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Here's How to get an EXTRA 30-40 New Patients Per Month from Social Media and the Internet While DOMINATING Page 1 of Google... Without Spending a Dime!

Experience the powerful marketing system that's generated over 350 MILLION in revenue for chiropractors worldwide!

Hi Doc,

Are you feeling the “economic crunch” because people are not responding to your traditional marketing like they used to?

Have you ever wondered how to attract New Patients and create Multiple Sources of Income (MSI’s) from online social media like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Google?

Do you want to completely blanket and DOMINATE the 1st page of Google for multiple keywords so that anywhere a prospective new patient goes, they see your information?

Are currently “doing” social media marketing for your practice but are stuck spinning your wheels, knowing you could be getting much better results than you are now?

Lastly, if I could show you a simple, inexpensive way to make an additional $25,000 per month in passive income, get an extra 30-40 New Patients monthly, and rapidly monopolize Google local search (ALL from simple online marketing), would that be of interest to you?

If I’ve captured your attention, please read every word on this page…


Who am I and Why Should you Listen to Me


My name is Dr. Matthew Loop and I’m the founder of DCincome, the world’s largest social media training company for chiropractors.

I’m an international best selling author, Nasdaq speaker, and creator of a proven internet marketing system that shows other DC’s like yourself how to consistently attract an extra 30-40 New Patients per month from social media (sometimes even much more) WITHOUT spending any money on traditional advertising.

matt twitterI was the first chiropractic practice growth strategist to develop a systematic, experience-based blueprint that teaches doctors how to leverage free social networks to attract new patients, while also using devastatingly powerful search engine optimization (SEO) tactics to own Google and become the most recognized chiropractor in their town.

This result of implementing this multi-layered approach is being able to live the life you’ve always imagined by working smarter and not harder.

The Social Media Elite training system was first created in early 2006 and we’ve updated it regularly ever since.

The reason I’m sharing this powerful formula with the profession is because I desire to help other passionate chiropractors serve more new patients, create multiple sources of income, take more vacations, and just live BETTER (more comfortable) lives.

Personally, my life has never been the same since I began to harness the power of the web. Social media outreach and promotion is the MOST important skill-set I’ve ever learned… period! If done correctly, you can quickly flip a switch and get your message to the right audience at the right time so they schedule appointments.

The information you’re about to discover took me from the point of desperately struggling in practice (and over $135,000 in student loan debt) to selling over ten million dollars worth of services / products. At also allowed me to create new possibilities in our marketing in order to get my empowering message out to the masses.

The internet has provided me and thousands of my clients a REAL “economic stimulus” and a reliable way to grow our patient-base quickly, while creating dramatic surges in practice income.

Just like a couple years ago, and especially this year, social media is quickly sweeping the globe and has permanently altered the way we communicate. You cannot go anywhere offline OR online without hearing some reference to Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

In fact, research has shown if you don’t have a strong presence on Facebook, people trust you less! It’s similar to how it was in the 90’s when every reputable business was listed in the yellow pages. If you weren’t in there people were more skeptical of your service.

The same holds true today on social media platforms. If you don’t have an overwhelming presence, you’re looked at as OUTDATED and out of touch. Guess how many patients want to see a doctor that’s not evolving with the times? That’s right. Zero!

The last thing you want to do is to give the impression you’re outdated and out of touch. We, as a profession, must start marketing like it’s the year WE ACTUALLY LIVE IN!

Don’t you agree?

This powerful practice building system you’re about to access is NOT based on theory like other courses out there. I’m a chiropractor LIKE YOU that actually owns (and built) a chiropractic practice with the web.

These are time-tested, real world experience-based strategies for generating New Patients and almost AUTOMATIC income on the webs most influential, and rapidly growing social networks and new media platforms. I specialize in helping chiropractors dramatically grow their practices by using free social media websites, video marketing, highly effective SEO, and cutting-edge internet marketing that isn’t taught anywhere else.

The success and notoriety I’ve garnered in our industry and in the entrepreneurial space has enabled me to become the highest paid social media revenue strategist in North America. I don’t say this to brag, I mention it because those that follow my advice usually generate VAST sums of money.

If you can read, write, and reason at an 8th grade level, you can collect more practice income in A FEW DAYS (or bring-in an extra 30-40 New Patients every month) with what I’m about to show you, than most chiropractors make in several months of work!

