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Chiropractic Advertising Warning

I wanted to throw a quick post up really to issue a chiropractic advertising warning. Since the economy appears to be in a recession at the moment, many salesmen are getting sneakier and not being transparent or upfront. This post has to do with the Yellow Page advertisements that chiropractors and other business professionals continue to spend thousands of dollars per year on.

Personally, I don’t know any chiropractors that have built massive cash machine practices by advertising in the Yellow-pages, do you? In the 1980’s and 1990’s it made more sense to use them since people of lower socioeconomic status weren’t usually privy to the use of computers. However, in 2009 and beyond, the internet is accessible by virtually everyone on a regular basis. Spending your chiropractic advertising dollars in phone books or Yellow Pages nowadays will send you into the poorhouse fast with minimal, if any, returns!

yellow pagesI honestly think that the chiropractic profession has simply become accustomed to wasting money on ineffective advertising and marketing over the years. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve fallen for many Don Lapre sounding salesmen that promise the world only to deliver mediocre results. Damn, if only I had the right “tiny classified ad!”  Seriously though, the return on investment tends to be embarrassingly low with phone books.

Most of us have tried similar advertising mediums since the same, outdated chiropractic advertising and marketing strategies are typically recycled again and again. In all actuality, what makes us go for this garbage when we know it’s not likely to perform as we’re told? In my experience, the answer is usually due to a lack of awareness. I like what Bob Proctor says. He states “The individual that earns $50,000 per year doesn’t make that because he wants to, he earns that amount of income because he doesn’t know how to make $100,000 per year!” This statement is so true since awareness is the key.

This year more than ever, it’s important to research and make yourself aware of fresh, innovative chiropractic marketing methods and techniques. We are living in a very different world now, as opposed to even a few years ago. Massive change has arisen in the chiropractic profession and the dynamics of communication have been altered permanently. For instance, I was getting sub-par returns on my investment several years ago until I discovered a new way of connecting with people and marketing that revolutionized my practice and really opened the flood-gates.

This “game changer” was referred to as Web 2.0, a word that many chiropractors are still not aware of as they should be. I began to utilize social networks, video, microblogging, and other forms of social media to create myself as the center of influence and a credible expert within my community. Since then, the pay-offs, monetarily and branding-wise, have been immeasurable!

Not long after, word spread very rapidly about what I was doing. I was approached by quite a few chiropractors and consultants that were getting wind of my never-before-seen online New Patient generation strategies. I was reluctant to share at at first since I didn’t want to be in the spotlight. Then, in 2005 after a bit of persuasion by a good friend, I eventually accepted this leader role and began my Web 2.0 / social media consulting. Since that time, I’ve been living a very rewarding life helping other chiropractors and entreprenurs like me. Web 2.0 is still a largely untapped medium and New Patient treasure-chest if you know how to leverage it correctly.

Let’s use video for an example. From what I’ve observed, many people have a natural voyeuristic tendency, as reiterated by how reality TV has taken-off. Major television networks are trying to gang together in order to compete with YouTube, which subsequently is the third most popular website on the planet. It seems less and less of the population is turning to the TV for news this year so the corporate-owned television is in a bit of a panic. People are literally hurding to YouTube’s video sharing network by the boatload. I observed this trend very early on and have capitalized on it bigtime for chiropractic marketing and other separate income ventures online. Don’t be fooled, as you can do the EXACT same thing.

In absolutely no other place on the internet or offline, can you connect with so many potential patients like you can on social media like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Tagged, LinkedIn, etc… Observe how many employers have started to prohibit employees from getting-on these networks at work. It’s become a huge incident that has even graced the news. The addictive behavior exibited by corporate employees should clue you in as to the vast drawing power of social media! From a business point of view and since I know how to maximize exposure online, it’s music to my ears.

The sooner your chiropractic practice harnesses the power of web 2.0 and social media, the more lucrative and recession-proof it’s going to become. Don’t buy into believing all this internet stuff is just a fad because it’s not! Ordinary folks are becoming rich and famous everyday stepping out into this virtual realm. The only question that remains is, when would NOW be a good time to take your chiropractic marketing to the next level?

Continued success!

– Matthew Loop

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  1. I love the line about the Don Lapre sounding salesman. That was funny.

    I’ve been utilizing social media for a little while now myself. Not quite on the scale you have, but it has made a tremendous impact in my life, just as a chiropractic student. I can’t wait for the impact I can make as a doctor utilizing web 2.0.

    thanks for creating this blog. It’s great!

  2. Hi, gr8 post thanks for posting. Information is useful!

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