Copy, Paste, and Listen to the New Patients Call while your Income Surges Overnight!
** Literally, a few minutes of easy work for a MASSIVE ROI **

Hey Doc,

1) Are you looking for a VERY cost-effective way to get a quick surge of New Patients?

2) Do you want a practice income "raise" WITHOUT having to do hardly any work?

3) Lastly, if I could show you a guaranteed way to get an EXTRA handful of New Patients in the next 3 days (while dramatically boosting your income) just by copying, pasting and pushing the email send button...

... would you be interested?

If I've sparked your curiosity, pay close attention and read every word on this page carefully...

My name is Dr. Matthew Loop. If you've been online for a bit, you probably know me from the hundreds of social media / internet marketing training videos I've created to help chiropractors build profitable practices from web.

Throughout the past several years of showing doctors how to successfully market their offices online, I've found countless like yourself that were building email lists of potential new patients. The big problem has been there's usually minimal follow-up which NEVER really allows you to mine that same email list for New Patients month-in and month-out.

It's like after a few emails out to the list, most just stop following up because the subscriber hasn't taken action. That's a big mistake and there's a special psychological science to successful email marketing and persuasive copywriting. I've studied it well.

The reality is, you could be using your current email list to snatch-up extra new patients (the low-hanging fruit) monthly with minimal time and effort on your part.

The real doctors who are WINNING are getting an extra 25+ new patients / month from the internet are using email marketing as a heavy part of their arsenal. It's the carefully guarded secret you don't hear too much about.

The email list you're building (or the one you should be building) online is like gold. In fact, I like to think of it as an instant "push button payday." Sounds like BS if you've never experience it, but I'm about to invite you to see the magic happen for yourself.

Just like new patients are the life-blood of your practice, your email list is the life-blood of your online marketing. You see, at the end of the day savvy marketers know that the purpose of Facebook and other social media outlets is to help build your personal email / communication list.

Your list is the one thing even Google cannot take-away!

Once you have hundreds or even thousands of interested prospects on your list, you can send strategic emails and have patients and more income almost instantly! I used to be skeptical until it happened to me in practice and also in my online ventures. Then I began to replicate the process dozens, even hundreds of times with the same killer results.

Let's get very clear, by "results" I mean more paying new patients and more money in the bank.

It's such an AWESOME feeling to get a New Patient / income surge just by sending a simple email. By the way, email marketing is ridiculously inexpensive and is some cases free as well!

With Strategic Email Marketing and Great Copywriting Skills, you Don't Have to:

- Spend countless hours away from the office and your family at spinal screenings

- Waste all day at the computer figuring out the newest trick or gimmick.

- Spend ridiculous amounts of money on conventional advertising

- Waste precious time "selling" people on why they should come to see you.

Why Should YOU be Using Email Marketing?

As mentioned above, there is a successful science to email marketing and you need to know what works before you start sending emails. Why? Because over 60% of email is spam these days and your first challenge is to get the email opened.

Make sense?

Most chiropractors DO NOT have compelling email subject lines so the emails you send to patients never get read. If the emails never get read, you have 0 chance of getting subscribers through the door as patients. If a person opens your email, you still need to get them to take action. The majority of doctors don't do this well.... at all!

You need to use email marketing because it's inexpensive, takes a couple minutes (or less) to set-up campaigns, can generate windfalls of targeted website traffic, and it can be highly PROFITABLE getting New Patients to beat your doors down!

Contrary to what some are saying, email marketing is NOT dead.

Those that say it is just don't know how to actually use it to get their emails opened and get their subscribers to take action. That's the trick to getting patients from emails and making more income almost instantly. I'm going to be your coach and show you how to monetize the email list / asset you already have here today.

With that being said, I'd like to share with you one of my MOST prized possessions. I call it the 3 Day New Patient Machine swipe file.

What is the 3 Day New Patient Machine Email Swipe File?

Quite frankly, it's the MOST powerful email sequence ever developed for getting a fast surge of new patients from your current email list! The 3 Day New Patient Machine email swipe file consists of three of my best emails you'll get to download INSTANTLY with attached instructions. Ridiculously simple, right?

Simple on the surface BUT seriously "ninja" copywriting that subconsciously motivates people to TAKE ACTION NOW!

Until recently, this had only been available to top-paying platinum mastermind and personal coaching VIP members. In fact, you CANNOT find an email "swipe file" like this anywhere in the chiropractic profession. Nothing like it exists! I previously made it available for those that paid me top-dollar for consulting because of the top-dollar results it generates.

Here are some REAL stats from doctors like you that have used the 3 Day New Patient Machine email sequence:

- 7 New Patients in 3 days - case value $2,000 / patient.... $14,000 in revenue from an email list of 1,700 subscribers

- 4 New Patients in 3 days - case value $2,997 / patient.... $11,988 in revenue from an email list of 530 subscribers

- 11 New Patients in 3 days - case value $2,500 / patient.... $27,500 in revenue from an email list of 5,500 subscribers

- 8 New Patients in 3 days - case value $800 / patient.... $6,400 in revenue from an email list of 1,300 subscribers

- 12 New Patients in 3 days - case value $1,300 / patient.... $15,600 in revenue from an email list of 2,100 subscribers

In reality, though, even if my sizzling income generating email scripts got you only 2 New Patients, it would pay for itself many times over again. Yes, results will vary based on multiple variables like deliverability rate, list quality, etc...