Facebook boasts over well over 2 BILLION registered users and YouTube has in excess of 1.5 BILLION, and each get millions of page views everyday. With that kind of exposure it should come as no surprise that large successful brands such as Nike shoes, Whole Foods Market and Apple have profiles, channels and fan pages on these social networking giants.

What did they figure-out?

The very structure of Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and other types of social media lend themselves PERFECTLY to chiropractic marketing. They’re also free to use!

Marketing on the websites mentioned above can easily give ANY chiropractor, no matter how new you are to internet marketing the most extreme viral edge to not only crank out practice profits like your robbin’ the bank, but also stay miles ahead of local competitors.

In no other place on the web can you so easily, and in so little time, reach so many targeted viewers.

I’ve been on the previously mentioned social networks since 2005. I spent the better part of that initial year experimenting with, and developing the EXACT SAME viral practice building tactics that I am about to reveal for the first time ever.

Why am I Practically Giving Away These Strategies?

When I first began doing social marketing in 2005, I started searching for information on how to harness the power of this phenomenon toward my chiropractic practice. What I found was that NONE of the consultants knew anything about social media.

I was actually laughed at by many chiropractic gurus and told it was just “kids stuff.”

I’m glad I didn’t listen to them because I had a secret. I knew something they didn’t know. My practice was already getting a consistent stream of New Patients from social networks. It was VERY real to me and I was building my brand and generating a healthy income doing it.


“That’s When I Decided to Create the ULTIMATE Social Media Practice Marketing Blueprint for Chiropractors”


Unlike some of the “other” marketing programs I’m sure you’ve read about, this is a no BS, no filler COMPLETE marketing strategy to FINALLY bring in the kind of New Patients, collections, and multiple sources of income you’ve been searching for!

(hint: I will reveal some of the most insanely viral, and extremely easy methods of exploding your practice and income, all on a shoestring budget!)

Short and sweet, that’s the way I like it! I won’t bore you with long drawn out descriptions of garbage you could have learned in two sentences just to make myself sound more informed, I give it to you the way you want it, with none of what you don’t!

Other practice management groups would have you believe it takes a LONG time to build a business (free standing or internet), but I’m here to tell you that you could start bringing-in an extra 30-40 New Patients to your office, seeing the initial ones trickle in within a few short hours…

  • Without spending time struggling for internet search engine rankings!
  • Without wasting countless hours doing screenings, writing blogs and articles for precious back-links!
  • Without buying EXPENSIVE postcard, phone book, newspaper ads, google adword ads, or paying for banner placement
  • Without wasting time trying to build ads and web sites that sell people!
  • Without relying on link exchanges only to get crappy, unresponsive links to your site

The so called practice management “guru’s” have been shoving down your throat their tired, and worn out marketing techniques for years, and where has it gotten you?

But there IS a better way, and I’m going to show you the most phenomenal, insanely viral, and quite possibly easiest way to double your practice and income, by harnessing the power of YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest with Google dominating SEO!

Listen to What 37 Other Doctors Had to Say

Ryan French Testimonial














Dr. Tony Galzarano Testimonial





Dr Dan Farkas testimonial

Dr Brenda Slovin


This is NOT just any ordinary Chiropractic Internet Marketing program, not by a Long-shot!


I’m not going to leave you hanging with only a part of the information you need to get started, like the other Johnny-Come-Lately guys. I’m going to show you a COMPLETE marketing system you can use on, and off Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and other social media to sky-rocket your practice growth and income in the shortest amount of time possible!

In this in-depth video training series and fast-start boot-camp,” I hold your hand, and walk you through every step of the way. By the time your done reading this, you’ll KNOW how easy it is to substantially increase your new patients, collections, residual income, and how you can start bringing people through your door almost IMMEDIATELY!

This is the only RISK-FREE program that would, under normal circumstances, take you 8-12 months of hard studying every day and about $35,000 in Internet Marketing seminars to learn on your own. I’m so confident in my system that I put my money where my mouth is (see the money-back guarantee below).

In fact, your not only going to see what I do, I’m going to show you how you can implement every tactic you’re going to see, with an incredible viral, and totally unique marketing technique you won’t find anywhere else!!

