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Banned from Google Places?

Lately, we’ve all heard about how Google is taking away LEGITIMATE reviews like crazy. Some doctors have even brought-up the point that it’s almost like they’ve been banned from Google!

I can assure you that more than likely you your business listing hasn’t been banned. See my previous blog post here about it.

Why are Legit Reviews Disappearing?

Well, there’s is a “theory” about the fact that Google is trying to protect consumers. I stress the word theory because it appears that Google HAS a double standard when it comes to the average small business versus a major corporation that spends in excess of $50,000 / month with them.

That might Shock you but it’s True

So, back to the review issue… When you open a new Google account (like most of your patients probably did), their is a temporary probation period. Other review-based websites have instituted a similar process.

In lieu of this, your reviews are probably NOT deleted. The user that created the new Google account will just have to show them they are an actual person and not just a spam account.

How long will it take to get the reviews back online?

I’ve seen reviews usually come-back in two weeks or less but understand that nothing is guaranteed when it comes to Google…NOTHING!

And… good luck getting a straight answer from them.


First of all, Google IS NOT your friend and the harsh reality is they don’t care about you or your practice or business. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but it’s true. When you come to terms with that fact, you’ll need to draw a line in the sand.

Do you want to put all of your eggs in the “Google basket” and be at their mercy, hoping they’ll give you a few bread crumbs? Or, do you want learn how diversify your online internet real estate just like you would a stock portfolio? More on this REAL SOON…

So, here’s what I recommend for Now

1) Continue to get reviews to your Google Maps / Places listing in spite of what’s happening.

2) Stay focused and don’t get frustrated.

3) Get involved, band together and help other doctors at

That will help you get feedback and opinion-based reviews at an accelerated pace. If you’re looking for a community of doctors that are intent helping each other succeed online, then visit the site above and become a member now.

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2 Responses to “Banned from Google Places?”

  1. Google is just trying to make sure that only legitimate reviews are displayed. I am sure they would like to be as trusted as Yelp.

  2. Matthew Loop says:

    With the technology that Google has access to, they could do this process in a way that they wouldn’t have to remove legitimate reviews even temporarily. It’s creating a backlash of sorts. Yes, Google wants to have consumer trust but they have a poor track record if you review their history.

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