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ALL Chiropractic Social Media Questions Answered Thursday!

This important blog concerns a free LIVE teleclass I’m holding this Thursday, November 17th at 8pm EST. The purpose of this big event is to personally get on the phone with you so we can remove any barriers or obstacles holding you back from rapid practice growth with social media.

60% of the call will be in Question / Answer format. This teleclass is about YOU and I’m fully committed to your practice success. If you are committed to using the internet to get new patients hand over fist, you won’t miss this call!

I’ll be sharing with you the golden nuggets, short-cuts, and chiropractic internet marketing strategies that are working like crazy TODAY!

“Working” = An EXTRA 20 (or more) New Patients per month and drastic surges in practice income all by using the most effective social media strategies.

No untested theory either like what you you see floating around everywhere else.

I’ve personally tested these methods in my chiropractic practice and in my other businesses with the same extraordinary results.

Get ready for some fresh, never released to the public, strategies for generating windfalls of website traffic, NEW PATIENTS, and increased practice income.

You won’t find another chiro consultant, management group, or marketer in the profession that’s invested the time, money, has the experience, or “real world” knowledge when it comes to profitably growing a practice AND creating multiple streams of income using social media.

If you’ve been online at all in the last few years, you’ve definitely seen some of my videos, blog posts, or other valuable content.

Social Media WORKS if you do it right!

Stop listening to the “earth-is-flat” guys that tell you social media is kids-stuff or that it cannot be used to grow your practice!

I think most docs now understand that type of antiquated thinking in today’s time is just plain dangerous as society evolves. The truth is, what you don’t know about social media marketing is HURTING you in a major way.

In fact, how you may be using social media now is probably wrong, hence why you might not be realizing your patient and income goals.

I’m holding a ONE-TIME ONLY teleseminar to clear the air, pull back the curtain, and walk you step-by-step through highly profitable social media marketing.

The date of the call is Thursday, Nov. 17th at 8pm EST (that’s in 4 days)

This is going to NOT a pitch-fest like the “other guys” do either. I have a couple surprises in store for attendees, too! This call is going to be the LARGEST chiropractic social media event of 2011.

You won’t hear any re-hashed mumbo-jumbo either. Just solid practice-building content you can use immediately to see results.

WARNING – There are only 197 slots available and you can be sure they will fill-up fast. Just ask anyone that’s ever attended one of my calls.

Why you WON’T want to miss this event:

1) This is ultra-premium information that will give you an UNFAIR competitive advantage above other chiropractors in your local city.

Some of these methods have never been publicly released and no other coach or consultant has even a fraction of experience with social.

2) I’ll be holding a LIVE Q & A session. I intend on touching on some crucial topics but the bulk of the call will be answers to your most burning questions.

This is totally unscripted. You get to “grill the expert” at no cost.

If you’ve been on my blog, you know the pricey consulting fees I regularly command. This is because what I teach works EVERY time and causes drastic surges in income for clients.

We won’t stop until ALL of your questions are answered and you’re a social media marketing wizard!

3) Those fortunate enough to lock-in a spot on the call won’t have to waste thousands on stuff that doesn’t work. Just plug and play from my experience that will put you on the fast-track.

What I’m going to share works exceptionally well and I only want those who are truly serious about practice growth to have access

Setting-up and managing a profitable, new patient-pulling social media marketing campaign after this call is going to be SIMPLE!

Here’s what You’ll Discover on the Call

1) The BIGGEST myth that surrounds chiropractic social media marketing. Many docs are going broke and are frustrated because they’re making this critical error.

2) The MOST costly mistake 95% of chiropractors are making when marketing on social media… Complete suicide! (can’t believe some of the “gurus” teach this junk)

3) How to really get an EXTRA 20 (or more) New Patients per month just by using the internet and social media.

(based on REAL testing from a chiropractor that has a practice)

4) What WORKS the best at getting attention and clicks. You get to reap the rewards from my extensive testing.

5) How to attract 3-5x the targeted local website traffic you’re getting now. (you couldn’t stop it even if you wanted to)

6) How to become the “go-to” chiropractor in your city and experience local fame.

7) The RIGHT way to follow-up with a potential new patient on social media. 99% of chiropractors NEVER do this.

8. How to get unlimited amounts of traffic and interest from social media I’m also going to show you how to grow your Facebook fan page numbers quicker than anything else.

9) In depth analysis of social media ROI

10) Should you use your Fan Page or actual chiropractic website to funnel the traffic from social media marketing (the answer will surprise you and why)

11) The little loophole that guarantees you populate in the social news feed EVERY time. Very few are using this!

12) How to get way more people OFF of social media and into your office. This is the MOST important lesson… period!

13) Much, much more…

As you can see, this is going to be a content-packed call that you’d have to be CRAZY to miss if you are using social media now. The date of the call is Thursday, Nov 17th at 8pm EST (that’s in 4 days)

The details are as follows:

call-in # = 712-432-0075
access code = 592532

The call will last between 75-90 minutes. We’re going to cover a lot of ground. Plus, you get to grill me on the call. We’re not going to stop until all of your questions are answered!

I’d STRONGLY recommend getting-on the call 10 minutes ahead of time to secure your spot. We will be full, I promise!

Here’s what this Teleseminar WILL do for you:

1) Get you 3-5x more targeted local traffic with social media WITHOUT breaking the bank.

2) Help you get you an EXTRA 20 new patients from social media WITHOUT doing hardly any more work. It’s all in the strategy!

3) Make you the most widely recognized and FAMOUS chiropractor in your local market

4) Show you the specifics of getting at minimum of a 5:1 ROI.

5) Show you how to set-up the perfect social media spiderweb that converts like crazy.

6) Help you CONVERT 3-5x more traffic you send to your Facebook page or website

7) Allow you to FINALLY have more freedom and flexibility in your schedule to spend more time with your family and do what you love

When you see what I have to share and how much this is going to grow your practice, you’re going to be absolutely stunned.

Think this is not for you? Think again!

There is an extremely high demand for this information now that social media is the #1 traffic source on the web. Don’t be like the “sun revolves around the earth” consultants, clinging on to an outdated idea everyone knows is false.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you know that social media has permanently woven its way into the fabric of communication. Ignore this fact at your own risk.

Here’s what to do next

If you want the unfair advantage, more patients from social media, more income, and more time / flexibility… you’ll be on the call. Here are the details again:

call-in # = 712-432-0075
access code = 592532

Can’t wait to share these new patient getting strategies with you. Talk soon!

– Matthew

PS – Only 197 spots will be available for this one-time live event. If previous history is any indicator, the spots will fill quickly! We ALWAYS pack the house. Set your calendar and call-in 10 minutes early so you don’t risk being left-out.

The date of the call is Thursday, Nov. 17th at 8pm EST (that’s in 4 days)

PPS – In all likelihood, this call / transcript will be sold for a fair price after it’s completed. You CANNOT find this information about effectively marketing your practice with social media anywhere else!

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Matthew Loop is an author, speaker, investor, philanthropist, and the highest paid social media revenue strategist in North America. He helps brands, startups, and small business owners multiply their influence, impact, and income by harnessing the power of the Internet. Since 2005 he’s trained over 21,000 clients in 25 countries. Millions have viewed his free business growth tutorials online. Connect with him on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.


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