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I'm Ready to Create My Own Mobile App Empire and Build Healthy 4-5 Figure PASSIVE Income Streams on Top of my Chiropractic Practice!

99% of the work can easily be DELEGATED out. No technical skills needed.

This is not a “sales” letter.

To be honest, if you have to be convinced that mobile apps are the new gold-rush, you’ve probably had your head buried in the sand for the last year. Seems like every other day the news features a big story about smart-phone applications or you hear, “there’s an app for that” on TV.

This is an ENORMOUS once in a lifetime opportunity at your finger-tips. Hopefully you’ve have made the decision to capitalize on the app boom and stake your claim. If this is you, continue reading.

Here are 3 undeniable facts:

1) Smart phones, like the iPhone and Android, are replacing computers

2) Mobile apps are replacing websites.

3) Advances in technology have mobilized us and now we find ourselves living in a mobile world.

Here are some statistics you should definitely be aware of:

– 90,000 iphones are sold per day

– 50,000,000 iPads are sold per year according to Business Insider

– the #1 spot on iTunes for downloaded apps makes $77,000 / day

– If you crack the top 10 on iTunes, you’ll get at least 30,000 downloads per day

– Apps racked up 7.3 billion in sales in 2010 and global app sales eclipsed 14 billion in 2011.

– That total number will grow exponentially, and is expected to surpass 150 billion per year by 2015!

This is a big reason why I decided to start making apps several months ago. It’s also why I’ve decided to create a new, cutting-edge training based on what I’m personally doing. If you’ve followed me for awhile, you know that I’ve been in the lab getting set to release my first iPhone gaming app. The second is already in progress as well.

I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am…

You see, I’ve been studying the multi-million dollar apps for 8 months and discovered the formula they’re using to go viral, get tens of thousands of downloads per day, and create unbelievably huge cash pay-days. The numbers are absolutely staggering and the top apps AREN’T making this kind of money by accident.

From what I discovered, there is a predictable science to making money from iPhone applications

Unfortunately, most that have developed apps to this point are programmers, not marketers. In case you didn’t know, programmers have a well-deserved stereotype of being horrible marketers. What’s crazy is they’re still pulling-in money hand over fist.

Imagine if they knew the secrets of big money apps like what you’re about to learn??

You can have a great app, but if you don’t know how to market and monetize it like the top companies, you won’t get very far. You might generate a little revenue, but nothing that will give you more time and flexibility.

And… just so you know, having an app for your chiropractic practice is great but this is NOT what I’m referring to on this page. Local chiropractic apps will not generate you windfalls of passive dollars. They are mostly good for making things convenient for patients.

I want you to think much, much bigger and expand your world of possibility.

I’d like to show you how to reach the mass market with what you’re passionate about, and at the same time, get paid like a high-level executive for doing so.


What is The ULTIMATE Mobile App Marketing Blueprint?


This is a private and exclusive training for serious entrepreneurial chiropractors. It’s a webinar and coaching program unlike anything that’s every been done in our profession. In fact, it’s your short-cut to getting an inexpensive app created AND actually profiting big with it.

You simply cannot find anything like it in the industry because there’s no other chiropractor passive income strategist that’s unlocked the key to truly monetizing apps. I know, I’ve searched extensively.

In lieu of this, when you attend this event, you must sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement to keep this information between you and I. Too many marketers and consultants would love to swipe this formula and I need to protect my content.

This rare premium training opportunity is one where I’m going to pull back the curtain and share how to make REAL “hands-off” income with mobile apps without customer support headaches, physical products to ship, etc.. AND… by the way, this goes way beyond just sticking a silly Admob ad in your app.

That’s not how the A-players are killing-it. After studying the top iPhone apps like Angry Birds and others for almost 8 months, I’ve uncovered the exact reliable formula.

This coaching program is all about marketing your apps internally and externally. Marketing is everything when it comes to mobile iPhone / Android applications.


Here’s What you Get Access to:


This Webinar Training and Coaching Program Includes:

  • A private, premium 55 minute webinar. We’ll cover how to MARKET your iphone / android application like the big names you hear about all of the time (Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, etc..) ($997 value)
  • Access to the webinar transcript ($97 value)
  • Access to my sample Odesk job posting you can copy, paste, and use to find the best iphone developer for your needs. Can’t make it any easier for you here. You get my script. ($97 value)
  • Private one-on-one mastermind session with me where I can review your app ideas and help fast-track you so you get your first REAL money-making app on the market in no time. ($500 value)
  • Access to my “chat log” conversation with my app developer. This is easily worth the investment of this training because you get to look over my shoulder and ask the right questions. Not having this would cost you hundreds, potentially thousands in mistakes ($397 value)
  • The exact document I use to protect myself, my app and ideas. YOU MUST have this or there’s a good chance your app concept can be stolen. I’m dead serious. ($197 value)
  • App creation checklist to make sure you NEVER miss app monetization opportunities ($47 value)
  • Unlimited follow-up email access to me if you have questions… Yes, I reply to you directly. ($197 value)

This is a total REAL value of $2,529

Here’s What this Program WILL Do For You:
  • Show you how to inexpensively create (AND more importantly) market an iPhone app to the masses. I personally know others that have created apps for under $350
  • Help you create a “hassle-free,” PASSIVE income stream that requires very little effort on your part.
  • Specifically reveal the 4 internal app marketing strategies that all of the million dollar apps are doing now. Hardly anyone else is using them.
  • Take you step-by-step as you look over my shoulder and know exactly what questions to ask you developer.
  • Show the secrets of building a million-dollar app network like the top apps.
  • How to out-market the competition with external marketing strategies on the internet.
  • Reveal the best mobile advertising platforms that will ad extra revenue to your pocket each month
  • Give you the best review sites (with the most traffic) to submit your app to for an avalanche of downloads.
  • Answer the most commonly asked questions you have about app development and marketing

As you see from everything you get above, you get to benefit from my experience, time and money spent. There’s TREMENDOUS value here and this program is really a no-brainer if you want the short-cut to getting profitable quickly with apps.

I’ve spent over $4,700 on my first iPhone app getting developed BUT you don’t need to do that. In fact, you won’t invest anywhere near what the total real value of the system is.

For just a tiny fraction of what it cost me in time and money, you’ll be able to get your hands on a reliable system that will help you create easy recurring income for life.

This system would really be an absolute steal for $797, but you won’t have to invest anywhere near that.

Here’s what to do next:

If you realize the magnitude of mobile app opportunity at hand and are self-motivated, willing to follow my advice, and committed to taking action, then this training is for you. Click the big, yellow, add-to-cart button below to secure your webinar training and bonuses listed above.

The timing couldn’t be more perfect to start your own app empire. The truth is, we live in a mobile world and now you have a choice.

This is a very limited time training and I apologize in advance if all the spots are taken. By the flood of emails I’ve received recently, THIS WILL SELL OUT, as I’m only opening-up to the first 25 doctors. If you snooze, you lose.

Sign-up for the Training Program With One-on-One Coaching ** One-Time Investment **

There are NO REFUNDS offered with the investment of this course.

You’re either all-in or not. We’re not looking to invest time on those that are simply “curious” or those who aren’t serious about creating real passive income with mobile apps.

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