  • Learn how you can turn YouTube, Insta, Facebook (and the internet as a whole) into your own income generating MACHINE for your practice or any other business venture!
  • This is the easiest, fastest, and most effective marketing system ever to hit Facebook, Instagram and YouTube
  • Learn how to build a laser-targeted fan-base of locals that know, like, and trust you
  • Discover how to build yourself as the EXPERT and go-to chiropractor in your community
  • Learn the simple profile tweaks that could double your website or blog traffic!
  • Find out why 95% of people trying to break into chiropractic internet marketing fail, and why YOU don’t have to
  • Learn how to leverage the social psychology of Facebook and YouTube and to YOUR advantage!
  • Much, much more…


Here’s What You Get With Social Media Elite


Facebook Marketing and Advertising

  • How to harness Facebook the right way to get a flood of new patients monthly.
  • How to create / market a Fan Page that positions your practice as THE expert and top authority in your city
  • How to optimize your Facebook profile so that people know, like & trust you even before they reach your website.
  • The inner workings of Facebook and how to use it to brand yourself and your chiropractic message.
  • How to create a Facebook Group & how to provide value that converts your “friends” into active clients
  • Effective ways to get interested people to opt-in to your email list from Facebook and get massive traffic
  • A free tool you can use to easily share content through multiple social sites.
  • How to CRUSH IT with Facebook live video and the best way to use it for maximum impact.
  • How to leverage Facebook to get 5,000 new fans quickly to grow your practice.
  • How to build your friend base and list faster with photos, videos and by strategically building relationships with the centers of influence in your market on
  • How to use Facebook Advertising the right way so you can maximize visibility and profits.
  • Sample Facebook Ads you can swipe that get you traffic and attract new patients like crazy.

Google My Business / Maps Marketing

  • How to get ranked #1 on Google My Business (formerly Google+ Local) in even the most competitive of markets. This works like magic.
  • How to get legitimate Google reviews quickly without getting slapped.
  • The easiest way to create and fully optimize your Google My Business listing.
  • How to get more local citations than you can handle.
  • You’ll learn the CRITICAL mistakes most doctors make when marketing their listing
  • Much more…

YouTube and Video Marketing

  • Why video marketing is the future of chiropractic traffic generation and what you can do to maximize your presence to get new patients each month
  • How to use YouTube to get massive amounts of free search engine traffic.
  • How to use other video sharing sites to dominate the organic search results of Google.
  • How to create your very own simple intro video that brands you in all your videos
  • What to add in the info section of your YouTube Channel to get a 2-3 times the free traffic
  • How to create your own branded look & feel for your YouTube Channel that compels your viewers to subscribe and that makes you stand out.
  • How to build a super loyal YouTube subscriber base of raving fans that follow your every move, tell colleagues about you and want to visit your practice.
  • How to examine the statistics and data to see where the traffic is flowing from each video on your website.
  • How to use ‘video responses’ to piggy back off traffic from other popular videos.
  • How to get more views to your videos and channel resulting in higher search engine rankings and new visitors to your website.
  • How to add value to your potential patients and how to establish yourself as a expert and authority in your local market

Pinterest Marketing

  • How to set-up the perfect Pinterest profile that makes you the “go-to” authority
  • A plethora of new strategies to increase your follower count / audience FAST!
  • How to make your chiropractic website and content “pin-ready”
  • The real secret to getting traffic from Pinterest and how to get dramatically more “re-pins”
  • You’ll discover a simple, 6-step task list you can EASILY follow to maximize traffic and exposure from Pinterest
  • How to find and search what IMAGES pull traffic and clicks like crazy
  • What promotion methods WORK the best at getting attention. You get to reap the rewards from my extensive testing
  • How to get people OFF of Pinterest and into your office
  • How to cross promote effectively with other social media
  • And much, much more…

Instagram Marketing

  • How to set-up your Instagram account for INSTANT success
  • The best website to use to market your chiropractic practice with Instagram on your laptop
  • The right way to use hashtags to target and connect with local, prospective patients
  • Simple tricks to send a surge of qualified free traffic to your chiropractic website
  • The specific tools and resources EVERY chiropractor should have in their arsenal when using this photo sharing network.
  • You’ll learn the best practices for Instagram contests and advertising that attract awareness and new patients through your doors.
  • And more…

Chiropractic Blog Marketing

  • How to set-up a top ranking, highly profitable chiropractic blog that Google loves
  • The Fastest way to get New Patients from your blog WITHOUT spending money
  • The best blogging platform to use
  • How to own and DOMINATE Google for any Keyword you Choose
  • How to drive an avalanche of traffic for building a large, targeted email list
  • How to select the best plug-ins for your blog that make you money
  • how to get quality back-links to your blog (beginner and advanced strategies)
  • Analyzing your statistics and improve your patient-conversion ratio

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • How to build backlinks that help you scale the great wall of Google QUICKLY
  • Little known on page and off page SEO strategies to optimizing your website
  • How to select the best high-traffic keywords to rank for in your local market
  • How to use advanced search engine optimization software to assess competing websites and determine areas and holes you can exploit to get higher rankings and more traffic.

