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Introducing for Mobile Marketing

It’s taken just under two years to complete this project and I’m VERY excited about launching it today! Mobile text marketing is the MOST effective advertising channel at this moment. There has never been a better time to capitalize and profit from it either.

We’re watching another communication evolution unfold before our eyes with smart phone technology. I would classify it as still in the early adopter phase like social media was in 2005. So, the opportunity is massive! is one-of-a-kind service provides highly profitable, easy, and affordable mobile marketing solutions to small businesses, larger companies, and information marketers.

Features of DC Mobile Text include everything from text message marketing, keyword / short code campaigns, bulk SMS, appointment reminders, mobile coupons, Facebook widgets, online sign-up form creation, and much more.

5 BIG Reasons to Start Using Mobile Marketing Today:

1) The average response rate (or “take-action” rate) is very high, ranging from 11% – 30%. That means if you send a text to 1,000 customers and make a call to action, you’re likely to get between 110-300 of them to take the action you want!

You simply cannot find a response rate that high with any other marketing medium offline or online. Not even close.

2) Mobile text messaging has the fastest read rate at 90% within only 15 minutes and a 97% FINAL open rate ( to put it in perspective, the average final email open rate is around 20%)

3) There are more than 5 times the amount of mobile devices than computers

4) Appointment reminders. If you’re a small business, you’ll reduce your no-show rate by 50%, many times much higher. Here’s an example. Let’s say you average, 4 no-shows per week and you charge $75 / visit.

When you use text appointment reminders about 45 minutes before the appointment, you’ll stop at least 50% of those people from missing, which makes you an extra $150 / week (based on the example above).

That’s an extra $600 / month or $7,200 / year in your pocket!

5) Much LESS competition since mobile text marketing is so new.

Hopefully, the light-bulb went off after reading the five points above. Until now, text marketing had only been available to corporations with large advertising budgets. The playing field has been leveled, though.

Visit right now to get your free 7 day trial and 17 page report titled, The Ultimate Mobile Text Marketing Guide.” This service will blow you away, hence the reason I’m allowing a no-cost trial for a limited time.

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