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Google Adds Facebook Fan Page Videos to its Search

For the  longest time, Google didn’t index Facebook videos on its search engine. Knowing this, I rarely uploaded videos to Facebook in the past since I couldn’t gain the benefit of video search engine optimization (VSEO) for specific keywords.

During the last few months, though, I’ve seen more and more content from public Facebook pages get indexed.

For instance, if you type in “Facebook fan page marketing tips” on Google, you’ll see the 6th listing is from Facebook, specifically a video from my current fan page. Check the screen-shot below.

You’ll also notice that Facebook news-feed status updates are live in the Google real-time search, too. Before, it was mostly Twitter updates. See below for an example.

Any comments made on Facebook fan pages by those that do not own the page are not included in Google search, nor are updates made on your personal pages.

What should you do next?

Make sure to upload your marketing or value driven videos to your Facebook fan page video section, keeping in mind the same VSEO strategies you would use for YouTube and mass syndication. You’ll be able to rank your videos for certain keywords that potential customers are searching for in your market.

You can then add keyword rich status updates periodically since you now can be confident they’ll appear on Google.

Not sure how to use VSEO to rank your videos on the 1st page of Google? Go ahead and visit my consulting services link on this blog for help 🙂

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