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Does Your Marketing Guru Suck?

This blog post has been a long time in the making. When I was in the Dominican Republic a few days ago, I was reminded why most “gurus” just flat-out suck! The BIG reason why this is true for an overwhelming majority of gurus is that their actions are not congruent with their spoken words.

Here’s what I mean. I’ll give you two examples… one in the internet marketing industry and another in the chiropractic profession.

In the never-short-on-hype internet marketing industry, you find gurus all the time that try to appeal the subconsciously strong desires of beginner marketers. The most powerful driving factors are typically freedom / flexibility to do what you want, when you want.

Let’s face it, the reason why people go into online marketing is because they want the perceived lifestyle their guru is living on YouTube.

I don’t see anything wrong with marketing this way as long as your life fully reflects this.

If you EXERCISE your ability to live the “internet lifestyle” the majority of time, and really enjoy your freedom / flexibility (away from work), then you’re practicing what you preach.

That’s being genuine.

What ticks me off, though, is I go many live events and many of these men and women are just full of crap.

I know this because I’ve met and interviewed their associates or interacted with the top marketers personally. The stunning truth is, many spend 60-70 hours a week behind a computer.

However, maybe they feel because the “work from home” it’s ok and there’s nothing wrong with preaching a lifestyle that they don’t currently live themselves.

This is very uncool.

Their ghostly-pale skin and social ineptitude are dead giveaways to the fact away they never get out, too. They’re like hermits. I digress, though.

But tell me this… what good is generating an absolute fortune online if you aren’t committed to enjoying the fruits of your labor?

On top of that, what good is making a lot of money if you don’t have systems in place that allow you to step away anytime you want and have fun?

Completely ridiculous!!

If you’re not careful, the money becomes a numbers game after awhile… a constant and ADDICTING competition of sorts. I fell into that trap early on but was fortunate to snap out of it.

While I do think there’s merit in setting goals and increasing your income along with doing bigger and better things, money is simply a means to an end.

Making money is pointless if you’re not going to do what you love with it, spend time with those closest to you or make a difference in the world.

Life is about your experiences.

What do you think?

This same problem persists heavily in the chiropractic profession. You’ve got these gurus that have set this garbage standard for what a successful chiropractor is supposed to have and do.

You know, “see 500-2,000 a week in only 3 days” nonsense. Yeah, I’m sure these guys are relaxed and not worried about seeing more patients or breaking records the other 4 days… what a joke.

Now, while there are people that do that (and I’ve spoken to many), wouldn’t you know that they have no more freedom and flexibility than the doctor seeing 20 patients per week struggling just to get by.

Don’t be fooled.

That’s like someone that drives an exotic car, for example. From the surface, you think they’re living at a much higher standard than those driving not so nice cars. But, in actuality, their discretionary income is pretty close to the same as “Joe the Plummer.”

These high-volume DC’s all come to me with the SAME questions. “How can I create systems online and passive income steams to step away from the office and play more than I work?”

The worst are the doctors that dupe themselves into thinking / believing that seeing patients in the office is more important that spending time with family or having more flexibility.

I know that’s going to piss some people off, but they can get over it.

That’s just a weak rationalization because these chiropractors cannot break away. They’re working 60 hours per week because that’s what their “guru” told them to do for 20 years then retire. Or, they’ve developed the bad habit.

What an outdated model that completely excludes leverage. Utter junk…

I think having passion for chiropractic and serving others is great and I truly love the rewarding profession we’re a part of. In fact, those doctors that do the best financially typically are on purpose with passion and strongly motivated.

But let’s come back to reality for a second. If you’re going to tell me you’d rather be in your office 60 hours per week over being with those closest to you (or enjoying greater freedom / flexibility), you’re NOT  being honest with yourself.

Life’s way too short to play games and to settle for less than what you really want. It’s time to do an inventory on the guru that’s been leading you into the light… or off the cliff!

Make sure his / her words are congruent with their actions. If they preach freedom, flexibility and a better life, are they REALLY living it or just REALLY good at marketing? Also, do their protocols and systems prioritize revolve around giving you more time?

Take a step back from everything and really put your finger on what you want out of life. As you’re aware, we are not guaranteed to be here tomorrow. What are you going to do with now?

Here’s a little something special. I made a cool video you’re going to like.

You’ll get to see some pristine footage of the Dominican Republic and a bunch of other stuff. At 3 min 36 sec into the video, you’ll get to see the dolphins flying close-up! Check it out and tell me what you think 😉



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8 Responses to “Does Your Marketing Guru Suck?”

  1. Todd Brown says:

    Hey Matt… great post. You can certainly see how passionate you are about the message of lifestyle and true freedom. Kudos for always staying on point with that.

    I also agree… as someone who only chased a “number” for many years… it’s a lose-lose game. There’s no satisfaction there… because the goal seems to always go up and up and up.

    Don’t get me wrong…

    It’s great to have financial aspirations. In fact, I think they’re crucial. But, like Timothy Ferris says in the 4-Hour Work Week… stop delaying life while shooting for your goals. Live it now!

  2. Matthew Loop says:

    Totally agree, Todd. If you focus your life around chasing numbers, many times it’s like an insatiable hunger. You can’t win.

    I use to be that guy and wasn’t nearly as happy as I could’ve been.

    It’s all about creating new habits, though. Habits come through repetition so it’s good to be an expert at taking time for yourself and family 😉

  3. Vince Leone says:

    Hey Matt, I think this is a good message as well. Incongruency (is that word?) is a killer.

    Unfortunately we see that a lot in our profession – practice gurus(?) who haven’t practiced in years, trying to teach methods that just don’t work in today’s climate.

    I for one, just want to know what’s working…right now. There are always business principles that transcend time and industries, but if you’re going to be teaching young docs I believe you have a duty to be in the trenches to really know the effectiveness of the strategies and tactics.

  4. hmmm, sounds too familiar. our “coach” advised us to be open long hours and weekends BUT we’re not. we only open 4 full days and 1/2 day fridays. (closed all day on fridays during summer)

    Although we love our practice and our pts, our family comes first, and guess, what! we have patients on waiting lists. new patients wait upto 2 weeks to get in .and it’s not the fake lists we’re taught to create but a true wait list for a true cancellation. great post!

  5. Matthew Loop says:

    Thanks Veronica… Congrats on your success!

  6. John Hayes Jr says:

    Matt, really great post. The myths promulgated are often blatant dishonesty from some gurus in all walks of life. Too often, DCs I think get sucked in by not fully thinking out proposals. And you are right, too many have no life. That too my friends is a conscious decision.
    Thanks for showing the newest generation of DCs that practice, and multiple streams of income is the gateway to an incredible life Matt!


  7. Matthew,
    Great timing with this post. I just finished up editing the interview I did with UnMarketing, UnGuru, Scott Stratten. The take away…chiropractic has an image problem in the eyes of the consuming public.

    Our own myopic professional “guru’s” would have us all standing at a screening booth at our local mall holding a dry-spine. Scott talks about what kind of image that portrays and how it broadens the “trust gap” and turns people off to chiropractic.

    UnMarketings Chiropractic Image Problem

    How many other “tried and tested” marketing advice to guru’s offer that worked in the 80’s and 90’s but is frowned upon today?

  8. Dr. Patti says:

    Social media still remains a mystery to me and probably alot of other professionals. I am seeking more knowledge.

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