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Social media marketing has enormous implications for chiropractors, entrepreneurs and other small business owners. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest (to name a few) are highly successful online social and video networking platforms currently boasting hundreds of millions of active members.

In fact, Facebook itself has just over 2 BILLION members!

Over half of all active members log-in daily for an average session time of over 30 minutes. That’s a massive captive audience that is virtually untapped in many regards! On top of that, the demographics typically are a more mature and wealthier audience.

Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook have proven to be the fastest growing social networks. Instagram has over 800 million daily users. Thousands upon thousands of new accounts are opened every day.

There’s a right way and a wrong way to use these social platforms.

You absolutely MUST know the difference if you want to profit big.

Communication has evolved and you need to start marketing like it’s the year we actually live in! The last thing you want to appear is outdated and out of touch.

YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media sites are extremely powerful marketing mediums through which to exponentially grow your business, in particularly through high-quality joint ventures.

In spite of what you may see from the major news media or what your children may say, social networks are the BEST platforms to connect with quality, like-minded patients and/or business professionals. Nothing compares!

If harnessed correctly, it’s also easy to find strategic joint venture partnerships, attract TOP paying clients, gain mass media attention and build yourself as the authority in your community. Furthermore, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter are insanely powerful platforms for instant attention / visibility.

Dr. Loop would be happy to join your marketing team and help you in building a step-by-step, automated strategic integrated social media plan that incorporates Facebook, YouTube and Twitter (among other platforms) to absolutely explode your practice or business!

His top chiropractic clients are attracting over 40 new patients per month with these methods. Click here to see testimonials from real doctors just like yourself.

Ready to Fast-Track Your Social Media Results?

The most affordable way to access Dr. Loop’s materials is through his powerful new book, Social Media Made Me Rich. It shows you which specific strategies the world’s highest-paid Internet entrepreneurs are using to MULTIPLY their impact, influence, and monthly sales revenue.

It’s already hit #1 best seller status in NINE different categories on Amazon.

Here’s what you’ll discover inside the book:

1) How to profit big from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Amazon, and Google.
2) The biggest (and dumbest) mistakes to avoid when using high-leverage social platforms.
3) A million-dollar plan so you can start from scratch and monetize who you are along with what you know.
4) The most sought after scripts that grow your brand, influence, and bottom line fast.
5) How to become the celebrity expert in your industry.
6) The secret to attracting greater numbers of clients and sales without spending money
7) And much more…

Social Media Made Me Rich is a comprehensive blueprint helps you achieve prosperity on your terms even if you’re starting from zero. For a limited time, you can grab over $500 in free business building gifts when you purchase the paperback, hardcover, or Kindle versions through this special bonus page.

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Social Media Elite Video Tutorials:

Social Media Elite, his flagship social business growth system. This 55+ video tutorial boot camp will shave years off of your learning curve, get you profitable fast, and save  you countless thousands of dollars in costly hard-knocks.

You learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about social networking / social media marketing the right way from the get-go! It’s complete A-Z and comes with email support.

Dr. Loop’s signature program, Social Media Elite, comes with a lifetime membership at the moment. It’s self-study multi-media program with 4 manuals, 60+ video tutorials and comes with updates for LIFE.

Included is also a complimentary strategy session on the phone with Dr. Loop. It is by far the best and easiest way to jump-start your YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and social marketing strategy.

Click here to find out more.

Lunch and Learn Mastermind Session:

This unique strategy session was created because I frequently get asked to lunch by businesses owners and entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, my time is VERY limited so I can only spend time with those that are serious about growing their business fast.

If you understand the value in investing in yourself (the asset), coaching and business growth training, this might be perfect for you. We can discuss any topic you’d like one-on-one to kick your marketing, results, and sales into high gear. You also get access to my experience and resources.

Total investment for this session = $500 + lunch tab (email to book)

One-on-one Internet / Social Marketing Consulting:

There’s a science and an art to using social media / internet marketing and branding to create mega-profitable results. I can show you how with my Personal Coaching services.

These are individually tailored phone consulting sessions that typically last 30-45 minutes each time.

With a couple different options to choose from, plus customized services, I’m here to support you in creating and implementing a proven social marketing strategy. You’re welcome to contact me directly and we’ll set up a time for a strategy session to discuss your company’s specific needs.

Phone Consulting = 3 months (4 calls each month). For more details and an extensive list of what you get, visit this link. This is an acceptance-based program and all applications are manually reviewed.

Hire me by the HOUR:

If you are an aspiring full-time internet marketer who is serious about building a highly-profitable business, or a local business owner / major corporation looking to put the Internet to use to massively promote your company with a proven strategic multi-layered approach, then I can help.

My main goal is to help you with your internet marketing strategies and systems by speaking with you live in person, answering your most challenging questions, and giving you action steps and real-world, experience-based advice on how to charge forward and accomplish your goals quickly.

How it works:

The mastermind strategy session that we’re going to have will be focused on answering those burning questions you have about internet marketing and busting through those constraints keeping you from seeing the income you want.

What we’ll discuss will be up to you, in part. You’ll need to know what things you want to address and tell me what you want to get out of our coaching call. Then, that’s what we’ll do.

Our one-on-one breakthrough session will be recorded and made available to you, so you won’t need to remember everything or waste precious time taking notes.

We will arrange a time which mutually works for us both. I travel all over the world and am frequently called upon to speak at seminars / events , so times will be scheduled in advance.

How to Get Started:

My hourly rate for one-on-one personal coaching is normally $1,000 / hour. However, friends and valued subscribers of this blog are eligible (for a limited-time) to get access for a special price of $500 / hour.

These personal live mastermind sessions with me are a highly unique, ultra-customized experience where I am fully dedicated to you and your business for that time frame. Accelerating your success and increasing your monthly income is my #1 priority.

To get started today, here’s what to do next:

  1. Click the orange add-to-cart button below to invest in a block of time. Complete the checkout and enter the coupon code BLOG on the first page to the right to get a 50% discount off my normal fees.
  2. My assistant or I will follow up, after which we will schedule a time for our call.
  3. At the scheduled time, we’ll do our thing. The end goal of our call will be that your chief issue(s) have been addressed and you’ll have an action plan to follow up with.
  4. As necessary, you can schedule additional calls with me.

1 Hour Session for $500:

1/2 Hour Session for $250:

For Committed Professionals ONLY:

This is a top tier protégé program designed to help you profitably integrate social marketing / information marketing within your existing business model, product (physical or internet-based), or service.

I will personally help you map-out the exact strategies (fully customized) as well as an EASY-TO-FOLLOW plan of action to ensure you start making more money quickly.

This exclusive opportunity isn’t for everyone, though.

It’s only for those professionals and entrepreneurs who are serious about DOUBLING or tripling their income quickly, while building more freedom into their lives.

If you implement just a couple of the dozens of strategies and plans we’ll create together, you’re guaranteed to get back MUCH more than you invest for the day.

The one-on-one live Total Immersion Day provides you with the “fast-track blueprint” to mastering and monetizing social media marketing for your company or brand. You’ll also discover how to become a celebrity in your industry and a trusted center of influence.

With these time-tested strategies and foundational marketing tactics, I’ve been able to start from scratch and personally sell millions of dollars worth of products and services on the internet in just a few short years.

Click here to for more details and how to apply.