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A Disturbing Trend in Chiropractic Marketing

After working with a few thousand chiropractors and professionals over the last few years, it became evident that there’s quite disturbing trend in regards to chiropractic marketing. Let me preface this blog post by saying chiropractic is a wonderful profession and healing art that’s helped millions of people lead healthier lives.

I’ve seen some incredible things in my practice alone and am very grateful for the opportunity to have made such a positive impact in others lives.

There is, however, an infectious problem among many chiropractors. I would even go as far as calling it a plague that acts in a vicious manner to hold the profession back. The problem that I speak about can be summed up in one word… jealously. It’s really the byproduct of a scarcity-based mindset.

Let me explain in more detail and provide some history…

Several years ago when I began to heavily market my chiropractic practice via the internet and saturate my city’s online community with content, I became somewhat of a local celebrity and, unbeknownst to me at the time, a target.

After all, it was really unheard of for a chiropractor to be everywhere and anywhere on the net like what I discovered how to do. I was able to reap tremendous free exposure and consistent new patients because of mastering this important skill-set

As happy as I was, many other doctors in the same town became resentful and some very jealous. Now, I knew from seeing how other doctors interacted in the past, that chiropractors were typically a HIGHLY competitive bunch and many times individualistic. But, I had no idea the extent that jealousy consumes some people.

Jealousy is typically accompanied by envy.

Some people just don’t have any idea how you could take your talents and do so well financially, breaking away from the rest of the pack. The “average majority” think it should be them instead. In essence, they want what you have and will try to pull you down to their level or attack you to get it.

From my experience, this line of thinking is dangerous. Steer clear of the leeches!

This situation was only magnified ten-fold when I was thrust into the spotlight and began to create a name for myself in the online marketing world. I then started to have other well-known chiropractic consultants and fellow “colleagues” attack me in different ways. I have to admit I was very surprised because we’re in such a great profession that helps so many.

It didn’t take me long to develop a thick skin and realize quite a few were jealous of the fact that I was dominating much of the chiropractic internet real estate and having great success. As a side note here, if you’re a chiropractor that’s absolutely CRUSHING-IT online locally, expect to be a target for others.

That’s just the name of the game and the byproduct of being a leader.

DO NOT focus your energy and attention on the haters and critics that attack you, though. They will suck the life out of you if you let them. The truth is, there’s an abundance of new patients for everyone and your mindset / outlook will many times be proportional to the income you generate.

If you’ve been paying attention the last few years, it’s pretty evident who’s attacked and attempted to copy my systems and ideas. I’m over it, though, and don’t have time to be diverted into the bullshit. My passion and purpose are much too strong.

Some people also think the only way they can make a name for themselves is to put you down or call you out in some way or fashion. These are rookie mistakes. Don’t fall into the trap of responding to those folks. It only makes them look like a fool when they act this way.

If you spend even a little time focusing on negativity or others questionable actions, it only disrupts your productivity, focus, and ability to expand your business.

As I began to train other doctors in how to market their practices systematically online, I had several of my members tell me the exact same things were happening to them like I mentioned above. In fact, two of my clients were actually sent cease and desist letters by other chiropractors because they were dominating certain keywords online.

Can you believe that?

These other doctors were so competitive and operated with such a scarcity mentality that they actually felt there were a limited number of new patients. They became jealous and insecure which caused them to resort to getting an attorney involved… Totally PATHETIC!

Jealousy is for losers.

Needless to say, there was no legitimate ground for the cease and desists so they were withdrawn. If you’re a chiropractor and your competition worries consume you, then you’re NOT differentiating or positioning yourself well enough. Consistently, I find that the doctors that have healthy six-figure or million dollar practices AREN’T doing things like everyone else…. AND … that’s exactly why they’re making big money.

This is just a few of literally dozens of instances I’ve noted over the years. It’s real disturbing that fellow doctors feel compelled to act this way.

