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List Building for Chiropractors

This is the MOST underutilized marketing strategy by chiropractors, yet it’s been proven to be the most powerful time after time. I’m referring to having an effective lead-capture system on your chiropractic website and building an email list of prospective new patients.

What most doctors do not understand is that when a potential patient hits their site, 97% of the time they’re not motivated enough to make an appointment. So, inevitably the visitor bounces off NEVER to return again.

I don’t care if you think you have the coolest site on the planet, the hard statistics say they’re not coming back twice.

This is why you MUST build an email list and  have a compelling lead capture system in place! It becomes easy to get patients if you have a list and mail them regularly, especially when you have time-tested reliable script like the 3 Day New Patient Machine.

Here’s an eye-opening video below that goes in-depth on list building and gives you some numbers to heavily think about. You’ll actually see how many patients and how much income you’re missing-out on.

Click the play button below to watch.

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3 Responses to “List Building for Chiropractors”

  1. Totally agree Matt and in fact we always tell people that getting people to your website is problem one, but getting them to give you their contact information for most docs is an even bigger problem because most of the websites have so many links and spinning spines that people as soon as they get there leave.

    Dr. Alan

  2. Awesome video. As always, you’re on top of your game. And Aweber is the best email system on the market, hands down.

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