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Chiropractic Facebook Fan Page SPAM

Here’s a short video about what NOT to do when initiating a chiropractic practice marketing campaign on Facebook. This is one of the biggest mistakes newbies make when venturing into social media marketing and it actually damages rapport with your target market. The title of the video is called Chiropractic Facebook Fan Page SPAM.

Click the play button below to watch this eye-opener and leave a comment letting me know your thoughts 😉


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17 Responses to “Chiropractic Facebook Fan Page SPAM”

  1. Thanks, Matt!

    Very good video post.

    I have seen a similar phenomenon surrounding Twitter in which some chiropractors don’t understand the importance of relationship-building, but instead send out an endless stream of promotions that do not arouse much interest in their followers or potential clients. Building rapport online is not an endless sales pitch. It’s simply a way to widen your social circle via electronic means. Just as you wouldn’t walk up to someone at a party and immediately try selling them on the latest widget, nor would you want to do this on Facebook and other social media. You really lose credibility when you do not give value to others.

    Just my two cents worth…

    Keep up the good work!

    Christopher Vogelmann, D.C.
    Washington, DC Metro area

  2. Matthew Loop says:

    You’re right on the money, Dr. V… Couldn’t agree more!

  3. Great video Matt!! I couldn’t agree more! The way to win the hearts and minds of people, is to build “genuine relationships” with them and not SPAM them! Great job voicing this issue. Bravo!

  4. Matthew Loop says:

    Thank you, Chris 🙂

  5. Ken Whidden says:

    I’ve had several of these SPAM messages on my fan page. It’s a little frustrating, I’ve started deleting them.

    Ken Whidden, DC
    Emerald Coast Chiropractic

  6. I have seen this with many in our field, specifically some chiropractic management or “coaches” blasting every fan page they are on.
    Like always great info Matt! Thanks for teaching chiros how to market and try to help as many people as possible.

  7. Hi Matt, I help several chiropractors with local SEO marketing and do joint ventures with larger companies in promoting their chiro business so they can get walk-in patients and passive income .

    Your observation is totally correct.

    What I have been advising my chiropractors using Facebook and other social media to build relationships is to use a really cool FREE tool – This tool aggregates several social media, Instant messaging and email.

    The main relationship building aspect of this tool is the chat/IM and it chat history tool. When you are able to track your chat conversations, you will appear (to your potential patient) as a caring individual who truly cares about them since you will remember your previous chat – from the chat history tool!!!

    If your followers are not using digsby – you will not get any differentiation.

    Best regards,


  8. Matt, value, relevence and contributions help build relationships and trust. Social media now puts everyone on display for the world to see. Too many post without stragegicly looking at the impact of their posts. The Internet is a far cry from what it was like even two years ago. Your advice applies to newbies and veterans alike.

    As I tell my clients every day, treat the social media with respect, and foresight!


  9. Couldn’t agree more! It’s all about the relationships. Fakeness is easy to spot!

  10. I am surprised how educated people, chiropractors forget all about social etiquette when they get on the internet. I bet they would never behave that way in a garden party and crash into all small conversation groups and shout about their latest wonderful service.

    Social media is not much different from a garden party, behavior still matters.

    Thanks for a very relevant video.

  11. Thank you for this. I was actually going to contact you and ask you to talk about this because I get spam on my page regularly — it’s SO annoying and doesn’t make me want to do business w/ these people or tell others about them because they obviously ‘don’t get it’.

    The other pet peeve I have is ”friends’ that REGULARLY send me spam messages. If you send something once in a great while, I’ll look at it. But there a few people that send me a spam msg every couple weeks or so — and that’s the only interaction they have with me, btw — now I just automatically delete them and am even thinking of dropping them as a friend. That’s another one you might want to talk about;-)

  12. Shahab khan says:

    Spamming on popular site’s facebook pages is really rubbish. Its not only me and you who don’t this way of getting few hits to a site but in fact anyone would hate this. I am experiencing the same kind of problem on one of my facebook page. I hope i will find a way to treat these spammy losers.

  13. Thanks for the information. I am a relative newbie when it comes to internet, website, and social media so appreciate the heads up as far as things to watch out for.

  14. Matthew Loop says:

    You’re welcome, Brad. Glad you enjoyed. This blog will help fast-track your social media results. Let me know if you have specific questions.

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