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How to Ask for Google Reviews in the Office (script included)

Here’s a valuable video that shares the right way to ask a client, patient or customer for a Google review online (scripting included). You’ll also discover the best way to motivate and create a sense of urgency in clients, which guarantees they give you feedback. Click the play button below and give it a thumbs-up […]

How to Report Google to the FTC for Filtering Reviews

How to Report Google to the FTC for Filtering Reviews

This is one of those posts that I never wanted to write, but something needs to be done ASAP about Google filtering legitimate reviews. They’ve just gone too far and despite repeated attempts to contact them, they just don’t seem to give a damn. My email inbox is stuffed each week from concerned business owners […]

The 1 Star Review That’s COSTING You Tens of Thousands

The 1 Star Review That's COSTING You Tens of Thousands

Over the last several years, I’ve been educating small and large companies in regards to the power of customer reviews online. These reviews can either bring fast windfalls of foot-traffic / revenue your way or cause your business to dry-up like a seed. The problem is, many business owners still do not understand the IMMENSE […]

Google DELETING Legitimate Places Reviews?

Real quick, I wanted to inform you about this article that was written on TechCrunch less than 24 hours ago to explain the recent annihilation of legitimate Google reviews from your Places page. My inbox has been flooded by concerned clients and other business owners. This explains the situation: They even reference a pizza […]