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For a VERY limited time, I’m offering a 37% discount on the entire chiropractic social media marketing and new patient getting system that so many doctors are raving about.

It’s everything you need to know, without BS filler or theory, to get an EXTRA 20-30 New Patients / month from social media and the internet, generating you real practice growth from the web.

As you’re probably already know, the course has been selling everyday for $597 ….. but you can save 37% and get the entire 50+ video boot-camp (over 12 hours of trainings) for only $377.

  • This is the FASTEST way to learn how to profitably market your practice the right way online… period! In fact, this revolutionary internet marketing system has generated over 57 MILLION in revenue for chiropractors worldwide.

The reason I’m offering this is to say THANK YOU for being on the teleseminar today and because I’m committed to removing the obstacles that have prevented you from achieving dramatic business growth from the internet.

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Social Media Elite + 17 Awesome Free Bonuses

And if the 37% savings isn’t enough cause to take action now, you’ll also be getting….

17 Free Business Building Bonuses (worth $2,195)

If these 16 added extra’s were sold separately, they’d go for over $2,195…. but when you accept my 37% off special offer, you can have them ON TOP of everything else free!

Here’s What You Get….

Bonus 1: The ULTIMATE Facebook Ads Marketing Blueprint. This is a 2 hour, content-packed teleseminar and transcript on how to use Facebook Ads marketing / Facebook ppc to generate an EXTRA $15,000 per month in practice income. ($97 value)

Bonus 2: The ULTIMATE Pinterest Marketing Blueprint for Chiropractors. This comes with 5 powerful video tutorials and a 17 page PDF guide on how to use Pinterest to send an avalanche of free traffic to your chiropractic website. In case you didn’t know, Pinterest drives more website traffic than LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube… COMBINED ($47 value)

Bonus 3: The 3 Day New Patient Machine email sequence. This gets you a surge of new patients customers in just three days from your current email list ($97 value)

Bonus 4: You get 50 high ranking backlinks created for your website for any keyword you choose. This will help get your website to the top of Google a lot faster ($75 value)

Bonus 5: Phone consultation to fast track your success. You speak with me directly, not one of my associates ($500 value)

Bonus 6: Access to my formerly private Google Places / Maps DOMINATION Blueprint teleseminar where I show you how to swipe the #1 listing on Google Maps away from competitors. This formula works like clockwork and could easily net you an extra 5-10 New Clients / month from Google Places ($197 value).

Bonus 7: Access to highly sought after Google Places “review-crusher” email sequence / scripts. Using this is guaranteed to get you a flood of Google reviews in only a few days. Some recent results have been 14 reviews in 3 days, 22 reviews in 3 days, and 11 reviews in 2 days. ($97 value)

Bonus 8: Done-for-you, New Patient getting Facebook Ads (5 in all) that you can copy and use today to profitably grow your practice with the hottest social network on the planet!

Bonus 9: My previously unreleased Task-List / quick-start manual that WILL allow you to become an unstoppable Public Relations machine and have all the New Patients you can handle from the internet.

Bonus 10: Access to another HUGELY popular teleseminar where I reveal how to harness Facebook organic referral marketing the right way to flood your practice with New Patients month-in and month-out ($197 value).

Bonus 11: Unlimited email support to keep you moving forward.

Bonus 12: The ULTIMATE Twitter New Patient marketing system for business owners (7 videos and a PDF guide). You won’t find anything like this anywhere!

Bonus 13: Discover how to blanketing the 1st page of Google with social media, without spending any money.

Bonus 14: Access to the most widely talked about Video Marketing teleseminar where I reveal how to BLANKET the search engines with devastating accuracy time and time again using simple videos. My clients average an extra 5-8 New Patients / month with this 1 tactic alone! ($197 value)

Bonus 15: YouTube Video Marketing Secrets manual. How to crush it and make a pile of money with video in 2012!

