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4 Guaranteed Ways to Increase Website Conversions

In this free video below, you’ll discover 4 proven ways to increase your website conversions almost INSTANTLY. You could flood your website with visitors but if it cannot convert them into paying customers, clients, or patients… you’re hosed! This video is a MUST SEE for small business owners who are looking to attract more clients [...]

FREE Market Samurai Download Crack!

FREE Market Samurai Download Crack!

Here’s a quick video shares powerful information about market research strategies and Market Samurai. It doesn’t matter if you’re an online marketer or a local small business owner like a chiropractor, market research is CRITICAL if you want to make real money from the internet. You have to know how to assess the commercial viability, [...]

Chiropractic Website Marketing Analytics

Over the years I’ve asked several thousand chiropractors the question of, “What are you doing to marketing your practice on the internet?” The number one reply that I typically get is “Well, I have a website.” Many doctors and business owners have been convinced that owning a website is synonymous with internet marketing, but in [...]