Here's How to Quickly Flip-a-Switch and Get an EXTRA 9-12 (or more) New Patients per Month from Facebook PPC Advertising... AKA Facebook Ads

Create an INSTANT surge of website traffic and viral exposure all on a shoestring budget!

From the desk of Dr. Matthew Loop…

Hi Doc,

Have you wondered why there’s an incredible swarm of buzz around Facebook Advertising (AKA Facebook ppc) and it’s fast practice building capability?

What if you could INSTANTLY tap into 850 million Facebook members to open the flood-gates tomorrow, giving you massive website traffic and viral exposure locally?

Lastly, if I could show you a highly sought after blueprint that’s been proven to bring-in an EXTRA 9-12 (sometimes way more) new patients / month all from simple Facebook ads… would that interest you?

If I’ve sparked your curiosity and interest please keep reading…

After spending $107,501.30 on Facebook Ads (in the last 18 months), I’m fresh out of the lab and ready to share the golden nuggets, short-cuts, tricks and tactics that are working like nothing I’ve ever seen in my years in internet marketing!

“Working” = An extra dozen or more new patients per month and drastic SURGES in practice income all by using the newest Facebook ppc marketing strategies.

No theory or untested BS either like what you see floating around everywhere else.

I’ve personally tested these methods in my chiropractic practice and in my other businesses with the same extraordinary results! Get ready for some fresh, never before released Facebook marketing insight that generates windfalls of traffic and EXPONENTIAL increases in your chiropractic practice income.

Why Should You Listen to Me?

So, who am I and why you should listen to me as someone who is an authority on Facebook marketing? Truthfully, I don’t really like these “About me” discussions as they’re usually filled with hype and ego-stroking.

I think we all could live without that…

It would be very easy to Google me so you could see any accolades, accomplishments, testimonials, how I became a respected leader, or whatever you’re looking for. However, I understand that building a strong foundation with you is extremely important because you’re my audience, and I want you to take action and succeed in a major way.

In fact, a big reason why there’s an investment for this course is because people who pay for information are typically 1000 times more likely to actually apply what they’ve learned because they have “skin in the game.” I think we can both agree on that.

The last thing I want is to give away my best marketing strategies, only to have a low percentage of doctors, online marketers and other business professionals actually apply them.

  • These reliable Facebook advertising methods I discovered through extensive testing work EXCEPTIONALLY well. You’re about to see for yourself first-hand.

I really want those who are truly serious about their business growth to have access to this information. That’s why I’ve put this Facebook Ads marketing blueprint together to grow your chiropractic practice at a highly accelerated rate.

A little bit more information about me.

I’m 32 years old. I graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic in 2004. I’m the CEO and founder of several companies that you might already know like DCincome (the largest social media training company for chiropractors in the world), DCMobileText, and Automated Social Networking.

Most know me from, which is my flagship website and offers my highly sought after Social Media Elite video trainings.

The site’s been consistently voted the #1 authority for showing chiropractors how to get an extra 20-30 new patients each month from the internet and social media WITHOUT spending money on advertising.

I’ve been showing fellow doctors and professionals how to get new patients and clients, while at the same time creating multiple sources of income from social media since right around 2005-2006.

This is right when the NEXT GENERATION communication movement really began to charge ahead like a rhino full steam.

That was when Facebook’s predecessor was starting to completely take the web by storm and change the landscape forever, as far as social marketing is concerned. Facebook, at that time, was only for college students. Since then, it’s evolved into an ENORMOUS new patient acquisition powerhouse that can transform your practice overnight.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was one of the fortunate few that just didn’t listen to all of the mainstream negativity about the web and social media. In fact, most of the chiropractic consultants thought it was just kids stuff.

You’ve probably heard that before right?

I was literally spending 8-10 hours a day on these social media platforms, really learning and mastering all that I could because there seemed to be a big shift going on. I really wanted to take advantage and put myself in the best position to capitalize.

Throughout that time, I’ve been fortunate to have trained several thousand chiropractors, top consultants, entrepreneurs, business owners, and notable public figures.

I’ve spoken at high-end social media conferences. I also own and operate the most popular, and in my opinion, the coolest chiropractic marketing blog in the industry. It’s been labeled as THE SOURCE for fresh internet marketing strategies that get you more leads, traffic, and new patients to rapidly grow your practice.

I didn’t have any hand-outs when I began but was able to build (from scratch) what’s been classified as a celebrity following in the chiropractic and internet marketing industries, as well as in my local area. If you’ve logged into Facebook in the last three years, you’ve definitely seen my ads, probably dozens of them in fact.

These ads convert VERY well, turning people into raving fans and new patients if you do it right! With Facebook Ads, you literally can position yourself anywhere and everywhere that somebody would search on this giant social network.