It’s even more disturbing that the majority of chiropractors reported to state board agencies are reported by other chiropractic colleagues. The sad thing is, because so many DC’s are competitive and scarcity-minded, I wouldn’t be surprised if a high percentage of those allegations are bogus. Very sad.

It’s time to get a grip and realize that there’s more than enough for everyone. There’s NOT a finite supply of new patients or money. You DON’T have to be enemies with the other chiropractors in your town.

You could get more accomplished and potentially have an even more profitable practice by working with your perceived competitors.

You wouldn’t believe what a great referral generator the doctor down the street could be for you either.

This was an unexpectedly long blog post but I hope I’ve caused many to think about the fact that you don’t need to tear down or take shots at others to get ahead. Nor should you be jealous of another chiropractors practice or life. The real winners in life don’t need to compete like this, as they’re continuously moving forward and making things happen.

If you’re not happy and want to improve the results you’re getting in either of those areas, start with improving yourself.

Remember, “legacy is greater than currency,” like Gary Vaynerchuk says.

How do you want people to remember you? Do you want to be remembered as an insecure douchebag concerned about others doing better than you OR do you want to be a remembered as a respected leader that symbolizes success and compels others to greatness?

I’m a huge advocate of what Tony Robbins calls “modeling,” which is basically finding a mentor / coach who’s EXACTLY where you want to be or getting the results you want and following their guidance. This means reaching out to them in a friendly manner and and doing what it takes at all costs.

The hating, bickering, and jealousy really need to stop if the chiropractic profession ever hopes to advance far beyond where it is now. It’s time to work together and help each other Do you agree? Leave a comment below to voice your opinion…

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32 Responses to “A Disturbing Trend in Chiropractic Marketing”

  1. If everyone would just see the bigger picture the entire profession would benefit. I had always made it a policy that whenever I would do a community lecture to invite the chiropractors in my town to come to the lecture, invite their patients and friends, set up a table and promote themselves at the lecture to get patients.

    Some doctors thought I was nuts because they felt I was giving away patients to other doctors and they lacked an abundance mindset. The end result was that everyone benefited and more and more people started to see chiropractic as a major contender in the health arena. The lectures became standing room only and eventually led to me doing health talks for the local hospital.

    If you are out there committed to the TIC it is more about believing everyone should see a chiropractor not everyone should just see me as the chiropractor. There are more than enough people out there for everyone and when you consider we as a profession have not expanded our market share in 50 years you start to realize that maybe it is more important to talk in terms of how many people we saved rather than I saved.

  2. Matthew Loop says:

    Very good points, Dr. Alan.

  3. John Whitney says:


    Get off this topic fast.. For your own sake

    You have learned a lot, part of which is you attract that which occupies your present consciousness

  4. Matthew Loop says:

    And I totally agree, John. There really needs to be more of a push for chiros to help each other and unite, though. There’s no reason to be scarcity minded with all of the opportunity available today.

  5. Excellent post Matt. I have had some of this happen to me and it is down right pathetic. I mean, we see such a small percentage of the population. There are so many people that need to hear our message and yet we bicker about the few who already get it.

    I truly think there is a chiropractor out there for everybody, and I know I am not the right one for everybody. My personality and technique match a certain kind of person. Other doctors resonate with other people. And you know what? As patients grow and evolve in their lives, their needs change. I’m okay with somebody switching to another doctor when the time is right and vice versa.

    We have such a great profession. Thanks for writing this post. It takes a unique and special mindset to choose to be a chiropractor. But because we have to step out of the established box so much, we tend to get the scarcity mindset like you said, trying to hold on to the precious few who “get” chiropractic. If we are going to change the world as a profession we need to stop acting like the crab.

    Thanks again Matt, and I hope every chiropractor reads this post. I also understand what John is saying above, but I believe you wrote this post with a good heart, and won’t see any unnecessary ramifications from it.

  6. Matthew Loop says:

    Thank you for response, Dr. Brant. Your words ring true…

  7. Todd Brown says:

    Great article Matt! You certainly nailed an emotional hot-button and point. Again, great job.

