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10 Steps to UNSTOPPABLE Income with Online Video

10 Steps to UNSTOPPABLE Income with Online Video

This blog post is in response to one of the most common questions I’m asked which is, “After I create videos, what’s the best and most effective way to market them with social media?” Translation…  “what’s going to get me customers and make money!” There is a right and wrong way to market your videos […]

Pinterest Marketing for Chiropractors

This is going to be the first in a series of videos I’ll be doing on, Pinterest, the hottest new social network right now. This addictive platform is fun, easy, and catching on like wildfire. In case you’re not familiar, Pinterest is a virtual pin-board sharing website that drives MORE website traffic than Google+, LinkedIn, […]

5 Reasons I Don’t do MLM or Network Marketing

5 Reasons I Don't do MLM or Network Marketing

Several times per week I’m sent an offer by a fellow chiropractor or business owner, wanting me to have a look at a new product they’re promoting. When I do my research, I usually find the majority fall into the MLM / networking marketing realm. Let me first say, I’m all for creating PASSIVE income. […]

The ULTIMATE Caribbean Adventure Mastermind for Chiropractors

The ULTIMATE Caribbean Adventure Mastermind for Chiropractors

Today, I’m absolutely thrilled to announce The ULTIMATE Caribbean Adventure Mastermind for Chiropractors. I could not wait to share this event with you, as I consider it the “crown jewel” of any training or seminar I’ve ever offered. You’re about to see why. This is a private WORLD CLASS experience nestled in the exotic paradise […]

Google’s MOST Radical Transformation Ever!

If you’re a consistent reader of this blog and have followed me for awhile, you know I’ve been emphasizing the importance of social media optimization (SMO), especially this last 12 months. It was obvious before (and today officially declared) that social sharing impacts search results. The truth is, the web has changed radically in recent […]

4 Easy Steps to Outsourcing Like a Pro

Here are 4 easy steps to delegating tasks in your business like a pro. I wish I would’ve started this earlier. The amount that you delegate is DIRECTLY proportional the income you earn online and offline. Click the play button below to watch this highly important video. — – Did you like this video? If […]

Top Earners and Achievers ALWAYS Do This

Top Earners and Achievers ALWAYS Do This

If you’re not at the income level you want to be right now in your practice or online business, it’s likely you’re not attending the right seminars (or any at all). It’s also likely you’re not involved in a high level mastermind group filled with those who are where you want to be in business. […]

5 Team Members Every Serious Internet Marketer Needs

The saying comes to mind, “You can’t do it alone!” This definitely holds true for internet entrepreneurs. Six and seven figure earners online don’t work in their business, they work ON their business. Their energy is focused on creating new products / services and expanding current ones. They’re the ones with the vision. If online […]

A Revealing Look Into My Online Income Portfolio

A Revealing Look Into My Online Income Portfolio

One of the frequently asked questions I always get from fellow chiropractors and professionals is, “How many sources of additional internet income have you set-up on top of your practice AND where does the money come from?” First, I’d like to address why it’s imperative to have multiple sources of income on top of your […]

Is Pride Killing your Business?

This short post is a result of what I’ve observed over the last 5 years of consulting. After working with a few thousand business professionals to generate more customers, increase company revenue, and teach them how to create additional streams of income from the internet, I’ve noticed apprehension by some. The majority of this skepticism […]