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Funny Halloween Pranks

This Halloween prank video will give you a laugh, for sure. Let me know what you think :)

– Matt

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6 Responses to “Funny Halloween Pranks”

  1. Man! Most of those people are going to need a Chiropractor! Some of those “falls” were pretty hard! lol Thanks for sharing Matt!

  2. Dan Dubli says:

    Great video Matt! I can’t stop laughing at the jumping cat around 0:22 sec.

  3. Jeremy says:

    Great Video Matt,

    thanks for sharing
    very funny
    happy Halloween to you.


  4. RogerV says:

    My gut is in a spasm…..LOL…oh, that hurts!

  5. dr linda says:

    my 9 year old daughter loved the one with Jason, my favorite is the foot at the end
    happy halloween will be posting new pics soon

  6. Dr Steph says:

    Hilarious!! Thanks for the laughs Matt!

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