Use This Proven Blueprint to Launch a Lucrative Best Selling Book that Gets You Featured in Major Media, Makes You a Highly Sought After Authority, Elevates Your Social Status, and Produces Fat Royalty Checks... Guaranteed!

Strategies That Earn Chiropractors Mainstream Credibility, Prestige, Trust and Respect This Year

From the desk of Dr. Matthew Loop
Atlanta, GA

Hi Doc… What if I told you I discovered a powerful way to gain mass notoriety, which helps you become more influential and creates a SURGE of additional cash flow on top of your chiropractic practice?

What if I also told you it could be done fast, in the next 60 days or less…

Lastly, what if I said you don’t have to be a technology geek to implement this method to realize some of the highest returns and conversions of any other personal brand or practice marketing medium.

Does this sound interesting?

If so, pay close attention to the following so you get it right the first time without the costly hard knocks.

You need to get your hands on the formerly private best selling book blueprint that has TRANSFORMED my business and life. It’s done the same for an exclusive handful of VIP coaching clients as well.

This little known formula works great for chiropractors, aspiring authors, and those that have already written a book.

It’s the EXACT same blueprint I’ve personally used to:

  • Write and launch an international best selling book that was featured in Forbes Magazine and has generated over $335,000 in front and back end sales combined! This is ON TOP OF the initial book deal and publisher advance.
  • Hit #1 in ELEVEN of the most competitive categories on Amazon and at one point shot-up to #287 of all the books in the entire world! Every time I clicked refresh the ranking and sales numbers kept rising.
  • Turn readers into paying coaching clients and “back end” customers in a matter of DAYS!
  • Create instant authority in the eyes of the general public and in the industries I service.
  • Get invited to speak on some of the world’s most prestigious stages including NASDAQ.
  • Help other private coaching clients enhance their reputation as well as make their marketing (and lives) much easier by using instant authority and leverage.

One of the MOST important things to point-out here is that you don’t have to be a “guru” to achieve similar results. By no means was I an expert in launching and monetizing a best selling book a few years ago. However, I spent a lot of time and dollars learning everything I could from the most famous authors who wrote many classics we all know.

Having a paperback book with your name / photo on the cover can change your life if you know what you’re doing. It doesn’t matter what type of chiropractic practice you have either. The method I teach works well for anyone. If you follow the principles your community will look at you much differently (in a good way) and hold you in high regard.

It’s made me happy to see this blueprint work for so many coaching clients while helping them increase their impact, influence, and monthly revenue.

This program works for the little guy just as well as it works for the big name industry leaders.


A Few Years Ago, I Was Just Another Chiropractor That Desired to Play on a Bigger Stage so My Message Could Reach Millions. I Wanted to Help Many More People and Build a Legacy While Simultaneously Creating Another Flow of Passive Income


Can you relate?

I remember that moment in time well.

Sitting at a local Italian restaurant by myself introspecting and drawing out a plan of action. I just wanted to create something that would live long after I was gone and take my brand more mainstream so I could reach the next level professionally as well as financially.

Here’s what I found out after doing a bit of research. ALL experts deemed credible by the public were international best selling authors. Not only that, I quickly realized that having your own paperback book differentiates you from every other competitor, positions you at the top of the food chain, gives you instant authority, and gets your foot in the door of major media outlets that would otherwise be closed.

Look… Facebook fan pages, podcasts, videos, social network ads, and blogs are great. However, NONE OF THEM will earn you the respect, prestige, and expert status that a book does. That’s the cold hard truth.

I’ve heard many people say that my book, Social Media Made Me Rich, put me on the map.

Well, you and I both know that’s not the case since I’ve been helping chiropractors make bank with Facebook, YouTube, and Google since 2006. However, the book made a great impression with reputable press outlets, garnered over 110 positive reviews to date, and has received acclaim by many well known influencers.

From the public’s point of view, Social Media Made Me Rich came out of “nowhere” and it allowed me to become known all over the world as the highest paid social media revenue strategist in North America.

