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The CURE for Lame and Boring Chiropractic Events

If you’re like me then you love chiropractic but don’t particularly care for boring industry events in DULL locations. Seems like we, as a profession, are notorious for these.  Well, if you’re sick and tired of the “same old” stuff, check-out this fresh, kick-ass experience! The ULTIMATE Caribbean Adventure Mastermind for Chiropractors Your jaw might […]

Chiropractic Marketing Seminar Gets DC’s Fired-up!

Chiropractic Marketing Seminar Gets DC's Fired-up!

I thought some doctors were going to seriously flip-out after they saw what I did at the PROSPERITY chiropractic marketing seminar in Toronto yesterday! Many were commenting how outrageous, fun, and empowering the presentation was. Click the play button below to see a glimpse of what happened: — – For more information on products and […]