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Selling Products Online? Watch This FIRST

Selling Products Online? Watch This FIRST

If you sell products or services online (or intend to), watch this video immediately. You’ll discover one of the BEST expert positioning secrets that multiply your customer and sales numbers quickly. When you manage public perception in this way, you gain instant credibility in the marketplace.     This video was shot at Paradisus Punta [...]

The 6 Secrets of Ethical Persuasion and Influence

The 6 Secrets of Ethical Persuasion and Influence

These universal principles of persuasion make you more effective in life and MULTIPLY your business revenue almost immediately! Discover the powerful influence factors that make people say yes. As you’ll see in this eye-opening video, there is an exact science to this. As a business owner who’s looking to make a greater impact, this is [...]

6 Proven Ways to Increase Your Google Local Business Listing Rank

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I thought I’d make a post today about something that every chiropractor or business owner can do to help themselves scale to the top of Google quickly. This effective chiropractic internet marketing strategy is accomplished by setting up a Google local business listing (also called Google Maps listing) and implementing the proven methods below to [...]

What Makes You The Authority

(Today’s featured blog post is by Billy Sticker, the founder and CEO of the Instant Influencer method, which has been hailed as the fastest, easiest, and most affordable way to writing and publish a book.  He is recognized worldwide as a leading expert on the subject and regularly consults chiropractors and other professionals that want [...]

Magic Words That Bring You New Patients And Money

(Today’s blog post is by Dr. Michael Beck. Dr. Beck took his practice from near bankruptcy to $30k a month using new strategies he learned from top marketing experts. Dr. Beck also is now an experienced copywriter and has written successful copy for very high conversion websites and newspaper ads. Find out more at [...]