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The BIGGEST Facebook Marketing Myth

With all of the buzz surrounding Facebook, the internet’s golden child, there’s a BIG illusion that most business owners are deceived by right now. Believing this is causing many entrepreneurs to waste time, money, and energy on the wrong thing!

So, what is the biggest Facebook marketing myth? Here it is in a nutshell.

In no way does an increased number of Facebook fans guarantee offline or online business growth and increased income. So, just because you have more fans doesn’t automatically mean you’ll have more influence in your market or that you’ll get more customers / patients.

Amassing your Facebook fan page following should be one of your marketing strategies but it shouldn’t be the bulk of your focus.

Within the last 12 months, I’ve seen more and more people place too much emphasis on their fan count like it’s the “magic bullet” we’ve all been waiting for.

Lately, I’m blown away by how big of deal supposed Facebook marketing “gurus” are making about getting more fans, like it’s the #1 thing small and large business owners should be doing.


The reality is, increased Facebook fan numbers for most businesses only provide an ego boost as well as a perceived popularity increase…. That’s all.

Turning a fan into a paying client, patient, or customer is something altogether different! The majority of Facebook fan pages are not set-up to do this.

It’s a BIG mistake to get the “like” and associated viral exposure if you don’t have systems in place to convert the Facebook traffic. You’re leaving way too much to chance.

Yes, you could haphazardly stumble your way to a new customer here or there doing it that way, but that’s rookie strategy at best. Focus on capturing and converting and do A / B split testing, measuring what’s working the best.

A few weeks ago on a separate blog, I posted a video where I dissect out what a good landing page looks like and some tactics to INSTANTLY increase your conversion. You’ll want to check it out ASAP.

While consistently building a fan-base / tribe on Facebook and other social media, recognize that foundational and fundamental internet marketing principles are still KING.

Having an effective strategy and follow-up funnel is what gets you a steady flow of new customers from the internet and increases your income. Don’t sell yourself short on Facebook and be content with just a standard business page.

Savvy marketers know that the purpose of social media is to connect with people in order to get them OFF of social media and onto your personal email list or text database.

Facebook is phenomenal for traffic generation, asking questions, trusted referrals, and connecting with your audience more personally. That being said, there’s no guarantee it will be around forever. As a skilled marketer, you must plan accordingly.

In closing, don’t worry about the quantity of Facebook fans a much as the quality you’re attracting. That’s what really matters.

Be more concerned with how you’re funneling those from social media onto your private lists so you can build further rapport, liking, and eventually new paying customers.

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