Twitter Marketing

  • An in-depth examination of why Twitter is such a viral phenomenon and how to use it the right way to generate traffic to your chiropractic website.
  • The fastest way to grow your patient base with Twitter.
  • How to create a powerful bio that attracts others and new profitable joint venture partnerships.
  • How to Position yourself correctly on Twitter and become a center of influence so people know, like and trust you.
  • Twitter Tools – A ton of very useful Twitter Tools will be explained
  • Your Twitter Profile – This is one of the most important parts of using twitter that will also determine your ability to generate traffic using it.
  • What to Tweet about
  • Getting Followers – You’ll learn how to get people to follow you so that you can market to them and get them to your practice website to generate traffic and exposure.
  • Twitter tools that consolidate your time, energy and efforts.

Internet Marketing

  • How to use press release marketing to get exposure. Where and how to submit.
  • How and where to outsource to delegate tasks and make your marketing 100x more aggressive
  • How to leverage your time and resources to get it everything done quickly and efficiently
  • And much more…


Here’s What it’s Going to do for You


  • Get you an extra 40+ new patients from the web each month when you follow and implement my instructions exactly.
  • Make you the most recognized chiropractor in your town or area… hands down!
  • Show you how to blanket / dominate Google and get ranked #1 (works EVERY time).
  • Allow you to become an UNSTOPPABLE public relations machine so that anywhere and everywhere prospective new patients go they see you.
  • Get you measurable and DRAMATIC  increases in your website traffic
  • Teach you a set of skills that will generate you income for life.
  • Get your chiropractic practice message in front of the right qualified potential patients.
  • Make you 2-3x more practice income all by using the internet while WORKING LESS.
  • Allow you to finally have more freedom and flexibility to do what you love anytime.
  • Give you the ultimate UNFAIR competitive advantage locally.
  • Finally provide you with proven internet marketing strategy. This is what separates those getting a couple new patients / month from those getting dozens.


Here’s What to do Next


I’m NOT into junk filler so I’ll get straight to the point. I know half of you at least have scrolled right here immediately to see how much this A-Z chiropractic internet marketing system costs.

Considering the amount of time, energy, money, and effort that it took me to acquire this knowledge… this Social Media Elite training program would be an absolute STEAL at $997.

Just 1 extra chiropractic new patient you get from social media pays for this course many times over

Remember, you’re just a couple clicks away from learning a set of skills that gets you new patients month-in and month-out and pays you for life! This is not a “one-and-done” method. No other chiropractic consultant teaches this approach and there is NO other system like this in the profession.

Since I’ve been overwhelmed with interested chiropractors and one-on-one consulting is extremely limited, I’ve put everything into 67 “dummy-proof” video tutorials and marketing manuals, which allows me to give these time-tested Social Media / SEO chiropractic practice building strategies to you at a fraction of the cost!

After careful deliberation, I have decided that EVERY doctor that wants to find a reliable, residual system for driving consistent surges of New Patients through the door and to their websites MUST HAVE this information.

So, for today, I’m removing the financial barriers. I’m giving you 2 options to get your hands on this powerful, video training system and comprehensive internet marketing boot-camp. Click the big, yellow Add-to-Cart button below and select the option that works best for you.


Option 1

Sign-up To The Full Social Media / SEO

Training Program Without One-on-One Coaching

** One-Time Investment – $597 **

Option 2

Sign-up To The Full Social Media / SEO

Training Program With One-on-One Coaching

** One-Time Investment – $4,997 **

learn more about private coaching at this link


That’s right, everything you need to get profitable quick is available for INSTANT download for just $597. That’s over 40% off of the fee that industry colleagues suggested I charge!

This option is good if you are a hands-on kind of person and are able to point and click a mouse where I say in the videos! In this case you won’t need one-on-one support from me.

I do need to make you aware however, that I can only support a handful of new clients at a time. Because I spend hours and hours each day mentoring my students, there are only so many people I can manage while keeping the amazing (and personal) customer support levels my clients deserve.

