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Google’s MOST Radical Transformation Ever!

If you’re a consistent reader of this blog and have followed me for awhile, you know I’ve been emphasizing the importance of social media optimization (SMO), especially this last 12 months. It was obvious before (and today officially declared) that social sharing impacts search results. The truth is, the web has changed radically in recent […]

Social Proof IS the New Marketing

This was such a incredible article from TechCrunch that I had to re-post it here on my blog. If you’ve heard me speak live, you know I always say, “Never let social proof work against you.” All of my marketing and coaching programs heavily center around this powerful concept. When you know how to create […]

Google+ Marketing Tips

Here are some valuable and strategic Google+ marketing tips that you can implement today. This social network already boasts over 10 million members and is positioned well to compete with Facebook. Click the play button below to watch the informative video. — – Did you like this video? If so, click the Facebook “like” button […]

Is Facebook More Important Than Google?

Is Facebook More Important Than Google?

Facebook IS more important than Google. There, it’s been said. The last three years, I’ve been heavily exploiting this incredible social networking platform for highly targeted leads, traffic, new business, and online sales like crazy. Even before the introduction of Facebook Ads, Fan Pages, Places and news feed optimization, it was still an awesome medium […]

Google Adds Facebook Fan Page Videos to its Search

Google Adds Facebook Fan Page Videos to its Search

For the  longest time, Google didn’t index Facebook videos on its search engine. Knowing this, I rarely uploaded videos to Facebook in the past since I couldn’t gain the benefit of video search engine optimization (VSEO) for specific keywords. During the last few months, though, I’ve seen more and more content from public Facebook pages […]