My book was integral at shaping public perception during my success journey.

Before the book launched, I was doing well in business and things were firing on all cylinders but felt I was going to hit a plateau soon. I didn’t want to be spinning my wheels. Feeling trapped is never a nice feeling. Do you know what I mean? I was playing too small and not realizing my full potential.

So, I finally decided to commit. I was going to do everything in my power to finally get this book out of my head and onto a Microsoft Word document so it could be published, then distributed to the masses.

With this in mind, I sought out legends in the field and reverse engineered what they were doing.

I discovered why they were successful and I modeled them. I uncovered the common denominators of the world’s highest paid authors. Many of these thought leaders command top dollar for their advice. That was fine with me since I wanted to get things right the first time. After all, there are no second chances to make a great first impression with an audience.

From my own research and from speaking with several New York Times best selling authors, I learned how to CONVERT high percentages of prospective customers into actual readers. Then I discovered how to graduate those readers into additional “back end” product sales which funneled into my high ticket coaching programs.

You can also convert those readers into new patients in your office as well.  A book can be a huge practice builder if you do certain things in a certain way.

At this point since I paid a premium to get access to a handful of carefully guarded secrets, I implemented what I learned and began to craft my own message for the book release. By the way… this was my first paperback launch.


Can You Guess What Happened After?


Check this.

The plan I put together worked! When the time came everyone I knew rallied around the cause. Friends, family, clients, email subscribers, and business partners. Just as important, I strategically used YouTube, Facebook advertising, Instagram, Google, feedback, and automation to build anticipation that would lead to a fast and furious buyer rush!

Then BAM!! It happened… Straight to the top of the charts!

I was ranked #1 in ELEVEN highly competitive categories on Amazon and dethroned some big name gurus. Social Media Made Me Rich started soaring fast and was tagged a hot new release. Forbes Magazine, CBS, NBC, ABC and Fox publications all picked it up! It was very surreal.

Eventually, it would surge all the way up to #287 of all books in the world which allowed the book to take on a whole new life of it’s own. From there it went viral.

The momentum quickly snowballed into a mountain of interview requests. Companies were contacting my assistant, wanting to fly me out to do book signings and lectures. Checks came in for $2,500, $5,000, $12,000, and $25,000! On top of that, money was pouring in from all directions including actual book sales.

Looking back, I still consider it an amazing series of paydays for the amount of work involved. Fast forward a couple years and the fat royalty payments are still landing in my mailbox like clockwork. I’m going to share all the specific lucrative details of how I accomplished this in the following training.

As you can probably guess, my life hasn’t been the same since.


Here’s what all this means for you. Through personal experience, testing, and tweaking over the last couple years I’ve perfected these best seller profit methods.

By learning from the greats and helping many clients achieve best seller status, I’ve uncovered the exact psychological factors, persuasion strategies, and marketing tactics that allow you to make a huge impact so you can bring in BIG MONEY from your book.

The sad reality for most chiropractors is that they make very little money from their books. In fact, they fail miserably. The actual stats say that less than 1% of all authors sell over 1,000 copies in a lifetime! How crazy is that??

Do you realize what you’re up against if you go at this alone or without professional guidance?

I’m on a mission to change all this.


Now, I’ve become pretty well known in the chiropractic, entrepreneur, and marketing communities for good reason. The social media systems and methods I’ve taught have made business owners six, seven, and eight figures annually. I’ve developed a reliable blueprint, knowledge and experience to connect anyone with a BIG vision to their desired outcome.

So, why tell you all this? Because…


It’s Important You Know the Following


1) I’m NOT some fly by night Johnny-come-lately. You know, the ones that are here one day, gone the next.  I have more than 11 years under my belt helping chiropractors grow their practices while creating additional streams of Internet income. I have the privilege of calling over 8,100 of them clients. I’ve also been able to personally sell over 9.2 million-dollars worth of products / services from the internet, a good portion of which coming from information products.

