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Specialty Practice: Is it REALLY for you?

This is a guest post by John Hayes Jr, DC MS DABCO. Since 1981, he’s been in private practice specializing in successful multidisciplinary healthcare with a focus on integrated case management. John has an extensive clinically balanced background.

He’s the author of the EVVY Nominated “Living and Practicing by Design,” and the Outskirts Press bestseller “Beating Neuropathy-Taking Misery to Miracles in Just 5 Weeks.”

His parent company Perfect Practice Web, LLC (PPW) works daily with private practice owners and institutions whose sole purpose is to deliver excellence in patient care despite third party payers and federal governmental intrusions into the doctor patient relationships.

NeuropathyDR® is a PPW subsidiary and the official trainers and educators for ReBuilder® Medical. His treatment centers bring effective solutions to the millions of patients afflicted with peripheral neuropathy and other debilitating conditions.


Recently, I’ve been reflecting on our companies involvement at multiple levels and the incredible economic and personal growth in developing specialty practices.

Even more so now, as we have crossed professional boundaries into physical therapy and medicine.

In more ways than one, NeuropathyDR Specialty Practices are exactly what I envisioned when I started chiropractic college at National in 1977. Patients, and doctors from all disciplines working together to help really sick people.

Now don’t get me wrong, neck and back pain practices are just fine, but seeing these really sick patients, some who have been at their human breaking points is especially gratifying.

So, what I thought I’d do today is spell out some of the realities of this style practice done “right”.

Firstly, it requires you know what you are in for. Those of us that practice in our nice, private offices for years sometimes too easily forget the emotional toll of seeing severe pain and disability on a daily basis.

For example, one of our patients last week attempted suicide. This was actually after an amazing recovery from RSD, and a dramatic life improvement with her peripheral neuropathy. The social trauma of getting back into “normal” routines was overwhelming.

One of my sweetest cancer patients, her neuropathy 85% improved suddenly dies, as cancer overwhelms her remaining reserve.

Patients who can’t walk, sleep, eat normally, or travel to see family.

All due to incredible life disruptions from diseases you last saw in the clinics at school, or maybe just textbooks.

And the flip side. They hug you, cry with you after they start to get huge portions of their lives back. Often, after driving an hour or more each way just to see only you. We recently had a patient and her husband fly in just to stay near our clinic.

We’ve regularly had patients travel from adjoining states.

They bring their kids and spouses in to see if you are for real. The family asks you point blank, “How can you possibly help my dad, he’s been to the 5 top hospitals in the world, and they couldn’t do anything?”

And you know what, if you can really learn to help these patients as we have, there’s never any complaining about paying. Handsomely. Often times up front.

We’ve had MD’s call us up to see what on earth we are doing to help these patients when they could not, much to their frustration too. And that’s a whole other story you’ll be reading about shortly.

So, is the addition of a NeuropathyDR treatment center to your practice for you?

If you think it may be, I invite you to apply for membership at this link to become a licensed NeuropathyDR treatment center.

If we think you’ve got the right stuff, I will personally do a strategic planning session with you before we even accept your application.

20 Million patients are waiting…

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