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Dear Doc,

Until TONIGHT at Midnight, you can get the industry famous and reliable Social Media Elite practice building system for 37% off the normal price. This is the biggest discount I’ve ever offered.

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Here’s Why I’m Offering This

The primary reason is to say “thank you” for being my valued subscriber and attending our social media practice-building event tonight. Look, I KNOW that if it weren’t for subscribers like YOU reading my emails, watching my videos, and investing in my products, then I wouldn’t be where I’m at today.

So I just want to say “thank you!”

However, actions speak louder than words and I figured that if I wanted to DO something to show my appreciation, this exclusive discount would be it.



Here’s What This Reliable System Will Do For You

Before I ever launched Social Media Elite, I “beta tested” it on a handful of chiropractic practices (including my own), and the system consistently produced an EXTRA 20+ new patients / month from social media.

Social Media Elite helped me sell over $3 Million Dollars worth of my own product over the past few years. I base every email, sales letter, and video on Social Media Elite and you should too.

In terms of actual practice revenue, this course generated an additional $13,500 in monthly income (on average) for these docs on top of what they already were bringing-in. For many, the numbers have been much higher.

After I released Social Media Elite, I used the very tactics I teach in the trainings to collect just over $3.2 MILLION dollars in sales of my own services and products over the last several years.

This practice building system is guaranteed to work for ANY type of chiropractic practice, too.

It doesn’t matter if you’re subluxation-based, do personal injury, functional medicine, offer weight loss, or have a strictly pain based clinic.

I’ve also use the effective promotion methods found in Social Media Elite to successful market and sell information products over the internet.

The bottom line is this:

My online and offline businesses run completely on the strategies taught in Social Media Elite. Yours should run on it, too.

After you implement these proven tactics, you’ll…

1) Be the MOST recognized chiropractor in your town
2) Blanket and own the #1 spot on Google for any keyword you want
3) See DRAMATIC increases in website traffic from social media
4) Have the ULTIMATE unfair competitive advantage online
5) Reap the lions-share of new patients locally (my best docs get over 35 NP’s per month just from social media)



Here’s Exactly What You Get in Social Media Elite

I’ve broken your training into four (4) actionable video sessions with a quickstart where I’ll walk you one-step-at-a-time through exactly how to conceive, build, and implement your YouTube, Facebook, Google, Twitter and other social media campaigns.

While it’s set-up so you can go through every module immediately, I recommend taking section and mastering that before moving onto the next .

You can digest the content faster or slower—whatever works best for YOU. However, the main thing is to TAKE ACTION and implement these new patient generating methods!

In your video training modules you’ll learn how to use Social Media Elite strategies to maximum effectiveness in…

– YouTube and Video Marketing

– Google Places (Now Google+ Local)

– Facebook Marketing (organic and ppc)

– Pinterest Marketing

– Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Article Marketing

Online Press Release Marketing

– Blog Marketing

– Social Media Optimization (SMO)

– Outsourcing

– Twitter Marketing

– And much more

PLUS, I’ll show you how to build relationship and value with your social media content by engaging with your followers, keeping them appreciative and happy to hear from you.


Here’s What’s Covered in Each Module


QUICKSTART MANUAL / INTRODUCTION: Planting The Seeds For Local Market Domination—Including a REAL Actionable Task List and Plan I Personally Use.

Influencing and dominating your local market is actually pretty simple… IF you use smart strategies to map-out your conquest.

I’ll give you an overview and show you how to do it with my 24 page Quickstart guide, with an example tasks and protocols I use for my own business. For example, you’ll discover how to…

–  Map out your Strategic Practice Internet Marketing Plan Quickly. I give you the exact things to do in the quantity to do them. This works for established or new chiropractic practices the same.  It takes the guess-work out of effective social media marketing

Create New Possibilities and Improve on the Chiropractic Marketing You might Already be Doing! You’re going to be chomping at the bit to get started when you realize how easily you can unleash a better (and more strategic) practice marketing campaign and create a surge of traffic and patients.

Position Your Chiropractic Practice as the ONLY Choice in your Local Market. There IS a way to do this using social proof, even if you think it’s impossible. I’ll show you how. This is how you can charge what your services are REALLY worth!

Become the hottest and most talked about chiropractor in your market in no time. (This is something hardly anybody knows how to do or they fumble it badly. I’ll show you the foolproof way to do this the RIGHT way!)


VIDEO MODULE 1: YouTube Video Marketing and How to use it to Establish a RAVING Fan Base

One of the many reasons Social Media Elite works so well is because it uses one of the “oldest” and most effective forms of social marketing and rapport-building…

Online Video!