I have a very strong desire to serve and empower other doctors like myself. It’s a great feeling to see Docs prosper from the strategies I’ve developed. My commitment to this profession is strong and I want to leaving a positive legacy.

2) While many chiropractors and consultants are struggling to keep up with “what’s working now,” I’m already two steps ahead. The world of social media and book marketing is always evolving. New technology comes out often. Building trust and attracting new clients is harder now than ever due to skeptical consumers.

If I was still doing what I did back in 2013, I’d be broke.

Throughout the last decade, I’ve personally invested over $110,000 in me, my on-going education and into staying two steps ahead. Fads come and go and there’s always some “guru” pushing the latest loophole or trick. I’m into long-term sustainable marketing, though. The kind that benefits you for years to come.

After spending all of that money developing my marketing skill-set, I found very few courses were worth a second look. Most are nuggets here and there, but rarely does something complete the entire puzzle.

So, when I sat-down to create The ULTIMATE Best Seller Profit Blueprint for Chiropractors (I wish it had been around when I began), I asked myself this one important question:


What Would I Expect From A Best Selling Book Course If I Intended To Invest My Hard-Earned Money On It


Ok, if I was ever going to invest in a premium training system on how to write, publish, launch and generate SUBSTANTIAL amounts of revenue from a book, it would have to do the following:

  • The training would have to go in-depth on the strategies and NOT just scratch the surface. A best selling book can produce a windfall of new patients and daily passive income if it’s marketed correctly. However, you must master the science and art of online promotion.
  • The course would have to help you GET CLIENTS AND BOOK PROFITS in 60 days or less if you’re going to put-in the work and time to apply everything. I’d want to make sure that things were step-by-step and easy to understand.
  • The system would need to get results EVEN IF you weren’t an expert or didn’t have an email list of your own. It needs to work for the “average” doctor, not just the industry heavyweights.
  • It would have to show you how to generate HUGE pay-days. As you’ve read above, I’ve been able to create enormous profits from marketing and positioning Social Media Made Me Rich in a certain way. There’s no limit to the amount of income you can generate. I personally know a guy that did six figures on his launch day. Now, that result is not typical by any means but at least you have the exact blueprint that has the potential to take you there.
  • The system would have to walk you step-by-step and hold you by the hand to make the whole process dummy-proof. This is so you can easily just plug and play. You don’t want to have to fill-in the holes or reinvent the wheel. This would include the book launch and continued marketing/promotion.
  • The training would need to show how to be resourceful and create leverage through automation. Ideally, you’d want to do the work one time then be able to “set-it and forget it.” One of the biggest ways to generate consistent revenue online from your book is to automate and repeat the process. I love this strategy because you can literally make money while you sleep.
  • Lastly, and most importantly…


It MUST Show You Exactly How To Elevate Your Status, Create Instant Authority, Get Featured in the Media, and Generate Large Sums of Recurring Cash Flow


Look, the primary reason to get your book out there is to make a bigger impact in the world and reach people that you couldn’t otherwise access. We want to create something that will potentially help millions of people and build a positive legacy that will live long after you’re gone.

Yes, you can also make a lot of money and generate a great deal of buzz as well. If a training just taught you the technical components of how to launch a book and become a best seller, but didn’t provide you the time tested selling skills to actually become more influential, that wouldn’t be worth investing in… period!

If you ask doctors in our profession, they’ll tell you I’m extremely passionate about helping other DC’s realize more prosperity and abundance. I never launch any product or service publicly until I’m 100% sure it’s the best one you’ll find on the topic.

And… that you’re going to receive an AMAZING amount of value and incredible results from using it.

Well, after a tremendous amount of work and effort, I’ve FINALLY distilled my entire process for writing, publishing, launching and marketing an international best selling book that helps you create a new lucrative source of passive income.

This blueprint is simple to learn, use, and put into action.


