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The 2014 Social Media Revenue Summit (highlight reel)

The 2014 Social Media Revenue Summit (highlight reel)

Held at the luxurious Ritz Carlton in Buckhead, this top tier advanced training was designed to help attendees build a 5 figure per month PASSIVE income machine around doing what they love. It was also for brick and mortar business owners wanting to profitably integrate social marketing into their existing business model, product, or service. [...]

Twitter Sponsored Advertising Tips for Brands [video]

Here’s a powerful training video that shares with you how to use Twitter Sponsored Advertising, otherwise known as Twitter Ads. This pay per click medium allows you to get your Tweets and account in front of highly targeted people so you can get more followers, increase your website traffic, and turn those visitors into new [...]

The BEST Twitter Marketing Strategy for Brands [video]

In this free video training, you’ll discover the MOST powerful function on Twitter that gets you more followers, increases your website traffic, builds better brand loyalty, and creates an influx of new clients / customers. This strategy allows you to INSTANTLY tap into targeted conversations by keyword or in your local or national market. It’s [...]

The #1 Secret to More Online Income and Fulfillment

It’s been said that there are only two ways to change an existing paradigm. One is through consistent and repeated repetition. The other is through a very strong and sudden emotional impact or event. If you’re not familiar with what paradigms are, they are simply pre-programmed habits, attitudes, values, and beliefs. Many times they were [...]

Marketing Chiropractic With Social Media

Marketing Chiropractic With Social Media

About a week ago as I was surfing around on Twitter and doing some reverse engineering, I ran across at least three accounts that were marketing chiropractic services to others locally. The thought came to my head… “Here’s what NOT to do when marketing chiropractic with social media.” So, what was the problem? Well, I [...]

How to Sync your Twitter Status Updates with LinkedIn

In this helpful video, you’ll learn how to sync and connect your Twitter Status Updates with LinkedIn. Continued success! – Matt For the fastest way to learn chiropractic internet marketing, click the red text in this sentence

Chiropractic Social Media Marketing with Twitter

Twitter Marketing

If you’re looking for New Patients, there are many types of chiropractic marketing you can use to flood your office accordingly. Quite possibly the most important method in today’s time is chiropractic internet marketing. Unquestionably, the worldwide web is one of the most happening “social” places on the planet and many DC practices and other [...]