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Panda Eats Chiropractor!!

Ever since Google’s infamous Panda update to their search engine, many chiropractors have been getting swallowed left and right. Google has literally eaten their sites and you cannot find them on the first pages any longer.

To put it bluntly, the big reason why this has happened to many doctors is because of bad online marketing strategy. There’s an old saying that goes:

“It’s not what you do that determines your results, but HOW you do it.”

Here’s another way of putting it.

Just because you tried something (social or internet marketing) and did it incorrectly doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work! It’s not the marketing medium that was the problem, it was how you used it. Make sense?

All to often chiropractors email me telling me they’ve tried to use social media / internet marketing but they’ve had little to no results building their practices.

So, many have the misconception that it just doesn’t work or that it cannot be used to market their “particular” style of practice.

However, is it really the case that the internet is not able to deliver local, qualified new patients hand over fist to chiropractic practices? Or, is it more likely that the doctors current method of trying to get more traffic and patients from the web is full of holes?

It will be obvious to most reading this that the later scenario is where the problem lies.

The first thing I ask these frustrated docs that contact me is if they’ve invested in my internet marketing systems and trainings. They usually tell me they haven’t and are skeptical due to the ineffectiveness of doing it their way.

Those chiropractic sites that were eaten by the Panda update, digested, and who currently sit in the bowels of Google have been penalized. The sad thing is that it could’ve been easily prevented.

Rankings have slipped considerably for quite a few. Along with that, the doctor’s website traffic has decreased and stopped in many instances.

Consequently, new patient numbers have dropped even further because, as we know, if you don’t rank at the top of Google you have zero shot at getting traffic, exposure and patients from the search engine giant.

To make your internet presence bullet-proof and protected against any Google update in the future, you need to know how to incorporate better strategy like seasoned veterans do.

I’m not talking about the latest short-lived trick or gimmick either. I’m referring to a time-tested long term approach to maximize your local market domination.

If you’re ready to stop spinning your wheels and learn the right way, click this link. Now, you’ll be able to prevent yourself the pain and misery of having to take another big hit when Google changes things up.

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  1. Dr. Ribley says:

    No kidding. Panda destroyed a lot of folks we know. Duplicate content everywhere, black hat linking, etc. Unfortunately, there are a lot of snake oils salesmen out there doing everything backwards.

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