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SWIPE this Groupon Ad that Attracted 251 New Patients!!

You are SO hooked-up right now, it’s crazy!! I pulled some strings and got our friend and colleague, Dr. Mike Reid, to hand-over the #1 chiropractic Groupon ad that pulled a WHOPPING 251 new patients!

Yes, you read that correctly and it’s about to be yours at no cost.

Mark your Calendar Now

On Tuesday, May 1st at 7pm EST I’m holding a powerful call where I’ll be interviewing Dr. Mike.

I’m going to grill him about the EXACT marketing methods he used to build a million dollar practice.

Call-in # – 712-432-0075
Access Code – 592532

At the end of the call, you’ll get access to the “secret link” where you literally wash, rinse and repeat. We can’t make it any simpler to absolutely FLOOD your office with new patients in the next 30 days!

Here’s What You’ll Discover on the Call

1) Why passion and purpose are foundational for all marketing tools…And how you can easily tap into it!

2) How to master the top 5 ingredients in every marketing piece

3) How to capture 145, 174 or even 251 new patients from award winning Groupon ads…3 of my clients did!

4) How to get your PhD in the psychology of marketing your practice…The What, How, and Why of direct response!

5) “The Parthenon Effect” and why multiple pillars of marketing generate 25-50-100 + new patients per month

6) The best websites on the planet…and why they are setting the pace

7) And much, much more…

Here’s what to do Next

Save the date and time. Yes, you have to be on this call to get the #1 performing chiropractic Groupon Ad that brought-in a staggering 251 new patients!

We cannot guarantee a recording. Often times technology cooperates but sometimes it just doesn’t. Don’t take the chance… be there!!

Personally, I think you’d have to be nuts to miss this incredibly powerful practice building call.

I don’t know of any other place where you can learn REAL million dollar chiropractic marketing strategies without paying a single dime.

This WILL NOT be a pitch fest.

I’m going to really put Dr. Mike on the spot to extract marketing strategies that are working right now in 2012. This is the first time I’ve ever interviewed ANYONE for my valued members and subscribers on this list.

You better believe it’s going to rocket your practice into high gear! Do not miss-out.

See you on the call,

– Matthew Loop, DC

PS – We are only reserving 197 lines for this highly anticipated call. I promise we WILL be full in record time. Get on the call at least 5 minutes early to secure your spot.

Here are the details again. The event takes place:

Tuesday, May 1st at 7pm EST

Call-in # – 712-432-0075
Access Code – 592532

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