The size of your list doesn't matter, as it's about the trust and rapport you build. You don't need a list of thousands to get a handful of new patients from email marketing.

This also works with any type of chiropractic practice (PI, Wellness, Pain, Subluxation-based, etc..)

However... ALL YOU NEED TO DO is basically copy, paste, and substitute a few things... that's all! Then, just make sure you follow the instructions I provide you in the download and have your assistant ready to take the new patient calls.

How Does the 3 Day New Patient Machine Work:

Read the follow to see if this product is for you or not!
This Product IS for you if:

- You have an email list of subscribers you've built overtime through marketing (you didn't buy the list)
- You have an email list of potential new patients (ones that haven't been to see you yet)
- You want to get a surge of new patients in a short amount of time
- You can read, follow my instructions, and don't reinvent the wheel.

This Product is NOT for you if:

- You don't have a list of potential new patients (this is not a re-activation email sequence)
- You have an email list that you purchased and don't have rapport with.
- You expect a "magic bullet." This 3 Day New Patient Machine email sequence should be used on top
   of your other marketing.
- You're not willing to invest in your practice marketing. No freebies here.
- You DON'T have an email list, period!

Here's What this 3 Day New Patient Machine Email Sequence Will do for You:

  1.    Get you an influx of New Patients literally overnight using your CURRENT email list

  1.    Dramatically increase your income ($$$) with the push of the email send button

  1.    Create more buzz in your local community and goodwill among your email subscribers

  1.    Provide you more flexibility and freedom in your practice by working less

  1.    Get you the types of patients you want WITHOUT spending money on advertising

  1.    Open your eyes and give you the tools for an easier way to attract patients regularly

How Much Does this New Patient Getting Email Swipe File Cost?

If I had to price this based on the average results chiropractors like you experience, it would be easily priced at $997.

Actually, the income results from the limited clients that have had access have averaged around $15,000 per doctor. Remember, this has only been available to my highest paying clients until this point because it works like GANGBUSTERS.

New patients and case value vary from person to person obviously, but the 3 Day New Patient Machine has been an utter cash-cow for dozens of chiropractic practices and you're about to see why.

$15,000 is what my clients collectively have averaged financially as a result of running this insanely simple email campaign just one time. Some clients have been MUCH higher, some have been lower. The cool thing is, you can run this awesome email campaign every few months whenever you want to create a new patient and income surge!

Today, I'm feeling generous, though. I'm not going to charge $997 for it. Even though, I would be fully justified in doing so based on previous clients results as they've implemented these new patient getting scripts.

I wanted to make this an ABSOLUTE "no-brainer" offer so any doctor could have access, get new patients quickly, and create more practice income fast.

So, for today, I'm giving access to these revolutionary "killer-converting" email scripts for a one time payment of ONLY $97. Click the big yellow "Add-to-Cart" button below to download it INSTANTLY!

Yes, I knew that would throw you for a loop (no pun intended)...

For less than the price of a night on the town (or a tank of gas these days), you could be getting a surge of new patients and awakening the dead email list you already have. Just copy, paste, and substitute what I have in the swipe file and follow my instructions.

Then watch, as your phone begins to ring like magic!

I love the internet and soon you're about to see another BIG reason why. I made $17,973 when I first emailed this series to the potential patient list I had amassed over the years.

I have to be honest, though. There's another reason why I'm offering the 3 Day New Patient Machine email sequence at such a low, affordable price.

I want your testimonial so I can help even more doctors have more flexibility and freedom. When you use it and get new patients while creating an income surge, I want you to tell your friends.... simple and transparent.
Who Else Wants an EXTRA 7-12 New Patients 
in ONLY 3 Days... All by Simply Pushing the
Email "Send" Button a Couple Times

Here's What to do Next:

  1.    Click the big yellow add-to-cart button below to get started today.

  1.    Credit Card and Paypal are both accepted.

  1.    Download the 3 Day New Patient Machine email scripts INSTANTLY and follow my instructions

  1.    Simple :)

Money-Back Guarantee: As you know, I always guarantee my products and stand behind them 110%! This downloadable information is no exception. There's a 30 day money back guarantee. The risk is on me and if you're not happy, I don't want your money.

Email copywriting is NO EASY SKILL and takes years to develop. I've gotten good at it and want you to reap the benefits for years to come. Wishing you massive success this year!

Helping you take more vacations :)

Matthew Loop, DC

PS - If you're one of the next 25 7 chiropractors to order today, I'm going to throw in an EXTRA SPECIAL BONUS (worth $197). It's my infamous Google Review crushing email scripts that got our office 17 Google Places / Maps reviews in three days!

It's more serious ninja email marketing tactics you're going to love... Guaranteed. Not to mention, it will get you reviews and social proof at light speed! It's yours free when you grab my email swipe file right now.

PPS - Enough with the analysis paralysis already. TAKE ACTION and secure your 3 Day New Patient Machine email swipe file so you can create a surge of New Patients and income for your practice this week!

Here's a final thought:

You can keep doing what you're doing and "hope" your New Patient slump will change ... OR ... You can let me help you with a proven email marketing strategy that works over and over again. Which option do you think has a better chance of success?

COPY, PASTE, and PROFIT. Click the big yellow checkout link above to get your hands on the email swipe file so many chiropractors are buzzing about.

Imagine how great it's going to feel to see New Patients walk-in just from the push of the email "send" button! There's no other feeling like it.

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