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6 Highly Profitable Text Message Marketing Strategies

Real quick, I just wanted to share with you the 6 MOST profitable mobile text message marketing strategies I’ve come across to date. I believe you’ll see very quickly why you should definitely be using this fresh, ultra-powerful direct response medium to connect with customers or patients.

Short Codes and Keywords

I recommend getting a short code with at least two mobile keywords. You’ll need one keyword for potential customers and one for current or past customers. Do NOT have them on the same list, as the marketing will be different for both.

Short codes help your mobile marketing by allowing others to text a specific word (SPINE, PIZZA, MARTINI as examples) to a certain number to get a discount or promotion.

The advantage of doing this is you are now building a text message list that you can communicate with anytime you want and ensure an 11-30% “take-action” response rate! See the 17 page free report at DCMobileText.com for profitable examples of short code / keyword campaigns.

You can include this short code / keyword on any online or offline advertising. If you pay close attention to the radio and television these days, you’ll now hear advertisements that say “Text (insert keyword) right now to 55555 for a free (insert gift), normally valued at (insert price).”

Appointment Reminders

Text messaging for appointment reminders will prevent you from losing a bunch of money. Texting reduces no-shows and by 50% or more, allowing you to increase your business income. I’ve seen it reduce no-shows as high as 75% in some businesses. Have a look at my previous blog post to see how fast the figures add up.

Send reminders about 45 minutes before the appointment to ensure best results.

You won’t have to worry about people saying they forgot anymore. Just one saved appointment more than pays for your monthly service with DC Mobile Text.

Mobile e-Cards

I strongly suggest creating mobile e-cards. You can use these for birthdays or special occasions for your patients, clients, or customers. It’s a very thoughtful way to let them know you care and it builds top-of-the-mind awareness.

Mobile Coupons

Use mobile coupons. Most people enjoy savings on a regular basis so make it worth their while to be a VIP subscriber on your text marketing list.

Mobile Voting

You’ll want to use this to poll your potential and existing customer / patient base. This will give you the tools to survey the market and know exactly what they’re seeking and what they’ll be more likely to buy.

The television show, American Idol, has used mobile voting VERY successfully over the years, allowing the audience a hand in selecting the competition winner.

Facebook Widgets and Online Sign-up Forms

The last, but certainly not least profitable text message marketing strategy is building a Facebook widget or online sign-up form so customers can see your mobile offers online. This is an easy way to capitalize and integrate social media into your mobile text marketing.

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  1. Roman Krikov says:

    Awesome blog post! 2011 is going to be huge in mobile marketing! Just imagine a 99,9% open rate with SMS… Now just think about that :)

  2. Julie Myers says:

    Came across your article by accident, but it gave me some great ideas on how to use text messaging in the marketing mix for my clients. Thanks!

  3. Nice Blog. Thanks for sharing. Text marketing is simple and to the point. If your store isn’t taking advantage of this – you can be sure your competition is!

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