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8 Foolish Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Here are eight common social media and internet marketing mistakes you need to avoid if you ever want to DRAMATICALLY increase your new patients / clients each month from the web. 1. Thinking the amount of Facebook page “fans” you have is proportional to the amount of new clients you’ll get from social media. The […]

How NOT to Piss People off on Facebook!

How NOT to Piss People off on Facebook!

There’s a predictable science to pissing off your friends and other users on Facebook. Unfortunately, many have mastered this art with jedi-like precision. This post shares 9 practical tips about how NOT to annoy your friends on the social networking giant. 1. Use @Name and Photo Tagging Wisely A couple things worth mentioning here. Doing […]

Google DELETING Legitimate Places Reviews?

Real quick, I wanted to inform you about this article that was written on TechCrunch less than 24 hours ago to explain the recent annihilation of legitimate Google reviews from your Places page. My inbox has been flooded by concerned clients and other business owners. This explains the situation: They even reference a pizza […]

Simple Trick Gets QUALITY Facebook Fans Fast

Here’s a simple trick you can use today to get HIGH-QUALITY Facebook fans and traffic very quickly. Very few chiropractors, small businesses and online marketers are harnessing  this super effective viral tactic.   — Here’s the link I was referring to in the video where you can grab the 2 hour, content-packed Facebook ads teleseminar, […]