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How to Profitably Market Your Facebook Fan Page

Just having a Facebook fan page is NOT enough to get you noticed and increase your search engine hits. There are many different things that you can do to use it as an effective marketing tool, though.

Incorporating various tactics can mean the difference between your page being a conversion engine that makes your business money or a dead link that does absolutely nothing. Here are some top tips for ensuring your success.

Create a Different Look

Having a Facebook fan page is a good start, but you may have noticed that a lot of businesses have pages and they all look the same. The first thing you need to do is create a specific visual presence. This can be done in various ways.

A few simple things that you can do is include an interesting logo and ensuring your photo gallery has interesting images in it that are connected to your business.

Although you are able to do this simply, you can also incorporate elements in a more interesting way by using specifically designed software online. Some are free, some are paid services but they’re relatively easy to use.

With those programs, you’ll be able to use various templates to upgrade the entire look of your site so your Facebook fan page marketing will convert better.

Another option is to go all out and customize your fan page. This is what I did. I hired Jason Deitch’s company, to work their magic. Think of them as like the Mercedes of custom fan page services.

They’ve worked with most of the A-players and industry leaders you know.

What I really like is that they send a videographer out to your office for a professionally produced video. You can see my Facebook page page here to get a glimpse of their work or have a look at their extensive gallery at their site above.

Fresh Content

Adding fresh content is very important. If your Facebook fan page sits idle or is rarely updated, it will be virtually ignored by search engines. Fresh content that is connected to your primary website is essential in getting noticed and keeping people involved.

Content that is helpful to visitors, well written and interesting will keep people coming back as they recognize your page as a true resource. Also, when it comes to new content, allowing people to share their insights and interact with you and others will serve your business well.

Add Video

The first point of this article, making sure your fan page on Facebook has its own look, acknowledges that the internet is a visual medium. We react to what we see on the web more than to audio or written words.

Video, which in essence is a series of stills strung together to create movement, is a huge asset to any site and a major drawing card when the video captures people’s attention and imagination.

Your videos should not be long. Usually a minute or two works best. They need to be engaging in some way and connected to your enterprise.

Be sure to allow and invite comments on each video. That will make something that is already active even more active. Encourage visitors to suggest other video topics.

Points for Interaction

What every Facebook fan page marketing campaign needs are points for interaction between you, your visitors and fans. The first thing you need to do is capture and hold people’s attention. A smart design will go a long way in initially doing this.

Remember, there are only two purposes of the actual fan page. One, to get someone to “like” your page, then for them to put their name and email into a lead capture form so you can build an email list off of Facebook!

This is critical because you want to have FULL control of your audience and list. For all you know, Facebook could change their terms of service anytime and block your account tomorrow.

Never roll the dice and gamble on uncertainty.

If you don’t have an email marketing follow-up system, you can go to and find a $1 trial of Aweber. I’ve been using it for the past 3 years and have been very pleased with their opt-in form creator, high deliverability rates, great customer phone support, and overall functionality of the auto-responder.

After the lead capture is in place, you have to hold onto those visitors and keep them coming back. That’s where fresh content and video come in. Attending to these three elements above will be a good start in creating a Facebook fan page that contributes to your success.

Run a Facebook Ads Campaign

This is a great way to drive INSTANT traffic to your fan page once the design is set-up and ready to capture attention and leads. You’ll need to test the ads you create frequently though, as you want to drive the cost per click down to a minimal and have your ads converting high. Strive for high click-through rates.

Run your Facebook ads during the day, for the most part. Why? People are usually on the social network at their 9-5 job, that’s why! For the most comprehensive Facebook Ads Marketing blueprint ever assembled, click this link.

Take advantage of these strategies today to increase your branding power and company bottom line.

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5 Responses to “How to Profitably Market Your Facebook Fan Page”

  1. Matthew Loop says:

    Hi Cindi… Glad you liked it. I never recommend doctors (or any business for that matter) to build their own custom Facebook fan page. It goes along with strengthening your strengths and delegating your weaknesses.

    Time is money.

    Chiropractors are not graphic design artists nor should their attention be focused on a task like that. Marketing is what makes you money.

    You almost need to consider how much it’s costing you (patient-wise and financially) daily / monthly by NOT having a lead generation system up and running on Facebook.

    The short-term cost of the custom landing page doesn’t come close to the amount of money being lost by not having the system in place.

    Facebook surpasses Google periodically as far as traffic goes so NOW is the time to capitalize on it!

  2. maya banzon says:

    thanks for the information. Very helpful. Im about to start a Facebook Page for my business .Is there a step by step guide on how to do it? like how to use other applications like shop now ad to my page. Hope you can help e on this>>>

  3. Matt this is definitely one of my next steps. Thanks for the tips!

  4. Matthew Loop says:

    You’re welcome, Melissa! Glad you found it useful.

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