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How to Get Facebook Fan Page Reviews

Here are 4 powerful strategies that get you Facebook fan page reviews quickly. In the video below, I show you which Facebook application to use and how to get a SURGE of viral traffic to your page.     *** 7/28/12 UPDATE – Facebook has discontinued the application mentioned in the video, however, there’s a […]

The Complete Facebook Webinars Review

The Complete Facebook Webinars Review

Just recently, a powerful Facebook application was released that allows you to host your own webinars on Facebook. This break-through technology has garnered a swarm of buzz in the internet marketing community for good reason. I’d like to quickly walk you through why this is a total game-changer. But first, let’s talk about traditional webinars. […]

What 3 Deleted YouTube Channels Taught Me

In 2006 when YouTube really burst onto the scene, online video was virgin territory for many. It was crazy how fast the momentum built, though. Even though I really didn’t know what I was doing, I began to put out videos about health, personal growth, and what I was using to make money from the […]

Is Your Email Marketing Approach Backwards?

This is a post in response to one of the most commonly asked questions I get about how often to mail to your email list. Honestly, most are doing email marketing completely ass-backwards. By that, I’m referring to the frequency of communication. If you’re on my list, you understand that you’ll get an email from […]

Simple Trick Gets QUALITY Facebook Fans Fast

Here’s a simple trick you can use today to get HIGH-QUALITY Facebook fans and traffic very quickly. Very few chiropractors, small businesses and online marketers are harnessing  this super effective viral tactic.   — Here’s the link I was referring to in the video where you can grab the 2 hour, content-packed Facebook ads teleseminar, […]

How to Create a Facebook Sponsored Story

Here’s a quick video regarding the right way to create a Facebook sponsored story. Doing this will decrease your cost-per-click dramatically and can easily TRIPLE your click-through-rate percentage. click the play button below — — Here’s the link I was referring to in the video where you can grab the 2 hour, content-packed Facebook ads […]

The BIGGEST Facebook Ads Marketing Event of the Year!

This important blog concerns the recent changes that Facebook made to it’s pay per click ad platform. After spending $101,207.70 on Facebook Ads (in the last 15 months), I’m ready to share with you the golden nuggets, short-cuts, tricks and tactics that are working like nothing I’ve ever seen in my years in marketing. “Working” […]

Does Your Marketing Guru Suck?

This blog post has been a long time in the making. When I was in the Dominican Republic a few days ago, I was reminded why most “gurus” just flat-out suck! The BIG reason why this is true for an overwhelming majority of gurus is that their actions are not congruent with their spoken words. […]

Why Most Bloggers Don’t Make Money

Here’s a GREAT video I wanted to share with you by dot com mogul, John Chow. It reveals (among many other gems) why most bloggers don’t make money online. John’s been blogging since 2005 and his blog pulls-in over $50,000 per month. Creating a blog is pretty easy overall. What’s hard is acquiring the knowledge, […]

How Many ATM’s do You Own? (Case Study)

I’ve been a VERY strong advocate these last few years of setting-up what I call “mini-ATM’s” all over the web. In the powerful video below, I pull back the curtain and give you a sneak peak at one of them. This quick affiliate marketing online case study is sure to inspire you and hopefully get […]