Introducing “The ULTIMATE Best Seller Profit Blueprint for Chiropractors”


Over the years I’ve created numerous practice-building programs, products and other trainings that show Docs how to make money online. However, many private clients are saying this is one of my crown jewels. It’s not a bunch of repackaged mumbo-jumbo either. Everything you’ll discover has come from my personal experience and from being mentored by and studying the greats of our time.

This best seller profit blueprint has been a year in the making and was created from scratch.

I tossed away what wasn’t effective, kept what was, and made it super simple to follow. It’s the most comprehensive program that reveals how to serve more people and make quick, big paydays with your book.


Here’s What this Advanced Training WILL do for You


  • Help you make your first big payday from the internet ($500 … $5,000 … $10,000+) even with no technical skills and no email list.
  • Earn you MAINSTREAM credibility, prestige, and respect. You’ll finally be on par with other leaders in healthcare.
  • Allow you to build a legacy that stands long after you’re gone. You’ll be able to impact more people than you ever thought possible.
  • Get you steady SURGES of website traffic, awareness and more positive recognition in your community.
  • Create a consistent influx of  “pre-sold” new clients that seek you out or buy your online products. You’ll use attraction marketing to amplify your book and product sales quickly.
  • Allow you to replicate yourself while automating much of the marketing to generate new book sales, more website visitors, and greater income while you sleep, vacation or spend quality time with your family.
  • Give you the knowledge to create high-value, high-ticket information products in no time.
  • Make you the unmatched authority and health expert in your city or market you service.
  • Teach you a set of skills pays you over and over again for life! These methods can easily take you from earning $500 one month, to $5,000 the next to $25,000 and so on.


The ULTIMATE Best Seller Profit Blueprint goes in-depth regarding the most effective strategies and tactics you need to maximize your book sales and promotional efforts from the Internet.

You’ll have access to:

Step by step video tutorials that give you structure, my personal recommendations, promo examples, guru launch secrets, monetization methods, and traffic generation strategies. You can look over my shoulder as I show you how to take your unique content and quickly increase sales conversions. One of the examples included in this training convert a minimum of 21% of visitors into book sales.

Persuasion and influence techniques that engage your audience so you guide them to a book purchase without them even knowing it. This is pure gold and the secret behind the most successful book launches.

Effective follow-up action plan that creates a surge in interest so you capture the maximum number of book sales even weeks after your launch. Just ask a couple of my coaching clients. Many authors let potential customers slip through their fingers because they don’t have this important component in place working 24/7.

Five-figure automation methods that bring-in sales and new patients for you without having to consciously think about it. Even if you choose to vacation somewhere, the system runs itself!

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s MUCH more…

“Matt’s training has allowed me to reach a large amount of people in my community which has propelled me to think bigger in order to help people around the world. He taught me how to leverage social media strategically to get predictable results without spending hours online wasting my time. With Matt’s guidance, we successfully launched a program that brought in 37K in just two months! In the ever changing world of social media, there’s nobody better to follow and learn from.”
Dr. Jose Guevara

No stone is left unturned for you in this advanced best seller profit blueprint.

You’ll receive hours and hours of video content PACKED with the unique marketing strategies responsible for some of the most wildly successful online book launches in the world. No hype here. Just real world methods which have been proven to generate fat royalty checks.

On top of that, I’m not going to just tell you the formula. I’ll show you precisely how to do it with actual examples you can copy to use for your own. I’ve taken the guesswork out of it.

And… with unlimited lifetime access, you’ll never be overwhelmed because you can go through the course materials at a pace that’s good for you. Obviously, you don’t want to wait that long. With this step-by-step training, the only way not to make any money is to do absolutely nothing.


Here’s What You Get in This Powerful System


The ULTIMATE Best Seller Profit Blueprint for Chiropractors provides you everything you need to write, publish, launch, and market a book that creates a 4, 5, or 6 figure source of secondary income on top of your practice! The training is a combination of instantly accessible video tutorials and PDF’s. Here’s what you get in each individual module…


Module #1 – From Idea to Reality

It doesn’t matter what type of book you’re writing or promoting you’ll walk away from this training a with a solid success plan on how to quickly and painlessly get it done (the right way). The good news is that it’s not as complicated as you’d think since technology has improved so much these last several years.

