Who Else Wants 365 Done-for-You Chiropractic Graphics That Attract 2-3x More New Patients, Shares, and Local Fame from Facebook?

Finally, an EASY, lucrative, and fun Facebook practice-growth strategy 97% of all chiropractors can afford!

From the desk of Dr. Matthew Loop
Atlanta, GA





Hey Doc… Since there are over 2 BILLION users on Facebook right now, there’s a good chance you’re probably one of them. However, as a brick and mortar business owner you’re facing some serious problems you may or may not be aware of.

The overwhelming majority of DC’s are in the same boat, too. From coaching thousands of chiropractors on how to successfully build their practices using Facebook and other social media, here’s what I know.

  • Creating the perfect Facebook status-update every day that actual gets you shares, likes, exposure and REAL referrals can be a royal pain the neck.
  • High-quality images get shared 5-10x more than text on the social network. However, you’re not a graphic designer and aren’t looking to spend a small fortune on custom chiropractic images.
  • You’re only tapping into a tiny fraction of users and patients you could be getting from Facebook.
  • Facebook is a time-suck for many chiropractors rather than the rapid practice-builder it should be.
  • You have NO desire to spend hours each day “doing” social media marketing, but know it needs to be done.
  • You want an affordable, RELIABLE way to get more website traffic, local recognition, and new patient referrals… without spending money on traditional advertising.

Well, what if I told you we’ve completely solved these common problems doctors are facing when using the world’s largest social network? The incredibly simple status-update solution we’ve created:

Doesn’t require you to learn any new and sophisticated marketing strategies

Doesn’t require you to be tech savvy

Only takes a few seconds per day to implement

Allows you to literally copy and paste a winning status-update EVERY time.

Works for ANY type of chiropractic practice that educates patients on health.

Does that sound great or what?

If you’re interested in MAXIMIZING your effectiveness on Facebook, this is for you.

You need to get your hands on The ULTIMATE Chiropractic Graphics package, which contains 365 done-for-you, professional chiropractic images that position you as the go-to health expert in your town! These include everything from chiropractic education, research studies, health quotes, and optimal lifestyle tips.

They’re guaranteed help prospective patients get to know, like, and trust you on social media. And… as you know, this is critical if you ever want to get a consistent flow of new patient referrals from Facebook!

That’s right! You get instant access to these 12 images at no cost so you can post them on Facebook today. It’s my way of saying thank you for visiting.

Just click the blue link above to download the ZIP file now.

This is a one of kind package you CANNOT find anywhere else in the chiropractic profession. These graphics were created for chiropractors by an actual chiropractor, too.

The 365 Chiropractic Graphics You’re About to Access Will:
  • Position you as the center of influence and a top natural health expert in your city.
  • Provide you with a library of chiropractic friendly and lifestyle-related images you can post to Facebook without worrying what to post next.
  • Educate your Facebook friends / fans about chiropractic, myths, benefits, etc.
  • Dramatically grow your reach and impact in your local community.
  • Empower and teach other people how to better their quality of life.
  • Help the chiropractic profession finally reach the critical mass.
  • Save you the time and high cost of producing your own quality educational graphics.
  • Provide lifestyle tips and recommendations that lead to optimal health.
  • Turn prospective patients that are on the fence into actual patients.

Now, I’ve been recognized as one of the highest paid social media consultants in North America and for good reason. The systems and marketing / outreach methods I’ve discovered produce dramatic results and create new growth opportunities for doctors of all types.

Why tell you this?

Because when I create a product for fellow chiropractors, I put my heart and soul into it. Not to mention, I conduct extensive market research. I need to be absolutely sure the products / programs I release to the profession do what they say.

So, when I sat down to create the best set of chiropractic educational images in the profession, I thought about the main thing I would want from them, as a chiropractor. They must be able to…

Attract MORE Patients, Traffic and Recognition from Facebook

Look, the primary reason of using Facebook and other social media in your practice marketing is to help serve more and attract greater numbers of new patient appointments monthly.

If you ask chiropractors around the profession, they’ll tell you I’m extremely passionate about helping other doctors realize more prosperity / abundance in practice and in life. I never launch any product or service publicly until I’m 100% sure it’s the best product you’ll find on the topic.

And… that you’re going to receive an AMAZING amount of value and excellent results from using it.

Well, after a tremendous amount of work and effort, I’m FINALLY launching what many are already considering the most effective social media educational product for chiropractors.

The images are simple to post on Facebook and can be done in seconds per day.

Here’s What You Get in This Facebook Graphics Package

The ULTIMATE Chiropractic Graphics Package gives you 365 professional done-for-you images that get you 2-3x more website traffic, interest, local recognition, and new patient referrals from the world’s #1 social network, Facebook!

This is a one year supply so you never have to twiddle your thumbs, wondering what to post.

You’ll find educational graphics and quotes about chiropractic, healthy lifestyle recommendations, exercise, nutrition, inspirational, and more.

Here are Some Sample Facebook Graphics

I’m confident you’re going to be blown away when you see these high quality images. They were put together by an actual graphic design artist so they look clean and PROFESSIONAL unlike what you’ve probably seen on Facebook.

It’s important to present your best foot forward on social media. This is what these graphics help you do. The 6 images below are examples of what you can expect.

NOTE: The actual image size is much bigger, usually in the 800 x 800 range.

Also, if you haven’t downloaded the 12 free chiropractic images above you can do so at this link. It’s my way of saying thank you for checking-out this website.

 photo sample1_zpsec77f5a7.jpg  photo sample5_zps0280ef2d.jpg
 photo sample4_zps6fad3e4d.jpg  photo sample3_zpsdc6ba55b.jpg
 photo sample2_zps03d07bd1.jpg  photo sample6_zpsf21222dc.jpg


When you post these custom chiropractic images on Facebook daily, you’ll reach more people, gain more notoriety, increase your traffic, and attract MORE new patients… Guaranteed!

