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Charlie Sheen WINNING Streak Continues in Atlanta

Last night my I had the opportunity to visit the FOX Theater here in Atlanta to check-out Charlie Sheen’s outrageous torpedo of truth tour. I also was allowed special access for a little meet and greet backstage with the warlock of WINNING himself.

The night started-off with the lights going down and the spotlight on Sheen, as he walked down the main aisle to the stage in a Falcons jersey. Former Korn guitarist, Rob Patterson, was playing some heavy riffs on stage for the grand entrance.

Of course, fans were going crazy and cheering up a storm.

As “Sheenius” took the stage, he seemed very at home and grateful for the the thousands of fans that came to the party. He spoke by himself for awhile, then sat down for a quick interview with The Regular Guys, local Atlanta radio personalities Steve and Larry.

Then a little bit later, comedian and roastmaster Jeffrey Ross pummeled Charlie with a barrage of insults, all in good fun of course. After, they actually brought ten random members from the audience on stage to ask Sheen any question they wanted.

There was even an instance where a crazy fan hopped on stage, only to be met swiftly by incredible hulk, Chuck Zito. Seriously, the guy could pass for an Italian mobster from the Sopranos.

I thought Charlie delivered a good performance. One of my take-aways was that he’s a real genuine dude that loves his fans. I didn’t expect to see a comedy show like Chris Rock or George Carlin, and that’s not what it was.

Marketing lessons you can learn from Charlie Sheen

1) Authenticity. Know who you are and who you’re target market is. Charlie doesn’t try to appeal to everyone and isn’t out to make everyone happy. Love him or hate him, he’s brutally honest and unapologetic.

This is major reason his tour has a packed house at every stop.

While the pornstar, drug-filled lifestyle is not something I care to partake in, I totally respect the guy for being true to himself and for having the balls to take the heat.

2) Pattern break and disruption marketing. You don’t know what the heck Charlie will do or say next. He’s disruptive, outrageous and it sells bigtime!

You’ll find many of the most famous marketers in the world that use pattern interrupts regularly in their sales copy or content marketing.

3) Controversy sells! I don’t need to say more on this one, just look that the news that surrounds Charlie. However, he’s a savvy businessman and doing a good job capitalizing on the controversy.

He’s even got a new iPhone app out now. Charlie could be doing a much better job monetizing his popularity from the web, but he’s off to a good start.

Sheen was also controversial in his questioning the official 9/11 government account / events that took place in 2001. That got him a bunch of press and headlines.

The bottom line is this. It was definitely a WINNING performance here in Atlanta, moving Sheen to 12-2 as far as the tour series goes. I’ll throw some pics up soon on the blog so you can see. Marketers can also learn a lot from him when it comes business growth.

*** Update *** Here’s the pic after the show

Question for you… Do you think he’ll get his job on Two and a Half Men back?

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  1. Tell It like it is…Truth is always the best way to go.
    The world is better when we all find and live our Authentic Selves.
    I think the guy is crazy, but so is the world.

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