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Too Old to Use Social Media in Your Chiropractic Practice?

Hands down, one of the BIGGEST excuses chiropractors tell themselves regularly is that they’re too old to use social media to market their practice. This doesn’t just plague the chiropractic profession, though. It’s probably one of the most common questions I get at seminars and live events.

The real reason business owners are apprehensive initially has to do with nothing more than the fear and insecurity of learning something new. It’s a step out of their comfort zone and they’re still fighting the communication evolution that’s already occurred.

Here’s the reality. Age is irrelevant in determining your success in profitably integrating social media in your overall marketing plan.

Don’t be fooled by the “earth-is-flat” guys still telling you social media is just kids stuff. That advice is stunting your business from growing in the new economy more that you realize.

If social media / networking was just for children, Facebook and YouTube would not be everywhere you look today offline and online.

Heck, if you don’t have a Facebook account, people look at you suspiciously. This say’s a lot about how consumer habits have shifted.

At the same time, watch-out for those that appear to be in a perpetual social media “pep-rally.” The truth is that only a small fraction of social media (if harnessed the right way) will grow your practice and produce dramatic income gains.

It’s notable to mention social media is just one form of internet marketing and you CANNOT negate the rest if you want to build a long-term brand and have the kind of success you’re looking for.

Most of what’s being taught, though, is not real-world strategy that gets you tangible results. It simply wastes your time. Stay subscribed to this blog and to my Facebook fan page here for online marketing strategy that’s been proven to work.

Honestly, you’re NEVER too old to start implementing and capitalizing on social marketing for your practice or business. The longer you wait, the more your patients / customers leave you behind.

If you need help so you can hit the ground running or want a short-cut, visit my consulting services link on this blog. Also, start consuming all of the free content you’ll find here. Just like gravity is reliable every time, the trainings I put together get you surges in local traffic, increased exposure, and new patients through your doors.

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  1. Dr. Hans says:

    You can never be too old for social media.

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