I’m basing this on years of social media research and clients who’ve already beta-tested these graphics. Social media success is inevitable when you have the exact recipe. The cool thing is, these are ready to be posted now!

So, How Much Do These Done-For-You Graphics Cost?

Ok, right now you’re probably curious as to how much this 1 year supply of done-for-you chiropractic graphics cost? Before I share with you how incredibly affordable this package is, let’s do some math.

If you were to have 365 professional, custom graphics made for you:

  • You’d need to buy 365 royalty-free images from a stock photo site online. You could probably get away with paying $2.00 per photo for the correct Facebook graphic dimensions. Yes, you need the right size or the images will appear blurry when you post. (total cost = $730)
  • You’d have to hire a graphic design specialist unless you wanted to take weeks of your own time learning sophisticated image design programs then actually creating the graphics. If you outsourced the whole thing to someone in the Philippines, you’d probably pay $1 / image. (total cost = $365)
  • You’d then need to spend MORE precious time researching, critiquing and checking each individual images for mistakes. The last thing you want to do is upload unprofessional images to Facebook with incorrect spellings. (total cost = Depends on how much you value each hour of time)

So, having these graphics created on your own would cost you a minimum of $1,095.00, not including the massive amounts of time you’d put-in during the creation and proofing process.

From this conservative estimate above, it’s easy to see that The ULTIMATE Chiropractic Graphics Package would be an absolute steal if we offered it at $397. I have great news for those doctors looking to expand their practice, though.

You’re not going to pay anywhere near that price if you take advantage TODAY before this sale expires.

On a tight budget? No problem. 97% of doctors can afford this.

For a low, one-time investment of just $197, this entire set of 365 chiropractic friendly images can be yours. That comes-out to a measly .53 cents per graphic! Pretty sweet deal for a years supply, if you ask me. Dirt cheap.

To further put this bargain in perspective, other chiropractic Facebook posting services are priced between $95 to $295 PER MONTH. That means you would pay (on the conservative end) over $1,100 per year to let someone take a couple seconds and post on your Facebook for you!

On the other hand, you could invest in a one year supply for just $197. Which makes more sense financially?

WARNING: This is very time-sensitive offer!

After this product launch has completed, we plan on raising the price to $297 (which is still a huge bargain). But, you can SAVE an extra $100 if you grab them today.

The likelihood is that you’ll recoup your whole investment back (and much more) within the first couple weeks.

Invest Right Now and You’ll Receive $194 in FREE Bonuses
  • The ULTIMATE Chiropractic Graphics Package($197 value): You get instant access to 365 professionally done images (a years worth) related to chiropractic and the natural health lifestyle. You’ll find graphics about chiropractic, healthy lifestyle recommendations, exercise, nutrition, inspirational quotes, and more.
  • How to Get 3,000 Facebook Fans in 30 Days($97 value)… Yours FREE: This webinar video recording shows you the fastest way to get an EXTRA 3,000 fans to your Facebook page in just 30 days. It’s one of the most popular events I’ve ever hosted and you’ll get to see what so many are raving about!
  • The 3 Day New Patient Machine($97 value)… Yours FREE: These scripts are widely regarded as the MOST powerful chiropractic email sequence ever developed for getting a fast SURGE of new patients from your current email list in just 3 days.

That’s $194 in fast action bonuses ON TOP OF the graphics package!

Here’s what happens once you’re in: You’ll have instant access to the graphics package and all of the fast-action bonuses after your purchase. You have lifetime rights to the content and materials so you can get-on at any time of the day.

Click the button below to get started.



Our 6 Month 100% Money Back Guarantee

Your success in using The ULTIMATE Chiropractic Graphics package is completely guaranteed. Try them for 6 months. Take couple seconds each day to post an image on Facebook and watch your engagement and referrals soar.

If you don’t think the graphics are worth it or if you don’t recoup your investment in a month, simply ask for a refund and you’ll get back every penny you paid with nothing lost.

DO NOT BUY this package if you’re going to let it sit on the shelf and collect dust. There is minimal work involved, meaning, you actually need to post the graphics on social media.

You have a full 180 DAYS to try these images to grow your reach and build your practice. This is so you have plenty of time so you don’t feel rushed. Order now and receive everything outlined above.

If you decide Facebook is not a viable way to grow your practice, you can get a prompt and courteous refund with no hassles.


If you’re a chiropractor and…

  • Are looking for a simple, affordable way to market your practice on Facebook WITHOUT spending money on traditional advertising.
  • Want a done-for-you collection of chiropractic images so you don’t have to hire and pay a graphic artist top dollar to get what you want.
  • Are relatively new to social media marketing and want to implement something that’s been proven to work, rather than reinventing the wheel.
  • Have had mediocre or disappointing results by doing Facebook marketing haphazardly yourself.
  • Are looking to generate more reach, fame, and new patient referrals from the most popular social network on the planet.

Then The ULTIMATE Chiropractic Graphics package is perfect for you. Click the big, orange button below to grab your copy at the incredibly affordable, limited time launch price of just $197! Remember, you’ll also get all of the generous fast-action bonuses listed above, too ($194 value)



These 365 ready-to-post Facebook images will save you large amounts of time, educate the public on what chiropractic and health REALLY is, and get you more new patient referrals in the office. I can’t make it anymore simply for you to experience the practice-growth power of the world’s top social network.

Don’t delay even another minute….. Get The ULTIMATE Chiropractic Graphics package now before this early-bird, special launch price expires!

Dedicated to your success,

– Matthew Loop, DC

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