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4 Chiropractic Marketing Gems from Lady Gaga

Whether you like her or not, it’s undeniable that Lady Gaga has captured the attention of the world and created a media frenzy. With over 19 MILLION Facebook fans and over a BILLION YouTube video views inquiring minds want to know, “What’s Gaga’s secret and how can it help your chiropractic marketing?”

Here are 4 BIG reasons you should study and clone Lady Gaga’s marketing approach.

1) She’s outrageous, controversial and it sells.

I mean the woman wore a dress made of kermit the frog dolls! Check it out here. Think anyone noticed? Gaga is always presenting herself in an outrageous way. She knows how to get people’s attention, stir-up controversy, and channel it to market her brand.

In your chiropractic marketing, it’s good to try to be more outrageous so you can get the attention of your community or target audience. This is true in emails, postcards, events, etc… Create something that is unforgettable!

2) She associates with other superstars and famous people in her industry.

This tactic is a simple way to further your credibility with your audience! People love local and international celebrities and instinctively give them credibility.

Expand your network to include others that are well known in your community. Doing this provides endorsement and validation subconsciously in the mind of a potential new patient.

3) She’s promoting herself constantly.

It doesn’t matter if it’s on TV, the radio, or on the internet Lady Gaga is EVERYWHERE! You, as a chiropractor, need to be everywhere and anywhere people search, too. Marketing your practice is an ongoing thing and consistency wins every time.

4) She’s very unique and authentic.

You’d be hard-pressed to find another person like Lady Gaga. She knows how to stand out from the crowd. It appears she’s also remained true to herself throughout her meteoric rise to fame.

Don’t necessarily do what every other chiropractor is doing. Be who you really are and people will like you for you! Also, don’t just do the typical back-pain thing. Specialize in something that cannot be found anywhere else to further differentiate you.

Using these 4 marketing tips above can help grow your chiropractic practice or brand in a major way. They’ll definitely help you stand-out from the average majority. What do you think? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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  1. I wonder if there is a market for Kermit the frog Chiropractic clinic jackets?
    That would be awesome… I can hear it now,

    “Doctor why are wearing frogs?” To which I would respond,
    “We’ll Mrs. Jones, they were all out of Teddy bears.”

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