  8. Matthew Loop says:

    Thanks Todd… Just a little emotional 😉

  9. Tim says:


    Great post and insight, I’ve invited competitors to many of my events in which others said I shouldn’t. However, I’ve been able to refer work out to them that we don’t focus on and it’s worked out well so far. I always felt there was enough business to go around if you market your biz, so far ao good.

    Love your stuff,

    Keep rocking


  10. Matthew Loop says:

    That’s a great mindset to have, Tim…

  11. Around here we have found a way to work together through the political process. Last night we held a fund raiser for a state congressman that was attended by a dozen local chiropractors. We all have different styles and types of practice but stay focused on what we have in common. A deep understanding on how privileged we are to be chiropractors and the amazing opportunity that gives us to help our fellow man live a more fulfilling life using our knowledge and our hands.

    If Doctors of Chiropractic would focus on the people asking them for help and not on the material rewards everyone would be better off.

  12. Matthew Loop says:

    That’s great, Dr. Darrel! Well stated 🙂

  13. Matt,

    Many years ago I had a close friend in the chiropractic marketing business tell me that our profession was the only one he had ever encountered that when ‘faced with a threat, circled the wagons and shot IN’. I was quite young at the time and didn’t completely buy in to his assessment of our professional as a whole.

    You see, I was raised in a different chiropractic mindset. In our way of thinking EVERYONE can and should succeed. We still feel this way today and encourage our clients in this same success mind-set. Alas, over the years I have come to understand his point of view. I too have had my share of arrows pointed in my direction…

    Keep your chin up Matt, for as many folks out there who take shots at you and your clients, there are many many more who are rooting you on! Count me in as one of your supporters, I am enjoying watching you Crush-it!

  14. Matthew Loop says:

    Thank you for your kind words, Diann. There is plenty of opportunity and prosperity for all. I like your attitude 😉

  15. Raven D says:


    I love your emails and blogs and videos! Always so positive! Anytime I need a lift, I can read or watch any of them. 🙂 Very inspiring! Thanks! (They contribute to my online marketing courage)

    This is the first one where you sounded bitter.

    Your point is true (of course), but remember.. the numbers of us you inspire FAR outweigh the numbers of those who are angry, jealous, etc.

    And isn’t this the price of “fame”? You will always have “lovers” and “haters”. Anyone who aggressively does marketing will experience the same.

    Keep up your great positive, informative, inspiring media. I appreciate your time spent. 🙂

  16. Matthew Loop says:

    Thank you, Raven. Glad you enjoy my blog.. By no means am I trying to sound bitter. My intention and hope was this post will wake many people up. There’s no need to attack others, be jealous, or scarcity-minded since there’s an abundance of everything we want available to us.

    We should be focused on helping each other grow and not so individualistic sometimes… I love the chiropractic profession but this is an ongoing theme that unfortunately causes division.

  17. Dr. Kenny says:

    I had the same problem. For some reason others seem to target those of us who go beyond the realm of black and white newspaper marketing.

  18. Rob Metras says:

    If you focus on what you can do to help the problems that are out in the marketplace you head and heart will always be aligned. Putting patients and their needs at the top of your mind always positions you for progress.

    I personally do not want to hear the story of how the fish got away, I want to hear the one that you caught.

  19. Julie says:

    This was the first time I’ve read your blog, most excellent content and written from the heart with true honesty in my humble opinion. Thanks for sharing! 😉

  20. Matthew Loop says:

    Thank you for visiting, Julie. Make yourself at home. I have some very good education / marketing content here that will help you grow your practice 🙂

  21. Julie says:

    I’m seeing that! I have a Facebook page already, trying to learn how to change that pages URL now…. I was actually talking to my husband about keywords and he pointed me to this particular blog ~ what a blessing! 😉

  22. Michael Beck says:

    Matt, I agree that jealousy is a huge problem in competitive chiropractic markets. It’s not so bad in smaller towns, but I’ve seen it bad in the cities/suburbs, especially with some of my decompression clients. It’s a sad state when envy rules a chiropractor’s heart.