A few years ago, people began to pay attention to my message and got to know me well. This built trust and rapport because I gave away so much valuable marketing information.

Over the years, I’ve invested well over $85,000 in “me” (including seminars, private mastermind groups, and courses). I ambitiously did this so I could become an expert helping others like YOU grow, financially prosper, experience more flexibility, and have a better quality of life by strategically using the internet.

Because of the success I’ve experienced in the social media world, I’m one of the highest paid internet marketing consultants in the US, collecting anywhere from $7,000-$10,000 per day for private one-on-one coaching.

I DON’T say this to brag. I make mention because those that follow and implement my advice realize dramatic increases in income and create new possibilities for fast business growth.

Several years ago, I became extremely passionate about helping chiropractors like yourself, business owners and online entrepreneurs set up mini-ATM’s (passive income streams) that pay for life.

You see, Facebook, social media and internet marketing is really not just some hobby for me, like it is for many other consultants. I’ve actually built a successful brick and mortar business using it… a chiropractic practice.

Then, I took that knowledge to the web and built several highly-profitable companies from scratch.

The internet has allowed me to sell millions of dollars worth of services and products over the years. Very few, if any, social media “gurus” you probably know have actually physical brick and mortar business that they’ve built using social media.

I never understood how other “studio-experts” could possibly teach real world, money-making social media marketing tactics without ever having experienced the true business-building power of it for themselves.

The bottom line is that this form of communication has really changed my life. I’m going to pull back the curtain right now on profitable Facebook Ads marketing so you can really get a good idea of how it’s going to increase your traffic, new patient numbers and transform your practice life FOREVER!

The blueprint you’ll be downloading today is NOT a pitch-fest and there is no selling. It’s simply one of the biggest market events of the year… period! You won’t hear any re-hashed mumbo-jumbo either. Just solid practice-building content that’s been proven to work.

As you’ve probably guessed, there’s a small investment required to gain instant access to these Facebook Ads marketing strategy.

There are 5 IMPORTANT Reasons for This
  • This is ultra-premium information that will give you an UNFAIR competitive advantage in your local market. Many of these methods have never been publicly released and no other coach or consultant has  tested even close to $101,000 on Facebook.
  • I held a LIVE Q & A session at the end of the call. Chiropractors got to “grill the expert” for a tiny fraction of what it would cost to hire me by the hour. We didn’t stop until ALL of the questions were answered and every attendee was a Facebook Ads marketing master!
  • Those fortunate enough to lock-in a spot on the call won’t have to waste thousands of dollars in Ads testing. Just plug and play from my experience that will put you on the fast-track. My pain, your gain!
  • People that pay for information are generally more likely to apply what they learn since they have “skin-in-the-game.” The last thing I want is to give away my best marketing tactics only to have a low percentage of doctors apply them.
  • What I’m going to share works exceptionally well and I only want those who are truly serious about practice growth to have access

Setting-up and managing a profitable, new patient-pulling campaign after this call is going to be CAKE! I will quickly eliminate the obstacles and hidden barriers that have prevented you from successfully tapping-into the new patient generating capabilities of Facebook ppc.

And no, you don’t need to have past experience or be a technical wizard to follow along and implement everything I’m about to show you. Simple, fun, and profitable… the way it should be!

Here’s What You’ll Discover on the Call
  • The BIGGEST myth that surrounds Facebook Ads and Fan Page marketing. Many docs are going broke and are frustrated because they’re making this critical error.
  • The MOST costly mistake 95% of chiropractors are making when marketing their Facebook Ads… Complete suicide (can’t believe some of the “gurus” teach this garbage)
  • How to really get an EXTRA 9-12 (or a lot more) New Patients per month just by using Facebook Ads. (based on REAL testing from a chiropractor that has a practice)
  • What Ad headlines WORK the best at getting attention and clicks. You get to reap the rewards from my extensive testing.
  • What IMAGES pull traffic and clicks like crazy. (you couldn’t stop the traffic even if you wanted to)
  • How to write compelling Facebook Ad copy that leads to clicks, “likes,” email subscribers and new patients
  • The RIGHT way to follow-up with an interested lead on Facebook. 99% of chiropractors NEVER do this.
  • How to get the cheapest quality traffic money can buy on Facebook… AND unlimited amounts of it. These TRICKS will reduce your cost per click on Facebook by half! I’m also going to show you my stealth “Penny” traffic trick that’s growing my fan page numbers quicker than anything else.
  • In depth analysis of CPC, CPM,and CTR numbers. What numbers are good, and how to get there fast.
  • Should you use your Fan Page or actual chiropractic website to funnel the traffic from Facebook ads (the answer will surprise you and why)
  • The little loophole that guarantees you populate in the news feed EVERY time. No one is using this!
  • How to get way more people OFF of Facebook and into your office. This is the MOST important lesson… period!
  • Much, much more…

You cannot find another chiropractic consultant or management group that’s invested time, money, has the experience, or “real world” knowledge when it comes to profitably running Facebook Advertising / ppc either. Just telling it like it is.

