Apple iPhone OS 4.0 iAD Software – Is it Just Hype?

Here is a short, 2-part video series that features Steve Jobs discussing the new Apple iPhone OS 4.0 iAD software. In this cool groundbreaking video, you’ll learn about interactive iAds for iPhone apps. This innovative technology is certainly not just a bunch of hype! We’ve only seen the beginning of what’s going to be happening in the mobile marketing arena. I expect it to weave its way into the local and small business market soon.

Some highlights of this new software is that it can create emotion and interactivity with consumers, the “ads” actually keep you in your app instead of opening up a completely new window, they’re built into the iPhone operating system, and Apple will sell and host the ads!

Check it out and enjoy 😉

– Matt

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4 Responses to “Apple iPhone OS 4.0 iAD Software – Is it Just Hype?”

  1. Thanks for the videos Matt. Have to give this some considerable thought in the future. I’m going to link this post from my blog.

  2. Matt,
    As usual your way ahead of the curve. I suspect docs will be excited about this technology sometime next year after its proven. Thanks for bringing to our attention. Mobile media is huge and growing even bigger. People who cannot afford high end technology are chioosing to communicate in a lower price point, ie. smart phones. As the market gets more segmented, traditional marketing will be eclipsed by targeted, niche strategeneering.

  3. Matthew Loop says:

    Thanks guys! I really believe this is another game changer…

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