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Chiropractic Marketing News – Google’s New Game Changer

A few months ago I came across something very interesting and ground breaking, as it relates to chiropractic marketing. Not having a firm grasp of what I’m about to share will hurt your marketing efforts, more specifically when it comes to putting videos out and trying to get mass exposure.

As I dug down a bit in the world of social media and search engine optimization (SEO), I uncovered that Google began to use speech to text conversion. Quite simply, it means that they are extracting the spoken text from your videos, then converting it to regular text.

chiropractic internet marketingWhile I was doing my chiropractic marketing research and homework, I couldn’t find out (from their mouth) why they were doing that. But, the answer is quite obvious in my opinion. When it comes down to it, Google is always searching for relevant content. This is the main reason they now use your spoken words to categorize and rank your video, regardless of what video sharing network your video is on.

So what does this mean to the average chiropractor in their chiropractic marketing endeavors online?

Well, in most cases you can significantly increase your Google ranking with your chiropractic website by adding keywords in your spoken audio from the video. Be aware that, only using music behind written text in a slide show does not work as well if from an SEO standpoint.

Remember, when you’re writing your video outline or script, incorporate and put the keywords you want to rank for on the search engines up front, and actually say them periodically through the video. Don’t just randomly toss them in either. It’s best to fit them in so it sounds natural while taking nothing away from the flow of your presentation.

As a suggestion, you may want to write your outline like you were writing portion of your chiropractic website that you wanted Google, Yahoo, or Bing to index. The primary reason is because with their speech to text conversion, they’re using the same algorithm as if it were written text like in an article.

This one thing alone is a game changer for online chiropractic marketing now and in the future. Wait and see…


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4 Responses to “Chiropractic Marketing News – Google’s New Game Changer”

  1. You tube also translates the videos. So you definitely want to mention your key terms often.

  2. Wow, that’s super useful information. I didn’t know. Thanks Matt.

  3. Dan says:

    Very interesting stuff. Where did you come across this information?

    So is Google supposed to be analyzing videos on every website, or are they just analyzing videos from places like youtube?



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