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How to Recover from the Google Penguin Slap [teleclass]

Has your website seen a substantial drop in search engine rankings? Do you suspect you’ve been slapped by Google? Are you searching for a PROVEN way to regain the top spot while getting 3-5x more qualified traffic to your site? If you answered yes to any of these three questions, you’re in the right place […]

7 Critical SEO Factors Every Chiropractor Must Know in 2013

7 Critical SEO Factors Every Chiropractor Must Know in 2013

This might very well be one of the MOST important blogs you read this year. If you’re interested in protecting and/or increasing your Google rankings for your chiropractic website, then pay close attention. Search engine optimization (SEO) has went through a heavy evolution recently. It’s important to understand what factors are the most influential these […]

3 New Google Link-Building Guidelines (post Penguin)

3 New Google Link-Building Guidelines (post Penguin)

After the absolute carnage that Google’s Penguin update left for so many marketers, fellow chiropractors, and other business owners, I thought I’d post a quick article about how link-building should be done moving forward. In conjunction, you’ll learn how to recover if you were crushed by the search engine algorithm change. This is not just […]

5 Team Members Every Serious Internet Marketer Needs

The saying comes to mind, “You can’t do it alone!” This definitely holds true for internet entrepreneurs. Six and seven figure earners online don’t work in their business, they work ON their business. Their energy is focused on creating new products / services and expanding current ones. They’re the ones with the vision. If online […]

Why You Should “Buy” Backlinks

Contrary to popular belief, this is why you should definitely “buy” backlinks on a regular basis. First, I need to clear-up what I mean when I say buy backlinks, though. It’s probably not what you think. Think of backlinks as like votes on the search engines. The more quality “anchor text” backlinks you have, the […]