  23. Dr. Adam says:

    Well said. Thanks for the great perspective.

  24. Mike Melton says:

    Matt, I agree with you, too. I’ve been working with chiropractors for 17 years and the competitive mentality is mind-boggling.

    If chiropractors would spend 10% of the energy on educating the public about the benefits of chiropractic instead of fighting each other, they would dramatically increase the number of people who use chiropractic. Win win win.

  25. Matthew Loop says:

    Very true, Mike…

  26. Mike Shapiro says:

    Good article Matt. If every chiropractor would help mentor just one chiropractor,
    we would all grow. Give a helping hand without looking for a hand out.
    As John Lennon said “you may say I am a dreamer,
    but I am not the only one.” I say “What you give awa,y you get to keep.”

    I will say there are many who offer things free on their sites to help others chiro’s.
    My hat goes off to them.

  27. Matt,

    Your experience just illustrates the Universe’s perfection at work. In life, there is always an equal amount of support and challenge. The two go hand in hand. The more challenged you are, the more you can be sure that many others are their to support you. Both sides are always there, but sometimes, we get blind to that and we only see the side that seems to scream the loudest.

    So I just wish you to have those challengers attack you more virulently, because it is a sure sign that, on the other hand – and to the same extent – you are serving so many others that are grateful for what you do for them and willing to support you.


  28. Dr. Hans says:

    I am not clear on what the disturbing trend is? You talk about being targeted by envious chiropractors, but that really isn’t a marketing trend is it? What am I missing? I sincerely don’t understand.

    Dr. Hans

  29. Aaron Gaily says:

    So true Matt. Wish it weren’t so. Wish other docs in town would say, “hey that doc is really working hard at growing his/her practice and must be helping a lot of people. That should help all of us chiros in town” In an ideal world I guess.

    Dr. Aaron Gaily

  30. I wish more people would write blogs like this that are really fun to read. With all the fluff floating around on the net, it is rare to read a blog like this instead.

  31. Imagine if 100% of the population used chiropractic for all of their musculoskeletal conditions, as well as wellness care.
    Chiropractic has so much more to offer than drugs & surgery! We need to simply educate patients on that simple fact! chiropractic should be a “way of life”. If people wore their spines on the outside, instead of the “inside”, we wouldn’t even be having this discussion. More & more people are discovering Chiropractic for the first time. Even the younger “M.D’s” coming out of medical school see the benefits of chiropractic. So, chiropractors don’t need to be jealous of each other, instead they need to work as a team, like MD’s do to help the patient to the best of their ability. It’s all in educating people.

  32. Dr. Loop, you and Drs Soccio and Weinstein (above) are spot on. When I was first in practice, it astounded me that there were 10 chiropractic offices within a mile of where I wanted to practice, but I couldn’t find one who would share space, even though right in the middle of that mile there was a medical arts building with probably 50 MDs.

    But then, I was so arrogant that if a patient did not get good results under my care, I thought chiropractic had been tried and failed. So I would refer the patient to an MD. It boggles my mind today. After several such referrals, another one came back to me and, when I asked what the MDs had found, said, “Nothing.”

    It suddenly, finally, hit me that none of the patients I had sent to the MDs had a positive report. If I could not find the problem with a careful history, orthopedic, neurological and chiropractic exam, and maybe a few xrays, then “mighty medical science” never did either. Not once! The wizard was a little guy behind a blanket. That scared me, and smartened me up.

    From that moment forward, if I couldn’t get a patient moving rapidly toward health in less than 30 days (usually 7-14 days), I referred that patient to another chiropractor. My colleagues got 80-10-10 with my failures. What a joy.

    Then, working with Jim and Karl Parker, I found even more evidence that chiropractors are wonderful, intelligent men and women, dedicated to a purpose higher than self. They are willing to share and lift each other when they see it done. Bravo to those here (and elsewhere) who are doing it!

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