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ChiroMatrix Reviews and Comparison

Before you sign-up with ChiroMatrix, watch this video to review and compare the service for yourself. Here’s an in-depth and comprehensive look at the chiropractic website company.



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6 Responses to “ChiroMatrix Reviews and Comparison”

  1. David says:

    I think they have a top notch SEO service and search engine placement service through all of their listings and web presence, but in my opinion they’re not the best looking chiropractic sites out there.

  2. Hey Matt,

    I’ll be seeing you in September at the summit in Texas, but I had a question for you about chiromatrix. I have a chiromatrix site and after the last google update, my rankings completely tanked. I went from #2 for my keywords to almost nowhere to be found. It also hit my local rankings hard as well. What can be done about this… and is there a specific wordpress theme that you would recommend that is better to go with? I understand the dup content is not good, so should I just get a new URL and try and get the other one de-indexed? Also… does ASN premium include getting the Google + page ranked as well after the update?


  3. Also, with the social media service… the premium, it says “budget included.” Does that mean that the cost of the Google Adwords is included with the premium package?

  4. Matthew Loop says:

    Hey Jake… Great, look forward to seeing you! A lot of docs got crushed by the Google Penguin update. Many were hit because of duplicate content while others were hit for over-optimization. You’ll want to re-write your content pages if possible on the site. Don’t use duplicate article content if possible.

    You might want to see what Google Webmaster Tool says, as the reason why your site might have been slapped. From there, that would give you a better idea of where to go next. If it’s from duplicate content, you should be able to remove it, then re-submit the site to Google.

    Yes, with the ASN premium package, we help to rank your Google+ Local page better. We’d first need to determine what has to be done on your end first.


    – Matt

  5. And is the budget for the adwords included in the premium? I’m paying about $500-$1000/month for my adwords budget as is.

  6. Matthew Loop says:

    Yes, it’s included in the best / Platinum plan. Only 200 / mo is included for Adwords, though. It would probably be better for you to keep the ad spend you have if you’re generating a positive ROI

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