175.00

Here's What to do Next:

  1.    Select the package you want above then click the big orange add-to-cart button to get started today.

  1.    On the check-out form tell us EXACTLY what keyword(s) you want to rank higher for on Google. Be specific.
             Here's are some examples of how to submit the order easily:

            (100 links) - chiropractors in Los Angeles - http://YourChiroSite.com


             (50 links) - Los Angeles chiropractors - http://YourChiroSite.com
             (50 links) - Los Angeles chiropractic - http://YourChiroSite.com

  1.    Credit Card and Paypal are both accepted.

  1.    The links usually take 7 business days to build since ALL are done manually

  1.    If we have any questions, we'll contact you.... Simple :)

My Personal Guarantee: I guarantee the quality of the links that are built to your website with the anchor text of your choice. My team will also supply you with a report so you can see and go through the links that have been built for your site. Lastly, these links will be built in the appropriate and Google accepted ratios to natural links

To your Success!

Matthew Loop, DC

PS - It's time to stop "thinking" about being #1 and do what it takes to ACTUALLY be on top! Order your premium backlinks now while you still have the opportunity!

In the words of Thomas Jefferson, “Don't put off until tomorrow what can be done today." Believe me, that’s even more true at present because it's getting much more competitive online these days in local markets.

Here's a final thought:

You can keep doing what you're doing and hope your Google ranking will change ... OR ... You can let me help you with a proven back-linking strategy that's worked time and time again. Which option do you think has a better chance of getting you to the top of Google?
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