And when you put Social Media Elite to work for you, here’s what you’ll discover:

  • Why video marketing is the future of chiropractic traffic generation and what you can do to maximize your presence to get new patients each month
  • How to use YouTube to get massive amounts of free search engine traffic.
  • How to use other video sharing sites to dominate the organic search results of Google.
  • How to create your very own simple intro video that brands you in all your videos
  • What to add in the info section of your YouTube Channel to get a 2-3 times the free traffic
  • How to create your own branded look & feel for your Youtube Channel that compels your viewers to subscribe and that makes you stand out.
  • Which software and system I personally use and recommend to submit your videos to 60 different sites all with a click of a button.
  • How to build a super loyal YouTube subscriber base of raving fans that follow your every move, tell colleagues about you and want to visit your practice.
  • How to examine the statistics and data to see where the traffic is flowing from each video on your website.
  • How to use ‘video responses’ to piggy back off traffic from other popular videos.
  • How to effectively use annotations to increase the time someone watches your video & stays on your channel.
  • How to get more views to your videos and channel resulting in higher search engine rankings and new visitors to your website.
  • How to add value to your potential patients and how to establish yourself as a expert and authority in your local market

And I’m not going to hold anything back either. I’m going to “pull back the curtain” and show you real examples of the strategies I’ve used to make a fortune.

Then you can model what I did, but with YOUR own chiropractic practice.

I think you’ll amazed by how cool this is when you apply it and see how your prospective patients respond!

OK, on to…


VIDEO MODULE 2: Facebook Marketing and How To Use It For Maximum New Patient Generation in YOUR Town.

Facebook as almost a BILLION (with a b) members now and I’ve devised a formula in Social Media Elite that’s super easy to understand. New patient acquisition and marketing on Facebook will be a snap after I’m done with you!

In Video Module 2—you’ll instantly know something extremely powerful about Facebook chiropractic marketing that most so-called “experts” out there don’t have a clue about.

Not only will I give you a detailed explanation—I’ll show you how I use it with real life examples.

Here’s what else you’ll discover:

  • How to harness Facebook the right way to get an extra 10+ new patients monthly just from the social network
  • How to create / market a Fan Page that positions your practice as THE expert and top authority in your city
  • How to optimize your Facebook profile so that people know, like & trust you even before they reach your website.
  • The inner workings of Facebook and how to use it to brand yourself and your site
  • How to create a Facebook Group & how to provide value that converts your “friends” into active clients
  • Effective ways to get interested people to opt-in to your email list from Facebook and get massive traffic
  • A free tool you can use to easily share content through multiple social sites.
  • How to link your Twitter page and Blog to Facebook to create a Social Media funnel.
  • How to leverage Facebook to grow your practice aggressively
  • How to build your friend base and list faster with photos, videos and by strategically building relationships with the centers of influence in your market on
  • How to use Facebook ppc the right way for your practice (most make costly mistakes then give-up)
  • Sample Facebook Ads you can swipe that get you traffic and patients.


VIDEO MODULE 3: Twitter Marketing that Actually Works to Create WINDFALLS of Free Local Exposure

At this point you’re almost ready to roll. Because by the time you get to Module 3, you’ll already know a lot more about what triggers prospective patients to “make the decision” and choose YOU than just about any other chiropractor in your market.

And this means it’s time to put that knowledge and skill to work for you.

Now you’re ready for me to stand shoulder to shoulder with you, and walk you through getting your Twitter campaign up and running.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • An in-depth examination of why Twitter is such a viral phenomenon and how to use it the right way to generate traffic to your chiropractic website.
  • The fastest way to grow your patient base with Twitter.
  • How to create a powerful bio that attracts others and new profitable joint venture partnerships.
  • How to Position yourself correctly on Twitter and become a center of influence so
    people know, like and trust you.
  • Twitter Tools – A ton of very useful Twitter Tools will be explained
  • Your Twitter Profile – This is one of the most important parts of using twitter that will also determine your ability to generate traffic using it.
  • What to Tweet about
  • Getting Followers – You’ll learn how to get people to follow you so that you can market to them and get them to your practice website to generate traffic and exposure.
  • Twitter tools that consolidate your time, energy and efforts.


VIDEO MODULE 4: Pinterest Marketing for Chiropractors: Flooding your Site with Traffic from the Webs HOTTEST Social Network of the Year!

