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The BIGGEST Celebrity Social Networking Mistake

One of the biggest mistakes I see when it comes to celebrities, brands, and public figures venturing into social networking is lack of personal interaction. I’ve met several high-profile individuals and most have others looking after their Facebook and Twitter and posting for them.

While there’s a time and place for strategic help,  interaction and 3rd party updates…. not participating yourself is very bad and can actually HURT your brand image.

YOU not joining the discussion gives the impression of being too busy for your fan-base and supporters. Not to mention, it’s unauthentic.

In reality, it takes just a few seconds to send a Tweet and a Facebook status update.

Devoting 5 minutes / day to social networking and interaction is nothing, especially for the astounding benefits it can bring.

The advantages of personally interacting on Facebook and Twitter include:

1) Massive amounts of viral exposure, good PR and buzz

2) Builds good karma and trust for you and your brand

3) Quickly increases credibility and creates rapport with followers worldwide

4) Makes fans feel like there’s a way to connect more personally with you (HUGE)

5) Can TRIPLE your brand revenue from the internet if a proven marketing strategy is in place (contact me for details)

Face-it, fans and long-time supporters want to see that you’re a real person like them.

As simple as that sounds, there’s a great deal of power in showing your “human” side. Be authentic with your core base and transparent in your social status updates.

The above points will dramatically enhance your connection with supporters and create much more loyalty. In turn, fans will be much receptive to your message, charitable causes, bookings, and product offerings.

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