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5 DUMB Celebrity Social Media Mistakes!

Here are the 5 BIGGEST mistakes that you, as a public figure or celebrity, might be making right now in your social media efforts. These common errors can negatively impact your brand image more than you realize. Watch this video immediately and learn the right way to interact so you can AUTHENTICALLY build trust, liking, […]

Burberry: A Great Brand with Poor Social Engagement?

One of the BIGGEST mistakes made by major brands / celebrities on social media is a lack of reciprocal engagement with fans and customers. Allow me to clarify. Many companies feel that simply posting status updates or announcements on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ constitute social networking and interaction. However, just like in real life offline, […]

3 Reasons to NEVER Hire a Social Media Manager

This might be a controversial blog post for some but someone needs to point it out. Social media “experts” are a dime-a-dozen these days. Businesses need to be very careful who they select based on the outcome they’re looking for. Here are 3 reasons why you should NEVER hire a traditional social media manager. 1) […]