In this Module, you’ll discover:

  • The DUMB and COSTLY mistakes most chiropractors make when writing, publishing, launching, and marketing a book.
  • How to brainstorm and structure your book for MAXIMUM reader engagement.
  • How to come up with the perfect title that grabs people by the throat.
  • The #1 way to get your book professionally edited on a shoestring budget.
  • The simplest way to hire a ghostwriter (if you need help). This is practically effortless.
  • The BEST PRACTICES to consider when designing the front and back cover of your book. I’ll show you how to get attention and stand out from the noise.
  • How to avoid copyright infringement. Certain things can land you in hot water if you’re not careful. We’ll cover what not to do.
  • Whether or not you should self publish or submit to a major publisher.


Module #2 – Launching Your Best Seller The Right Way

Knowing how to do a big launch that gets people talking is critical to the momentum, profitability, and success of your book. I’ll cover everything you need to know in this section of the course. It’s one thing to write something great, it’s another thing to actually get people to buy the book you’re selling! You’ll learn powerful communication strategies and tricks of the trade here.

In this Module, you’ll discover:

  • How to know if you should sell your book at full price or give it away for “free.”
  • The BEST way to set up your website to capture prospective readers and motivate them to buy.
  • Proven strategies that build huge anticipation your book launch.
  • A powerful platform top authors use to create a unified front so that people easily share your launch promo.
  • How to coordinate a fast and furious “buyer rush” you couldn’t turn off even if you wanted to.
  • Simple ways to get feedback from readers.
  • How to follow up with interested readers to building liking and rapport so they buy more stuff from you.
  • An easy way to get influencers on board to help promote your book for free.
  • The best way to rank your book high on Amazon to create a passive sales machine day in and day out.
  • How to convert the MAXIMUM amount of subscribers into paying customers.


Module #3 – How to Monetize Your Book Like the Pros

This is what separates the 99% of chiropractors that make a little with their book versus the top 1% that make five and six figures yearly. You’ll learn which methods the highest paid authors in the world are using so you can replicate.

In this Module, you’ll discover:

  • How to understand your royalties and make the numbers work in your favor.
  • One little known method that can add an additional $500 – $10,000 to your front end book sales. This ensures you get a healthy payday within 45 days or less of the launch.
  • The highly profitable way to “back end” your best seller so you attract new clients and continued sales. There are MANY ways to effectively do this. We’ll discuss them in detail.
  • How to secure big money sponsors that cut you a check before you publish! You’ll also get access to the perfect script to accomplish to get companies on board. This is easily worth 10x the price of this program.


Module #4 – Traffic Generation, Buzz, and Continued Sales

Many doctors experience a frustrating plateau in book sales after their launch is over. However, you certainly won’t after implementing this section of the course. Prepare for a substantial surge in post launch sales practically on demand. Traffic + Conversion = Money! You’ll find-out the proven traffic generation methods that are working like crazy now.

In this Module, you’ll discover:

  • How to use Facebook advertising to generate awareness, opt-ins, and book sales! I’ll even give you sample ads you can model to make things dummy proof.
  • The “ace in my pocket” Instagram traffic strategy that only the top marketers use regularly. This gets you in front of your ideal audience for sometimes penny’s on the dollar.
  • How to harness the power of social proof on Amazon to sell more books each day.
  • The best ways to use YouTube to create a steady influx of interested prospects, readers, and book sales.
  • How to leverage book giveaways for viral exposure and free publicity.
  • More traffic strategies that can’t be revealed here.