Most are concerned with getting fans on the social network but here’s the deal… The amount of Facebook fans is in NO WAY proportional to the amount of patients or practice income you’ll generate!

The truth is, what you don’t know about Facebook advertising is HURTING you in a major way. In fact, what you may know about it right  now is probably wrong, hence why you might not be realizing your patient and income goals.

Here’s What this Teleseminar WILL do for You
  • Get you 3-5x more targeted local traffic with Facebook Ads WITHOUT breaking the bank.
  • Help you get you an EXTRA 9-12 new patients from Facebook WITHOUT doing hardly any more work. It’s all in the strategy
  • Make you the most widely recognized and FAMOUS public figure in your  local market
  • Show you the specifics of getting at minimum of a 3:1 ROI on your ad-spend
  • Show you how to set-up the perfect Facebook ad that converts like crazy.
  • Help you CONVERT 3-5x more traffic you send to your Facebook page or website
  • Show you stealth tricks on how to get PENNY traffic from Facebook (fresh tactic)! Yes, you heard that right. Your jaw will  drop when we cover this.
  • Allow you to FINALLY have more freedom and flexibility in your schedule to spend more time with your family and do what you love
Here’s What You Get INSTANT Access to Today
  • The content-packed, 2 hour Facebook Ads marketing MP3 recording ($147 value)
  • 54 page finished and edited transcript of the entire call + additional insights ($47 value)
  • The 3 Day New Patient Machine email sequence ($97 value)
  • Facebook Ads Q & A session
  • The Facebook Ads Optimization Guide
  • The Facebook Pages Insights Manual
  • The Facebook Social Plugins Guide
  • The Facebook Ad Manager Tutorial
Thinking About Waiting?… Don’t!

There is an extremely high demand for this information now that Facebook is crushing Google in popularity and traffic! Unless you’ve been living under a rock you probably already know this.

When you see what I have to share and how this will grow your chiropractic practice, you’re going to be absolutely stunned. No stone will be left unturned.

Here’s What to do Next

If you factor in all of the trial, error, time and money it’s taken me to acquire this knowledge… The ULTIMATE Facebook Ads Marketing Blueprint training program would be a complete BARGAIN at $397.

Just 1 new patient you get from Facebook recoups your investment many times over again.

With that said, you’re getting an even better hook-up for today. If you take action right now, you’ll get everything described above PLUS a rare opportunity to short-cut your learning curve by a year so you don’t have to spend thousands in testing.

For a very limited time, I’m giving you exclusive access to this highly-sought-after proven Facebook ppc new patient getting system for the low, affordable price of just $97!

Heck, that’s less expensive than a typical night on the town.

It’s also less than what it would cost you to go to Starbucks every day for a month for your morning cup of coffee! Consider this a well-deserved investment in YOU and the evolution of your marketing.

I’m sure you’d agree that $97 is a NO-BRAINER especially when I spent over $107,000 to acquire this knowledge.

You’re only a couple clicks away from learning one of the most valuable skill-sets ever! This gets you new patients month-in and month-out like clockwork. No other chiropractic coach teaches this and there is NOTHING like it in the profession.

If you want the UNFAIR competitive advantage, more patients from Facebook, more income, and more time / flexibility… you’ll claim your access to this call… no excuses! Click the big, yellow Add-to-Cart button right now.

The ULTIMATE Facebook Ads Marketing Blueprint

Once you register at the link above, you’ll be sent an email directing you to the safe and secure download page. I look forward to working with you and cannot wait to share these cutting-edge new patient-getting strategies today!

I’m going to clear the air, pull back the curtain, and walk you step-by-step through highly profitable Facebook Ads (PPC) marketing for chiropractors. Prepared to be blown away…

Your success in using this high-powered Facebook Ads system is completely guaranteed. Try it for thirty days and do exactly what I say using these practice building strategies. If you show us that you’ve made an honest effort, simply ask for a refund and you’ll get back every penny you paid with nothing lost.

You have a full 30 days to decide whether this information is right for your practice. Order now and receive a couple unannounced bonuses, and enjoy all of the instructional content. Have fun!

This is a content-rich teleseminar recording, PDF transcript, along with how-to manuals that you’d have to be CRAZY to miss-out on if you’re currently using social media to market your practice!

The ULTIMATE Facebook Ads Marketing Blueprint

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