This is an exclusive limited time offer.

When you think about how competitive the chiropractic or online marketplace is today… you’ll realize that you really can’t afford not to invest in this information. Since I only accept a limited number of chiropractors per month, personal coaching program spots fill up fast.

Our 6 Month DOUBLE Your Money Back Guarantee

Your success in using my high-powered Social Media Elite marketing system is completely guaranteed. Try it for 6 months, watch the video tutorials, do exactly what I say each week in the task list, and be able to spend at least 30 minutes / day using these aggressive practice growth strategies.

If you make an honest effort, simply ask for a refund and you’ll get back every penny you paid with nothing lost.

We’re proud to have one of the LOWEST refund rates for any product in the chiropractic profession! This social marketing system is reliable and guaranteed to work for any type of practice anywhere in the world, too.

You have a full 6 MONTHS to try and implement these powerful, time-tested internet marketing strategies. Order now and receive the bonuses, and enjoy all of the instructional tutorials. Have fun watching all of the videos we’ve linked to in this training and then decide if it’s for you.

If you decide social media and the internet is not a good way to grow your practice, you can get a prompt and courteous refund with no headaches and no hassles.

This refund applies to investment option #1 only. Option #2 entails personal phone time / consulting and would be impossible to get back lost time training you and your staff.

In order to be fully eligible for the double-your-money-back refund, here are the conditions:

1) You must have had an initial welcome call with Dr. Loop. This is extended as a courtesy bonus to fast-track your results since each practice is different. This consult is CRITICAL to your online marketing success.

2) Give the program a fair trial of 3-6 months. This is not a “get-rich-quick” deal.

3) If you don’t (at minimum) quintuple your investment, increase your website traffic, and get more patients from the internet, then simply send us a short hand-written note. In it, please explain that you’ve implemented every social media marketing tactic in referenced in the Quickstart Manual / Task List.

4) Since ALL the risk is on our company (and then some), we will require to see proof of your consistent social media marketing efforts, social profiles, SEO efforts, articles, videos, press releases, blogs, Facebook etc., to ensure Dr. Loop’s weekly task list was followed.

Once everything is documented by our team, you’ll promptly be sent DOUBLE your original investment amount.

No other company in chiropractic has ever offered a similar guarantee and stood behind their product / service this much. Investing in Social Media Elite is a no-brainer and can only increase your impact and income. Click the big “Add-to-Cart” button below to get started right now!


Invest TODAY and Receive These Gifts ($3,288 value)


Fast Action Bonuses

  • Exclusive access to our private members-only Facebook group where you’ll find the best social media tools, resources, trainings tips, and case studies all in one place. This community of docs is committed to helping each other grow BIG using the newest technology and modern communication platforms. ($997 value)
  • Google My Business / Google Maps review crushing email scripts. The largest chiropractic practices in the world are using these scripts to get patient feedback online fast. They’re also the same scripts that got our office an extra 17 reviews in just a few days. ($97 value)
  • Phone consultation to fast track your success. You speak with me directly, not one of my associates ($500 value)
  • 3 Day New Patient Machine email sequence. This gets you a surge of new patients in just three days from your current email list ($97 value)
  • Unlimited email support with Investment option 1 or 2 ($500 value)
  • Free course updates for life! Social media changes and updates periodically. For this reason, I’ve got you covered. You’ll get access to all future updates at no charge. ($997 value)


If you’re FINALLY ready to stop spinning your wheels and are committed to attracting more new patients from the internet, click the yellow Add-to-Cart button below. There is a science and art to social media marketing and I’ve figured out the blueprint, done the hard work, and invested a lot of time and money…

This means YOU get the short-cut. My pain, your gain!

This chiropractic internet marketing home-study course is available on a first come, first serve basis. Don’t miss out.


Option 1

Sign-up To The Full Social Media / SEO

Training Program Without One-on-One Coaching

** One-Time Investment – $597 **

Option 2

Sign-up To The Full Social Media / SEO

Training Program With One-on-One Coaching

** One-Time Investment – $4,997 **

learn more about private coaching at this link




This Social Media Elite training program is a very POWERFUL practice building system that has transformed thousands of lives… It will change the way you look at online advertising, communicating with patients, marketing, and generating practice revenue forever!

Take advantage now before the price increases…

To greater practice success,

Matthew Loop, DC

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