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Cracking the Cancer Code

This blog post is going to be a bit personal but I feel it’s very important. I, like many other chiropractors, have been able to see some incredible things happen in practice. Miraculously watching a patient’s quality of life sky-rocket overnight always gives me such a great feeling.

I wish I could say that every person that came to me sick or in pain was eventually back to 100%, but that’s just not the reality

Here’s an all too familiar story.

I recall a patient that came to my office for a simple low-back issue. We were able to handle that very well. I treated him and his family for about a year on and off. Very nice people.

…but something unexpectedly happened.

He informed me that he went to his medical doctor and that they had found and biopsied a spot on his left lung. Turns out it was cancer.

His family was devastated…

I urged my patient and his family to let me help him increase his immune system so his body could heal itself. I had a blueprint laid out for him that included a referral to an advanced cancer center in Mexico, organic nutrition, fasting, and a removal from all of the stress.

In the end, they chose to go with the traditional medical route though. Three months later, he was gone and supposedly the cancer took his life.

It wasn’t the cancer, though. It was the toxic chemotherapy and radiation that claimed his life. How many of your patients has this happened to?

I almost called it quits after that

I had never lost a patient before and was overcome with anger, frustration, and guilt wondering if I could’ve done more to impact him. The outcome didn’t have to be the way it was and I knew it. That’s when I began to research and became inspired to empower others with cancer to take control of their own lives.

I made a personal discovery

Cancer didn’t have to be a death sentence and I was determined to let everyone know. To make a long story short, I wrote my first book Cracking the Cancer Code. That might surprise many subscribers to this blog, as most know me for my internet marketing seminars and trainings.

A Campaign of Lies and Deception

The information I uncovered about the multi-billion dollar “Cancer industry” shocked me and I go into great detail in the book itself. There is a war on information, more specifically to manipulate you into NOT questioning the establishment.

Don’t let anyone control your mind, always do you own independent research first and make an educated decision REGARDLESS of what the masses are doing.

If you, a patient, family member or someone else you know has cancer,this book can save your life… period!

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I poured countless hours of research, information, and empowering lifestyle, nutritional, and psychological health strategies into this work. Everything I’ve compiled together can give anyone the tools, knowledge, and resources to live a long and healthy life cancer-free.

As a side-note, Just wanted to extend a quick thank you for the emails I’ve received from doctors who are recommending this empowering book to their patients.

Probably the most shocking letter I received was from a surgical oncologist in Arizona that read my book. He thanked me, showed me a picture of it in his waiting room, and started to give the books to patients free.

That was very inspiring to hear.

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7 Responses to “Cracking the Cancer Code”

  1. Story heard one too many times and thanks to doctors like you writing such an informational book. I don’t know what it will take for our country… the people to open their eyes and finally see the truth.
    We our making our bodies an optimal environment for things like cancer to thrive. By taking the natural approach we can reverse all of that.

  2. I was already familiar with the fact you wrote this book, but it is great for others to know also.

  3. Todd Brown says:

    Hey Matt… thanks for sharing this. I will definitely pass this along to our docs.

  4. Matthew Loop says:

    Glad everyone like it 🙂

  5. vickyhld says:

    WOW! What useful information and also very helpful. thanks for sharing

  6. Michael Beck says:

    Hey Matt, good post. I had forgotten you were a published author. Congrats on the success of the book.

  7. Matthew Loop says:

    Thanks Mike… It’s incredible what passion can inspire you to do sometimes.

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