Yours FREE – $3,244 in Bonuses When You Invest Today


Fast Action Bonuses

1) Access to our Private Members-only Facebook Group

Access to our private members-only Facebook group where you’ll find more tools, resources, trainings tips, and case studies all in one place. This community of supportive docs is committed to helping each other succeed in their book launch and marketing. ($997 value)

2) Fast Track Phone Consultation

This will ensure you hit the ground running. You’ll speak with me directly and not one of my associates. The call will last 15-20 minutes. ($500 value)

3) Complimentary Course Updates for Life

Sometimes strategies or social platforms change. For this reason, I’ve got you covered. You’ll get access to all future updates at no charge. ($997 value)

4) Unlimited Email Support

If you have a question you can always email me or a member of my team and you’ll have first priority. ($250 value)

5) One Group Coaching Call

Ask me anything here. We’ll do a recorded group coaching call so I can help you overcome any challenges or perceived barriers to make sure you keep the momentum going strong. This may go an hour or it may go two. I’m committed to helping you succeed. ($500 value)


I’m absolutely certain if you take this training system and apply the strategies I share, the exact way I show you, you’ll crush it with your book launch/marketing and garner mass notoriety. Not to mention you could definitely create a 4 and 5 figure monthly payday with the set of skills you’re about to acquire.

I’m basing this on my own experience and several private coaching members. Success is inevitable when you have the exact recipe. One of the most common things I hear from clients that have used these book launch strategies is…


“I Can’t Believe I Made This Much Already!”


Talking about investments, right now you might be asking yourself, “How much does this system cost?”

As you’ve seen, I’ve featured some large numbers a few minutes ago.

Numbers like $335,000 made during the launch, continued marketing, and back end sales directly from Social Media Made Me Rich these last two years. Checks cut to me for $2,500, $5,000, $12,000, and $25,000 for coaching, training, and speaking.

Now, because it’s likely you’ll recoup your whole investment back (and make a lot more) on your first book launch, sponsors, and back end sales… you might be thinking the investment for this advanced training is a couple thousand or more.

I’ll tell you straight-up, though. It’s not.

Let’s put this in perspective.

Other weekend seminars that have been offered to chiropractors are priced between $997 and $3,997. This ticket price does not include your airfare, hotel expense, meals, and transportation either. That’s easily an additional $800 depending on where the conference takes place.

Not only that, it’s risky to roll the dice and be confident you’re going to learn from someone that’s actually practicing what they preach. Most of these seminar leaders have never had their books featured in the popular media. They make their money by teaching aspiring authors how to publish a book and become a best seller.

Becoming an Amazon best selling author does NOT mean you’ll make good money in royalties or get featured in the media. This is what the other gurus fail to tell their students. It’s sad and deceptive. All I’ll say is be careful who you get advice from.

Now, I have some good news for you.

The ULTIMATE Best Seller Profit Blueprint for Chiropractors is affordable.

On top of that, you won’t have to waste precious time or money on unnecessary travel expenses only to be upsold into another super expensive program when you get to the seminar.

More on the price in a minute but first, think about this…

My private coaching clients that have had access to this information paid anywhere from $6,997 for phone consulting and $15,000 to meet me here in Atlanta for a Total Immersion Day.


“I cannot say enough about how Matthew Loop has changed my life but more importantly the thousands of people who now hear my message loud and clear. Matthew provided all the tools, mentorship, and support I needed to help me generate over $1 million dollars in revenue through social media alone. He is kind, generous with his information, and living proof himself. He walks the walk. Thank you!”
Dr. Sachin Patel


At the moment, there’s a 3 month waiting list to become a personal coaching client or to come here for a Total Immersion Day. And… by the way, my average coaching client has been with me for over two years and they typically don’t give away their spots.

The great thing is, to invest in this training system today, you no longer need to have the deep pockets like some of my previous consulting clients.

Even if your first book launch with the marketing, sponsors, and back end sales revenue does only $1,600, this blueprint will pay for itself and put EXTRA spending money in your wallet. The cool thing is your book will generate referral sales left and right because of your initial promotion efforts.

That doesn’t mean you should stop marketing at all but it’s a great benefit.