Bonus 16: Search Engine Optimization (basic / advanced videos) tactics that work for your chiropractic website

Bonus 17: How to become that “go-to” expert in your community to be the authority locals instinctively turn to.

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Here’s What This Program Will Do For You
  • Get you an extra 20-30 new patients from the web each month when you follow and implement my instructions exactly.
  • Make you the most recognized chiropractor in your town or area… no contest!
  • Show you how to blanket / dominate Google and get ranked #1 (works EVERY time).
  • Allow you to become an UNSTOPPABLE public relations machine so that anywhere and everywhere prospective new clients go they see you.
  • Get you measurable and DRAMATIC increases in your website traffic
  • Teach you a set of leverage-based skills that will generate you patients and income for life.
  • Get your practice message in front of the right qualified potential patients.
  • Make you 2-3x more  income all by using the internet while WORKING LESS.
  • Allow you to finally have more freedom and flexibility to do what you love anytime.
  • Give you the ultimate UNFAIR competitive advantage locally.
  • Finally provide you with proven internet marketing strategy. This is what separates those getting a couple new patients / month from those getting dozens.
Want More Proof it Works?

Watch this short case study video ASAP. You get to witness first hand the power of the Google domination strategy you’ll be able to DUPLICATE with my social media marketing system.



Our 6 Month DOUBLE Your Money Back Guarantee

Your success in using my high-powered Social Media Elite marketing system is completely guaranteed. Try it for 6 months, watch the video tutorials, do exactly what I say each week in the task list, and be able to spend at least 30 minutes / day using these aggressive practice growth strategies.

If you show us that you’ve made an honest effort, simply ask for a refund and you’ll get back every penny you paid with nothing lost.

We’re proud to have one of the LOWEST refund rates for any product in the chiropractic profession! This social marketing system is reliable and guaranteed to work for any type of practice anywhere in the world, too.

You have a full 6 MONTHS to try and implement these powerful, time-tested internet marketing strategies. Order now and receive the bonus eBooks, and enjoy all of the instructional video tutorials. Have fun watching all of the videos we’ve linked to in this training and then decide if it’s for you.

If you decide social media and the internet is not a good way to grow your practice, you can get a prompt and courteous refund with no headaches and no hassles.

This refund applies to investment option #1 only. Option #2 entails personal phone time / consulting and would be impossible to get back lost time training you and your staff.

In order to be fully eligible for the double-your-money-back refund, here are the conditions:

1) You must have had an initial welcome call with Dr. Loop. This is extended as a courtesy bonus to fast-track your results since each practice is different. This consult is CRITICAL to your online marketing success.

2) Give the program a fair trial of 3-6 months. This is not a “get-rich-quick” deal.

3) If you don’t (at minimum) quadruple your investment, increase your website traffic, and get more patients from the internet, then simply send us a short hand-written note. In it, please explain that you’ve implemented every social media marketing tactic in referenced in the Quickstart Manual / Task List.

4) Since ALL the risk is on our company (and then some), we will require to see proof of your consistent social media marketing efforts, social profiles, SEO efforts, articles, videos, press releases, blogs, Facebook etc., to ensure Dr. Loop’s weekly task list was followed to the T.

Once everything is documented by our team, you’ll promptly be sent DOUBLE your original investment amount.

No other company in chiropractic has ever offered a similar guarantee and stood behind their product / service this much. Investing in Social Media Elite is a no-brainer and can only increase your income. Click the big “Add-to-Cart” button below to get started right now!

Here’s what to do next…

I’ve decided that EVERY chiropractor who wants to find a reliable, practice growth system for driving an extra 20-30 New Patients / month through the door (while creating an unstoppable surge of continuous website traffic and exposure) MUST HAVE this information.

So, for today, I’m removing the financial barriers. Click the big, yellow Add-to-Cart button below and receive a whopping 37% off the normal price of the course. This exclusive affordable offer is very time sensitive. This will be one of the best decisions you ever made for your practice, I guarantee it.

Social Media Elite + 17 Awesome Free Bonuses

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