Did you know that Pinterest drives more website traffic than YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+ and Reddit… COMBINED? Now, it’s your turn to get floods of local traffic from the platform so many are raving about. The opportunity is incredible for chiropractors at this very moment.

Here’s what you’ll discover in this module:

  • How to set-up the perfect Pinterest profile that makes you the “go-to” authority
  • A plethora of new strategies to increase your follower count / audience FAST!
  • How to make your chiropractic website and content “pin-ready”
  • The real secret to getting traffic from Pinterest and how to get dramatically more “re-pins”
  • You’ll discover a simple, 6-step task list you can EASILY follow to maximize traffic and exposure from Pinterest
  • How to find and search what IMAGES pull traffic and clicks like crazy
  • What promotion methods WORK the best at getting attention. You get to reap the rewards from my extensive testing
  • How to get people OFF of Pinterest and into your office
  • How to cross promote effectively with other social media
  • And much, much more…


Model My BEST Strategies and Put Them to Work for YOU


These Google Places / Google+ Local strategies alone are worth the entire cost of your training! It’s quite possibly the most valuable real-estate on Google.

Here’s what you’ll discover within the trainings:

  • How to get ranked #1 on Google+ Local in even the most competitive of markets (works like magic).
  • How to get legitimate Google reviews quickly without getting slapped.
  • The easiest way to create and fully optimize your Google Maps / Google+ Local listing.
  • How to get more local citations than you can handle.
  • You’ll learn the CRITICAL mistakes most doctors make when marketing their listing
  • Much more…


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has changed A LOT but core fundamentals have stayed the same. It’s not about getting caught-up in the latest trick or gimmick. I’m about to show what works now and what will ALWAYS work.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to build anchor text backlinks that help you scale the great wall of Google QUICKLY
  • Little known on page and off page SEO strategies to optimizing your website
  • How to select the best high-traffic keywords to rank for in your local market
  • How to use advanced search engine optimization software to assess competing websites and determine areas and holes you can exploit to get higher rankings and more traffic.
  • How to take advantage of article marketing to get traffic and build your authority
  • How to use online forums to get backlinks and to market your practice locally
  • How to use press release marketing to get exposure. Where and how to submit.
  • How and where to outsource to delegate tasks and make your marketing 100x more aggressive
  • How to leverage your time and resources to get it everything done quickly and efficiently
  • And much more…


You might be pretty excited about all this right about now, as well you should be! But you might also be thinking, “Dr. Loop, This sounds like a lot of information to pack into one training course!”

And you know what? You’re right. It definitely is.

And it might not always be easy, but it WILL be fun. I mean, if you’re serious about getting smart with your chiropractic internet marketing, this IS the way to get there and you DO have to actually put some muscle into it, too.

But let’s keep moving so you can get started—because I’ve got even MORE for you. Here’s what else you’re getting:

2) You’ll Get One “Hit-the-Ground-Running” Fast Track Phone Call ($500 value)

You’re really in a fortunate position with this because we’ll actually speak one-on-one. You’ll be talking to me directly and NOT one of my assistants.

The thing is, I didn’t just hatch a plan and create Social Media Elite on a whim. I’ve actually been offering this this professional training to chiropractors since 2006.

It’s become the MOST in-demand and best-selling social media training of all time for DC’s.

Why? Because it works like clockwork every time for those that apply it exact.

You also get unlimited email access to me personally.

That means whatever you have a question about on any of the modules, send me a quick email of you’re stumped. Chances are, if you’ve encounter an obstacle, I’ve already been there and can guide you through fast.

I’m committed to your success!

Many people tell me this is their favorite part of Social Media Elite because you get access to someone that’s actually in the trenches and knows social media practice marketing better than anyone else in chiropractic.


3) You’ll Get My Newly Released “Content Marketing Blueprint” Advanced Training ($277 value)

This course shows you the FASTEST and most RELIABLE way to increase and protect your Google rankings this year… without going broke. It’s one of the most popular (and timely) trainings I’ve EVER offered to chiropractors.

In it, you’ll discover:

  • How to create content titles that compel internet surfers to click on your listing, as opposed to your competitors. There’s an exact “persuasion” science to this. When you master it, you could rank #2 or #3 on Google and still garner the overwhelming majority of search clicks.
  • How to write / structure your content so it’s easily digestible, understood, and contains psychological triggers that make users want to engage or share it with their friends.
  • How to find the best places to outsource your content, should you decide to hire expert ghostwriters.
  • How to effectively distribute and syndicate your content online so that it’s guaranteed maximum exposure, a windfall of traffic, and shares.
  • How to build your “author rank” to get Google to favor you above competitors in the same industry or niche. This one thing alone can give you an UNFAIR advantage and make you unstoppable!

