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8 Foolish Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Here are eight common social media and internet marketing mistakes you need to avoid if you ever want to DRAMATICALLY increase your new patients / clients each month from the web.

1. Thinking the amount of Facebook page “fans” you have is proportional to the amount of new clients you’ll get from social media. The truth is, it’s not. Stop falling for this “guru” marketing trick.

2. Looking for that cure-all “quick fix” strategy that will get you all the patients / customers you need. There are dozens of strategies to combine when using web promotion.

3. Not having an organized, time-tested plan of attack and daily task list. Without a plan, social media and the internet will be nothing more than a glorified time-suck.

4. Not tracking (or knowing how to track) your website analytics AND how well your site is actually converting online visitors (if you’re getting any) into real patients, clients or customers.

5. Getting suckered into the latest shiny object marketing tactic and not focusing on fundamentals that have worked for years. Social media, traffic generation, and building relationships haven’t changed as much as you think.

6. Becoming preoccupied solely with Google and negating all other aspects of social media internet marketing.

7. Inconsistent marketing. This is the kiss of death. When you stop and start, you lose. This makes you VULNERABLE to your competitors.

8. Thinking you can do everything alone without a proven blueprint or professional advice. You’re a chiropractor and/or other business owner, not a seasoned marketer. Know your limitations and when to get help.

To be frank, if you haven’t personally sold millions from the internet, there’s it’s highly unlikely you’ll achieve your goals without professional help.

Another mistake most business owners make is that they are not getting users OFF of social media and onto an email list. Your list is possibly the most important asset to your business, yet the majority are not building one and nourishing a long-term relationship.

Think of what I do for a second. You’re on my list and I regularly send you emails with valuable information, blog posts, and videos. Whether you realize it or not, you’re more likely to trust my recommendations regarding marketing than someone you don’t know.

Your patients are similar when it comes to health.

However, if you’re not building an email list, I can assure you with 100% certainty you’re not maximizing rapport building, trust, and liking. You’ve got to get people off of social media onto your list for your online marketing to be most effective… period!

Here’s just a sample of what you should be doing every month:

– Social media marketing / management
– Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
– Social Media Optimization (SMO)
– Facebook status updating
– YouTube marketing and video search engine optimization (VSEO)
– Mass Video syndication
– Video creation and submission
– Link-building
– Participating on Online Local Forums
– Blogging
– Twitter Microblogging
– Press release Writing
– Press Release Syndication
– Article marketing
– Mass Article Distribution
– Social bookmarking
– Facebook advertising
– Google Adwords/ PPC
– Google Places Optimization
– Website optimization / conversion
– Email List Building

Well, are you doing all of that?

If not, you need REAL professional help immediately because you’re certainly not maximizing your internet marketing. In fact, you have zero chance of dominating and saturating your local market if you don’t master the above marketing and systematize everything!

Do you want to be the most recognized doctor / professional locally or not? Are you looking to become the go-to expert that people in your community instinctively turn to when they have a problem? If you answered yes to both questions, then you have two options.

1) You can learn the fastest and most effective way to market your practice with social media and the internet at this link. This is for the do-it-yourself type or if you have someone to help you in your office.

2) You can delegate your marketing to the experienced professionals at this link.

If you really want to make your online advertising, SEO, and social media marketing substantially more effective to produce the results you want, you need to make a choice.

The longer you wait to get serious about your marketing, the more frustrated you’re going to get.


Get the knowledge and tools you need OR turn your marketing over to our team of experienced pros and grow bigger and faster!

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