Right now, you can have The ULTIMATE Best Seller Profit Blueprint for a one-time investment of only $997. That’s quite a bit less than what you’d spend on a weekend seminar ticket, travel, meals and accommodations. Time is money. You won’t have to waste countless hours away from your practice or family with this online course.


Invest Right Now and You’ll Receive


  • The ULTIMATE Best Seller Profit Blueprint for Chiropractors($997 value): The entire step-by-step, soup to nuts blueprint you need to write, publish, launch, and market an international best selling book in the next 60 days or less. Do exactly what I say and you’ll be able to make money and create authority quickly.
  • One-on-One Private, Fast Track Coaching Call – ($500 value)… Yours FREE: You’ll speak directly with me so I can help you hit the ground running quickly. I’m going to help make you UNSTOPPABLE! We’ll tailor the best plan of action to your specific needs.
  • Access to our private members Facebook group – ($997 value)… Yours FREE: Here you’ll find even more tools, resources, trainings tips, and case studies all in one place. This community of supportive docs is committed to helping each other succeed in their book launch and marketing. If you have a question just ask it here. Yes, I’ll still answer your questions a year from now, too.
  • Course Updates for Life($997 value)… Yours FREE: Sometimes strategies or social platforms change. For this reason, I’ve got you covered. You’ll get access to all future updates at no charge.
  • Unlimited Email Support – ($250 value)… Yours FREE: If you have a question you can always email me or a member of my team and you’ll have first priority
  • One Group Coaching Call($500 value)… Yours FREE: Ask me anything here. We’ll do a recorded group coaching call so I can help you overcome any challenges or perceived barriers to make sure you keep the momentum going strong. This may go an hour or it may go two. I’m committed to helping you succeed.  


Here’s what happens once you’re in: You’ll have automatic access to the video trainings, PDF’s, and all of the fast-action bonuses INSTANTLY after your purchase. If you don’t see the welcome email check your junk / spam just to make sure it wasn’t filtered there. You have lifetime access to the content and materials so you can get-on at any time of the day.

Click the button below to get started.



Our 6 Month 100% Money Back Guarantee

Your success in using The ULTIMATE Best Seller Profit Blueprint for Chiropractors training is completely guaranteed. Try it for 6 months and do exactly what I teach in the program. Be able to spend at least 30 minutes per day using these aggressive book launch, monetization, and brand building strategies.

If you’re not satisfied with the set of skills you’ve learned simply ask for a refund. You’ll get back every penny you paid with nothing lost.

All I ask is that you put in an honest effort. This system won’t work unless you do! Please DO NOT BUY this program if you’re going to let it sit on the shelf.

There is work involved, however I’ve made it simple for you to get results.

We’re proud to have some of the LOWEST refund rates on our products in chiropractic. Why? Because what I teach works for any type of chiropractor. This best seller profit system is reliable and guaranteed to generate results anywhere in the world, too.

You have a full 6 MONTHS to try and implement these powerful methods. This is so you have plenty of time so you don’t feel rushed. Order now and receive everything outlined above.

If you decide you don’t want to have a best selling book that makes you money and gets you featured in the media, you can get a prompt and courteous refund with no hassles.

No other company in chiropractic stands behind their products / services as much as we do. Investing in The ULTIMATE Best Seller Profit Blueprint is a no-brainer and can only increase your credibility, new patient numbers, and book sales revenue. Click the big “Add-to-Cart” button below to get started right now!


If you’re a chiropractor or other professional and…


  • Are looking for an easier way to establish mainstream credibility, trust, and respect in order to finally be on a level playing field in healthcare.
  • Are wanting a faster and higher converting way to market your new online brand or current practice WITHOUT spending money on traditional advertising.
  • Are relatively new to writing, publishing, and launching a book and want an easy-to-understand formula that shows you how to start from scratch and create more impact, influence, new clients and passive cash flow.
  • Had mediocre or disappointing results by publishing and launching a book on your own. You want a simple and quick formula that gives you the blueprint based on what has ALREADY worked. You’re tired of trying to reinvent the wheel.
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