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How to Reactivate Chiropractic Patients using Facebook

Here are two very simple (yet powerful) strategies that allow you to easily reactivate chiropractic patients using Facebook without spending a lot of time, energy, and effort. Click the play button below to watch!

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7 Responses to “How to Reactivate Chiropractic Patients using Facebook”

  1. Hi Dr. Loop,
    Great ideas. I do have a question though. I’ve read about a dozen articles in different chiro publications about how DC’s are opening themselves up for lawsuits by befriending patients on facebook. Is their a way to just invite patients/potential patients/former patients to your clinic fan page instead of your personal page?




  2. Matthew Loop says:

    Hey Todd… Send me links to the literature you’re reviewing so I can see. I’d be curious to know why some feel this would open a doctor up to a lawsuit. If the doctor is acting in a professional manner there shouldn’t be any issue.

    You cannot send friend requests with your Facebook fan page unfortunately. You can invite patients via email to “like” your page or just get them to login to Facebook at your office so you can see them do it there.

  3. Hi Dr Matt, I don’t actually have any links as these were all articles on paper. I believe 2 of them were from malpractice carriers (NCMIC & OUM). Part of the worry was that a patient might get hurt, contact a doc by facebook, ask what to do, get told “ice it and call me at the office Monday morning”, it turns out to be something serious and the patient needs to be hospitalized, there is now a public online record of the Dr. giving wrong medical advice. Attorneys might like that.

    Personally, I have several patients who are my facebook friends. I just try not to give too much advice like that mentioned above on fb.

    Another thing was docs doing stupid stuff like getting shitfaced drunk and then winding up getting tagged in a photo on fb.

  4. Matthew Loop says:

    I would strongly advise chiropractors not to give that type of advice over Facebook without personally seeing the patient. That’s not smart at all…

  5. Todd Austin says:

    True, Dr. Matt!

    Thanks again for more great info!

    Carpe diem!


  6. Hey Matt, great stuff. Can I steal this one for out Cross Platform Widget?

  7. Matthew Loop says:

    Sure, go ahead Alan :)

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