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Is Facebook More Important Than Google?

Facebook IS more important than Google. There, it’s been said. The last three years, I’ve been heavily exploiting this incredible social networking platform for highly targeted leads, traffic, new business, and online sales like crazy.

Even before the introduction of Facebook Ads, Fan Pages, Places and news feed optimization, it was still an awesome medium to generate opt-ins while building enormous influence and community.

Why is Facebook is MORE important than Google?

The BIG reason is that “social” is evolving into the new search engine optimization (SEO). No one does social interaction / web 2.0 better than Facebook… I mean no one! Google is now attempting to get more involved in the game with their +1 concept, which is similar to the Facebook “like.”

We’ll have to wait to see how +1 stacks-up. Maybe it will boast more success than Google’s other mediocre attempts (Buzz, Wave, etc..)

The truth is, when I need a recommendation, I go to Facebook and ask my followers because I trust them. This now takes priority over doing a random Google search. I’m far from the only one that does this as well.

What about you?

Way too many people obsess over Google rankings and make them more important than they really are. Google is just one of MANY ways to get traffic to your site. Never put yourself or your business in a box and have tunnel vision.

Rankings and SEO may be headed to the gallows if Google can’t handle the grueling pace at which Facebook is evolving and changing all of our lives.

From a marketing standpoint, there’s more flexibility and less slapping (at the moment) on Facebook. I’m all for “cleaning up search” like Google speaks about, but banning legitimate affiliates, not being able to direct link, and all of the frequent hoops and hurdles associated is a REAL pain in the ass.

It would be one thing if Google was just banning the spammers but they’re not.

They ban small businesses just as much as the affiliate marketer. If you don’t have an advertising budget of over 50K per month, good luck getting your account reinstated. There’s nothing like taking a dump on those that helped build your company to the levels it’s at now.

Facebook makes it insanely easy to run an ad and get targeted opt-ins and traffic.

Google search is still better quality traffic, in my opinion, but I’m willing to sacrifice that for more flexibility and much lower cost-per-clicks (CPC’s).

In the end though, results are all that matter. I’ve been making serious bank with Facebook the last few years and the traffic DOES convert exceptionally well if the appropriate marketing systems and funnels are in place.

In the last 9 months alone, I’ve spent $54,207.70 on Facebook promotion and have had almost a 3:1 ROI. I’ll take that any day.

FYI… I’ll be holding a huge Facebook marketing teleseminar or a webinar in the next few weeks to pull back the curtain on my profit pulling ad campaigns, strategies, and test results. Keep a sharp look-out.

Facebook is far from perfect as I’ve blogged about before but I like where they’re going and they seem to be taking better care of their base than Google has.

I would love you get your opinion in the comments section below on what you think. Do you feel Facebook takes care of their users better AND are they more important than Google?

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