The Content Marketing Blueprint for Chiropractors consists of two separate hour-long teleseminar trainings (transcripts included) that walk you through the LATEST ways to market your content online for traffic, exposure, and new patients.

You’ll also receive over a DOZEN copy-and-paste blog post headline templates (with explanations) so you’ll never again wonder how to create a title that actually compels visitors to click.

Knowing these psychological triggers will get you the majority of search clicks even if you’re ranked below a competitor for any given keyword.


4) YOURS FOR FREE:  2 Hour Never-Publicly Released Social Media Stage Presentation ($197 value)

This powerful presentation is absolutely STUFFED with tips, tactics, and wildly effective strategies you can use today to grow your chiropractic practice with social media! 72 business professionals payed $197 to attend this event.

The  average income in the room was over a million dollars per person, too.

This is not for sale to the public. You’ll see “under the radar” marketing strategies that are working like crazy NOW.


5) YOURS FOR FREE: The 3 Day New Patient Machine email sequence ($97 value)

Regarded as the MOST powerful chiropractic email sequence ever developed for getting a fast surge of new patients from your current email list in just 3 days. This is an instant PDF download where you basically copy, paste, then profit!

I can’t make it any easier to get new patients from your current email list.


6) YOURS FOR FREE: The ULTIMATE Facebook Ads Marketing Blueprint ($97 value)

This is a 2 hour, content-packed teleseminar and 54 page transcript on how to use Facebook Ads marketing to generate EXTRA patients and increased practice revenue. Comes with mp3 audio and PDF downloads.

You’ll also receive instant access to a Facebook Ads Optimization Guide, Facebook Pages Insights Manual, Facebook Social Plugins Guide, and Facebook Ad Manager tutorial.

Discover the most  costly mistake 95% of chiropractors are making when marketing their Facebook ads, what IMAGES pull traffic and clicks like crazy, tricks to decrease your cost per click (CPC) by almost half, what ad headlines WORK the best at getting attention and clicks, and MUCH more…

So right about now you might be thinking…


Sounds Good, Dr. Loop — But How Much Does it Cost?


The Social Media Elite advanced training videos normally cost $597. But. you’re getting Social Media Elite for $221.00 off when you take action TODAY!

(And don’t forget The Ultimate Content Marketing Blueprint! I’m also giving you that course for FREE!)

It’s unlikely you’ll EVER Have The Opportunity To Get It This Cheap Again.

Also, I originally made 50 copies of Social Media Elite available at this low price. Now, only 3 are left!

And look. You’ve heard the success stories of Social Media Elite. You know it’s the most popular and highly sought after social media marketing course in the history of the chiropractic industry.

And it’s legendary for a reason: IT WORKS.

And right now you have the opportunity to not only get it for 37% OFF …you also get The Ultimate Content Marketing Blueprint for FREE (as well as the other trainings listed above)



And in case you’re wondering,


You’re Protected by a 100% Money-Back Guarantee


Take 6 months (180 days) to give Social Media Elite a full test-drive.

That’s enough time to go through the entire course … many times …and still have time to implement.

If during that period when you put the strategies to work, if you don’t think it’s awesome …for ANY reason, just let us know and we’ll give you 100% of your money back.

But listen, you need to get your copy now because




First of all, this page will disappear TONIGHT at Midnight (EST)

Honestly, I know this is a dirt cheap offer and I’m only leaving it up until midnight! End of story.

Also, the actual number of copies I’m releasing at this price is very limited as well.

So there’s a good chance it’ll be completely sold out by Midnight tonight anyway.

Oh – and by the way, think about this


It’s like I’m Giving You a Check for $887.00


No, really.

You’re getting Social Media Elite, which normally costs $597.

Plus, you’re getting The Content Marketing Blueprint, which normally sells for $277. Not to mention you get to swipe the other practice building products mentioned above and get on the phone with me personally.

That’s a total REAL value of almost $1,265.00!

But you’re getting it all today for just $377. That’s a savings of almost NINE HUNDRED DOLLARS!

That’s real money you could use to drive traffic and market your chiropractic practice online!


This Offer WILL Expire Tonight


…Or when I’ve sold the REMAINING 3 copies. Whichever comes first.

After that, you’ll never have this opportunity for such great savings again.

You know me …and you know I don’t discount my products often.

So if you want to save almost $900 and get a great bargain, download your copy now!


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