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What are these Chiropractic Consultants Thinking?

Seems like every other day a handful of chiropractic consultants start offering social media and internet marketing training for their clients. Then, after that, you see them advertising in Dynamic Chiropractic or Chiropractic Economics about how to get dozens of new patients / month using the web.

I’m always blown away by how other chiropractic coaching groups / consultants can make such claims when they don’t truthfully have experience building a practice using social media or the internet.

The kicker is when you reverse engineer their own internet marketing and presence, it’s incredibly weak and lacking so it’s easy to call their bluff.

Unfortunately, to advertise in these major industry publications, you don’t need to show proof of any claim. If you have the money to spend, they’ll gladly print your ad.

Why do I have an issue with this?

It’s just plain misleading. That would be like going to a general practitioner for a brain tumor and expecting him to operate. Does that make sense at all?

Of course not! You go to a neurosurgeon because that’s his / her SPECIALTY.

Another great example of this concept would be a medical doctor that goes to a weekend seminar and learns how to “adjust” the spine. As a chiropractor, it took you 2-3 years to perfect this art.

Can a medical doctor really learn to adjust like an experienced chiropractor in a short weekend?


This is what sours a lot of chiropractors from trusting other experienced coaches that can actually help them. They’ll have a bad experience with social media / internet marketing from someone that has little to no experience, then the doctor thinks this marketing doesn’t work.

Meanwhile, what should’ve happened from the beginning is the chiropractor should’ve sought out a specialist. Not only that, but the “general” or inexperienced chiropractic consultant shouldn’t have been allowed to make unsubstantiated claims.

This is a fair word of caution.

Whatever area you want to grow your practice in, seek-out a specialist with an extensive results-driven track record in that same area.

I know this seems pretty obvious but you’d be surprised at just how many fall for the direct response advertisements that are floating around in offline chiropractic publications, online, and in your mail box.

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Matthew Loop is an author, speaker, investor, philanthropist, and the highest paid social media revenue strategist in North America. He helps brands, startups, and small business owners multiply their influence, impact, and income by harnessing the power of the Internet. Since 2005 he’s trained over 21,000 clients in 25 countries. Millions have viewed his free business growth tutorials online. Connect with him on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.


6 Responses to “What are these Chiropractic Consultants Thinking?”

  1. Hey Matt.. I laugh when I see those publications, and then chiros I know who question me and go with them anyway, then tell me they’re getting no results.

    When I tell them who I use.. they tell me, but they are so much money. I respond… but I get results which shows this company knows what they are doing.

    I used to do all the work myself, but found a company that would take that hat off my shoulders.
    Great content like usual!!!!

  2. Matthew Loop says:

    Thanks Russell… You really do pay for what you get in most cases. Hopefully, more doctors will start to reverse engineer these questionable companies and be more critical when it comes to choosing experienced-based coaching.

    I always tell clients, you’re learning a skill-set that gets you patients and brings you income for LIFE. It’s one of the best forms of leverage.

    In truth, even if the products / services I sell were 10x higher in price than they are now, they would still be a total value. Why?

    You short cut your learning and get it right on the first try without wasting precious time or money. You also get the benefit of new patients coming into your clinic (that found you on the web) for your ENTIRE practice career.

    Not bad for a very small investment… In fact, one new patient more than pays for the system.

  3. John Whitney says:

    You simply MUST get out of your adversarial mindset about your competitors.

    It really does not a matter a damn whether they are excellent or incompetent.

    What is important is the “broadside” you fire at them on a regular basis portrays
    you in a very defensive light. Just do your own thing, and forget about trying to “educate”
    chiropractors to avoid the bad-guys. Nobody wins a pissing contest.

    Keep your words soft and sweet . . . you never know when you will have to eat them.

    With respect,


  4. Matthew Loop says:

    John… My issue is only with those that willingly deceive other doctors. I don’t feel it’s right to make claims that are obviously not true. I am very protective of the chiropractic profession because it’s been very good to me.

    I also believe in giving credit where credit is due and not blatantly swiping content like many consultants have done.

  5. Jason Ulsrud says:

    I’ve found most Chiropractic Coaches make claims they can’t live up to. That’s kind of the problem with Coaching today. They take advantage of Chiros who are struggling and insecure in Rocking a practice. I absolutely agree with you Matt on this article.

    That said, Social Networking and the internet are amazing mediums for promotions, but I wonder if it’s really possible to build a practice solely from it. What are your thoughts?

  6. Matthew Loop says:

    Hey Jason… Social networking itself is only one aspect of internet marketing. There are over a dozen other online marketing methods chiropractors should have in place, too.

    I don’t recommend a new doctor coming out of school to just focus on the internet solely. Yes, it should be an INTEGRAL component but they should definitely be doing the face to face networking, referral marketing, etc..

    Internet marketing is like a snowball that can turn into an avalanche if worked right. Some of my top clients are pulling over 40 new patients per month from the web.

    That took time, though, and will depend on strategic implementation.

    You really have to look at your practice goals and how many new patients you want to see per month. If your goal is 75, then the internet will serve you well but I’ve yet to meed a chiropractor that’s generated that many patients from the web in 1 month.

    Yes, social networking can help docs build their practice but it’s not a magic bullet. You have to have other systems in place to maximize the effect while not getting caught in shiny object syndrome.

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