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Understand the ROI of Social Media

Two of the most IMPORTANT videos of the year by fellow social media strategist Gary Vaynerchuk. Chiropractic practices, major brands, and small businesses that do not heed this advice will no longer be able to compete on the web soon. Ignore these videos at your own risk. What Gary lays-out is EXACTLY how I personally […]

Top Earners and Achievers ALWAYS Do This

Top Earners and Achievers ALWAYS Do This

If you’re not at the income level you want to be right now in your practice or online business, it’s likely you’re not attending the right seminars (or any at all). It’s also likely you’re not involved in a high level mastermind group filled with those who are where you want to be in business. […]

Personal Branding using Social Media

Here’s an excellent, motivational keynote speech from Gary Vaynerchuck at the Web 2.0 Expo in NY. He discusses building personal brand with social media and the incredible opportunity at hand. The concepts are applicable to any business. Cheers – Matthew Loop